Brinkley RV Is the Newest RV Manufacturer on the Block

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With technologies advancing and entrepreneurs making the most of their opportunities, there always seems to be a new company hitting the market.

The RV industry is no different. RVers, meet Brinkley RV, a brand-new manufacturer of towable RVs that emerged in 2022. 

From advancements in technology to improvements in overall aesthetics, Brinkley RV is turning heads, and for good reasons. Let’s learn more about the newest RV manufacturer on the block!

About Brinkley RV

Brinkley RV may be the new kid on the block, but it doesn’t lack focus or purpose.

The website says, “We are recreating the manufacturing/workforce discipline, the supplier/team relationship, and the selling/support experience.” The company is intent on improving customer experience and product design.

Brinkley RV is dedicated to developing floorplans and implementing technologies based on customer feedback.

The team is also living the RV life with its customers and using that experience to build better products. 

In fact, owner and lead product designer Micah Staley and his family took a 30-day road trip with a Brinkley RV prototype.

At every campsite, he listened to other RVers and returned with 250 changes to perfect Model Z’s design, functionality, and durability.

Who Owns Brinkley RV?

Decades of RV experience in the manufacturing industry and youthful enthusiasm have combined to form the leadership team at Brinkley RV.

Bill Fenech, who previously worked for Grand Design RV, joined the Brinkley RV team in September 2022. He rounds out the five owners of Brinkley RV. 

The leadership team includes former Grand Design RV general managers Staley and Nate Goldenberg, former Grand Design co-founder Ron Fenech, and former Red Rock Supply and Indiana Transport executive Ryan Thwaites.

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Where Is Brinkley RV Located?

Located in Goshen, Ind., Brinkley RV built a 252-acre campus near the Elkhart County Fairgrounds.

Three 175,000-square-foot production facilities are on the campus, with a fourth set to be completed in the future. The company expects to employ 350 people and produce fifth wheels and travel trailers in 2023.

What Makes Brinkley RV Different?

What sets Brinkley RV apart from other manufacturers is the company’s commitment to customers.

After years of focusing on mass production, it seemed the RV industry stopped listening to customer feedback. Brinkley RV seeks to reverse that trend. The five equal partners have established a private company that can focus less on distractions and more on customer needs.

The Brinkley Model Z showcases how the team has listened to customer feedback and implemented changes to towable RVs. Improvements like H-rated tires, carpetless slides, and electric dump valves will improve the camping experience.

What Is the Brinkley Model Z?

Model Z is the second prototype released by Brinkley RV. The first was taken across the country by Staley.

After his return, the company produced the Model Z with the tweaks and enhancements he suggested.


The floorplan of the Model Z is very similar to other fifth-wheel floorplans with a rear living space, kitchen island, and a front primary bedroom with a bathroom in the hallway. But there are no valances, brown color, or floor vents. 

In addition, there are no screw lines on the exterior. The wheel trim is riveted in place instead of screwed in. The fender bonding is secure with Eternabond.

A brinkley rv


The Brinkley RV Model Z weighs approximately 12,000 pounds unloaded and has a cargo carrying capacity of about 2,500 pounds for a GVWR of around 15,000 pounds. It comes with 17.5-inch H-rated tires for peace of mind while traveling. 

The gray tank holds up to 90 gallons, the black tank holds up to 45 gallons, and the fresh water tank holds up to 75 gallons. 

The Model Z measures 12 feet 6 inches high without the second air conditioning unit and is 34 feet 11 inches long.

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Although this is only a prototype, the Brinkley RV Model Z features a stackable washer and dryer prep space, a heavy weather package, and 370W of solar that all come standard.

The floors are flush, and the slide height is tall enough for most people to easily stand up. 

Also, all the cabinets and drawers are residential soft-close. There are both blackout shades and daytime shades on the frameless windows. Taller owners will love the 6-foot, 7.5-inch shower in the bathroom.

Along the exterior, the Model Z has a large rear storage compartment above the bumper.

One of the biggest advancements Brinkley RV is making is with the roof sealants. It’s self-leveling sealant but has a lifetime warranty requiring no maintenance. In fact, the entire roof requires no maintenance.

The kitchen area inside a brinkley rv
Source: RV Buisness

Has Brinkley RV Sold Any RVs Yet?

There are no fifth wheels or travel trailers in production yet. This will start in 2023, and the company will release pricing in 2023. 

The founders are estimating an MSRP of under $100,000.

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RV Industry Vets Recreating the RV Experience

The five owners and founders of Brinkley RV are RV owners themselves.

This makes all the difference in design and functionality. Model Z is a glimpse into the life RVers can have with less upkeep and more enjoyment. The team is clearly listening to customer feedback as tweaking Model Z continues to occur. 

There are no perfect RVs, but Brinkley RV will do its best to manufacture the best mid-level towables it can.

Does the Model Z cause you to want to learn more about what’s in store at Brinkley RV?

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