A Breakdown of the Brinkley Model Z

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brinkley RV parked in the desert
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The Brinkley Model Z is one of the first models from a brand-new RV company.

However, we’ve heard some great things about this game-changing recreational vehicle. As a result, we want to examine the lineup for you.

Today, we’ll dive into the Brinkley Model Z specs to help you see if it’s the camper for you and your future adventures.

Let’s get started!

About Brinkley

Brinkley is one of the newest brands in the RV industry. Their founders have decades of combined experience with brands like Grand Design RV, Red Rock Supply, and Indiana Transport. Bill and Ron Fenech, Micah Staley, and Nate Goldenberg are the founders.

They pride themselves in maintaining Brinkley as a private-owned operation. This allows them to build their brand and make decisions without red tape. They work directly with consumers and listen to feedback to make their rigs the best possible. In addition, one of the co-founders took one out with his family on a 30-day adventure.

You can find a combination of fifth wheels and toy haulers in the Brinkley lineup. We’ll dive into more details later, but Brinkley is creating something very different from their competitors. 

Where Are Brinkley RVs Made?

Like many other manufacturers, Brinkley RVs has established themselves in the RV Capital of the World, Northern Indiana. They have three 175,000-square-foot production buildings and have a fourth coming down the pipeline.

This is an ideal location as they’re neighbors with other major brands in the industry. They’re only a few miles from Forest River, Lippert Components, and Keystone. This allows them easy access to resources and skilled workers.

What Makes Brinkley Unique?

One of the first things you’ll notice about Brinkley’s RVs is their sleek and modern design. While other companies use massive swooshing decals, you won’t find these on rigs made by Brinkley. Instead, they use crisp edges to accentuate the length of the camper. The angles are sharp, and the design aspects flow nicely over the entire structure.

In addition, the inside of these rigs is very residential and slightly futuristic. They’ve gone into great detail to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-timer, there’s a lot to love about these units.

When you consider that the models on the roads today are their first editions, the future looks bright for Brinkley. We expect to continue to see good things from them, especially if they keep listening to customers and making the necessary changes.

Overview of the Brinkley Model Z

The Brinkley Model Z is a luxury fifth wheel with an automotive exterior and interior fit for a king.

It’s perfect for any camping environment and offers the amenities you need to stay comfortable.

All units have 7K axles, 17.5″ H-rated Cooper tires, and numerous high-end features.

They have lengths ranging from 33 feet to nearly 42 feet. As a result, they’re great for a variety of traveling situations. With massive storage compartments, you’ll have space for all the gear, equipment, and toys you want to bring.

The Brinkley Model Z Lineup

Currently, Brinkley offers three floorplans in the Model Z lineup. They’re purposefully very different from one another. However, they can be a great way to get out and make memories. Which one is right for you? Let’s look and see!


Hitch Weight: 2,081 lbs.
Height: 13’ 2”
Length: 32’ 11”
Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): 11,674 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC): 2821 lbs.

The Brinkley Model Z 2900 is the smallest in the lineup. It features a rear living layout, with opposing slides that open up the main living space. A 60” theater seating space and 72” tri-fold sofa ensure everyone has a space to sit.

However, one of our favorite features is that they thought through the placement of the refrigerator. Where they’ve placed it, you can easily access both sides when the slideout is in. Additionally, you can access the bathroom and bedroom spaces without opening a single slide.

With limited sleeping space, this is a fantastic option for a couple. A small family could use it, but it would require converting seating into a bed. There’s much to love inside and outside the Model Z 2900.


Hitch Weight: 2,142 lbs.
Height: 13’ 2”
Length: 34’ 11”
Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): 11,923 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC): 3,072 lbs.

The Brinkley Model Z 3100 is a rear living with a gourmet kitchen and a massive walk-in closet. Its floor plan is very similar to the 2900, with the most significant difference being the primary bedroom.

By shifting the bed into the slide, they can convert the front-cap space into a closet and install a large closet. It may not be large, but it’ll fit a stackable washer and dryer. 

It has all the connections to quickly and easily install your stackable unit. Say goodbye to sketchy laundromats and piles of dirty clothes during your adventures!

The Brinkley Model Z 3100 is a fantastic option for couples looking to travel the road for seasonal or full-time traveling.


Hitch Weight: 2,591 lbs.
Height: 13’ 4”
Length: 41’ 9”
Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): 14,695 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC): 3,000 lbs.

The Brinkley 3610 is the biggest in the lineup. With the extra 10 feet, the manufacturer includes a mid-bunk with a pull-out desk and dresser with overhead cabinets.

In addition, they continue with the flipped bedroom style to fit the washer and dryer in the primary bedroom closet. The back half of the rig features the same rear-living layout as the other two models in the lineup.

We love the Brinkley Model Z 3610 for the bonus room. This is an incredible option for families or those working from the road. This extra space unlocks a tremendous amount of options.

However, at nearly 42’ long, you’ll need to do some planning for campsites and have a beastly truck to haul it.

How Much Is a Brinkley Model Z?

These luxury RVs come with an MSRP that ranges from $102,000 to $120,500. However, many owners find that they’re worth every penny. They’ve been well-received in the RV community and get rave reviews.

Don and Shirley Maycock said, “We don’t want to feel like we’re in a camper, and this (Model Z 3100) feels very residential, and that’s why I’m loving the Brinkley.” 

Is the Brinkley Model Z Right For You?

The Brinkley Model Z may be pricey, but it packs quite the punch. While it may not be for everyone, it’s making waves in the industry. Other manufacturers better take notice of what Brinkley is doing. If not, they will likely lose some of their market shares to Brinkley soon. The products Brinkley is rolling out of their facilities are some of the best available.

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