Warning Signs You’re Burnt Out on RV Life

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An exhausted woman sit lazily in her campervan with her arms crossed and toothbrush hanging out of her mouth.

Remember when you first hit the open road? That sense of excitement, freedom, and limitless possibilities? It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you can go anywhere you want at any time because you have everything you need in your RV.

Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end, and even an unconventional life becomes conventional to those living it. If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn about the 10 signs of RV life burnout and what to do about it. 


Are You Burnt Out on RV Life? Here Are Some Signs of RV Life Burnout

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if you’re just having a bad day or if you should quit RV life altogether. After all, life on the road isn’t perfect 100% of the time. Even when we’re living the life of our dreams, we all have days we wish we could forget. 

Ultimately, if these days are happening more and more, you might be wondering if you’re becoming tired of RV life. Let’s talk about that. 

You Dread Travel Days

Was there ever a time when travel days were fun? If you’re anything like us, you probably excitedly packed and planned, thrilled to see the ever-changing landscapes as you drove to your next destination. 

But if you’ve done this about 200 times now, you might be growing sick of it. This might be a sign that your excitement about travel is waning and the hassle of moving from one place to another isn’t worth it anymore.

A driver with her head in her heads contemplating a big decision.

Booking Campgrounds and Travel Planning Is a Chore

If you’re not making travel plans with the same gusto you once did, you definitely could be experiencing RV burn out. As an RVer, you’re used to work, but if you no longer get excited about researching, finding an exciting route, packing, and living away from home, you might need a break. 

Take it as a sign if you’re now dreading the planning process. 

Molehills Feel Like Mountains 

Does every little thing feel like a burden? Maybe emptying your black tank was never your favorite thing to do, but it’s now your most dreaded task. Or perhaps the once-simple RV maintenance chores are becoming too much for you. If these everyday duties are starting to drain the life out of you, consider taking a break from the lifestyle. 

You Don’t Have Any More Travel Goals

Do you feel like you’ve seen all the things you wanted to see? Or maybe you’re just too tired to complete your travel bucket list. This is definitely a sign you might be experiencing RV burnout. After all, you initially pursued this lifestyle so that you could see the world. If you’re no longer excited about seeing new sites, what’s the point?

Setting Up and Tearing Down Camp Makes You Want to Pull Your Hair Out

Nobody enjoys taking everything out of your RV and wrestling it all back into place after a couple of days. But if this is becoming the bane of your existence, it might be a sign of burnout. Setting up camp is part of the journey (and can even be fun if you’re in a new, inspiring location). But if you’re just not feeling it anymore, it might be time to make some changes. 

You’re Staying in One Place Longer and Longer

This leads us to our next point. If you’re trying to avoid tearing down and setting up camp at all costs, you’re probably staying in one place longer. Yes, settling into one location for a while is expected as you find a comfortable travel pace. However, if you’re staying longer in places you don’t actually enjoy just to avoid packing up camp, this could be a major sign. 

You Dream of More Living Space

Do you feel less like a freedom-loving minimalist and more like a cramped traveler who needs more space? If so, you might be experiencing RV burnout. People are drawn into this lifestyle because it forces them to minimize and focus on what’s most important. But if your lack of space is leaving you miserable, it might be time to move on.

Cramped living in a van, a woman searches for a item she can't find in the kitchen area.

Keep In Mind: If you’re craving more space, it may just be time to upgrade to a larger RV. Check out these amazing class A motorhomes with room for hauling toys.

You Long for a Stable Community

This is something that’s not mentioned very often when it comes to RV life. It can be lonely. Yes, there are many other travelers you can connect with, but getting everyone in one place can be challenging. What’s more, most of the people you know probably live in a stationary home. Are you feeling the pull to live alongside them? This could be a sign of burnout. 

You’re Exhausted with the Idea of Traveling

Are you just plain tired? Does traveling exhaust you instead of lighting a fire in your soul like it once did? This is probably the number one sign of RV burnout. Again, if you’re not excited about traveling, what’s the point? 

You’re Just Not Happy Anymore

If you’re going too many days feeling exhausted, frazzled, and just plain unhappy, you might consider making some changes when it comes to your lifestyle. This is especially true if you’re feeling this way even after “recharging” in an incredible location. If RV life doesn’t make you happy like it once did, we say that’s a definite sign. 

What to Do If You Start to Feel Burnt Out on RV Life

Did you answer yes to the majority of these signs? If so, you’re probably wondering what you should do. After all, it was a big decision to jump into RV life; it can be a big decision to exit. Let’s look at what you can do if you feel burnt out with this lifestyle. 

A couple stands outside their RV and watches the sun goes down, leaning on one another

Take a Break

Living in an RV doesn’t mean you have to be on the go constantly. There are no steadfast rules. If you feel like you need a break from traveling–take a break! This can mean getting an extended stay campground with full-hook-ups, storing your RV and renting an Airbnb, or even just staying with family for a bit. Who knows, you might find yourself reinvigorated and ready to hit the road once again.

Keep In Mind: If you’re considering storing your RV long term, here’s what it could cost. 

Travel Slower

Most of us who have embarked on a life of travel find ourselves traveling faster than we should. There seems to be a constant pull to go to the next place, whether it’s good for us or not. Consider that this might be the case, and try slowing your pace for a bit. Rather than constantly hopping around, try staying an entire month at a location that excites you. You might find that’s all you need. 

Get a Home Base and Just Travel Part-Time

If you know deep down in your soul that you need a long break from travel, don’t feel bad. You didn’t “fail;”  you just reached the next part of your journey. 

Consider finding a home base, which could be a patch of land or a sticks and bricks home and just travel part-time. Your happiness is most important; and if that means taking a break from full-time life, more power to you. 

Do You Recognize Any of These RV Life Burnout Signs in Yourself? 

If you clicked on this article, you probably have at least an inkling of travel burnout. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you have to quit traveling altogether.

You could always change up your travel style, take a nice relaxing break, or even invest in a more conventional type of home. There are many solutions to this dilemma, and the truth is, you’re not alone–no one travels forever. We’re all growing and evolving, and sometimes that means changing things up. 

Can you relate to any of these RV life burnout signs? Tell us about it in the comments below!

  1. We’ve only been traveling a year and a half (34 states) and I can relate to some of these signs. We were traveling to fast! We took a much needed break for two months and I was excited to travel to the next destination. However, I still get overwhelmed when trying to find campgrounds to book along our route. I miss my family and friends and my home. However, I am glad we took the risk and we have traveled to many wonderful places. I feel though it is important for us to slow down and enjoy. Miss seeing you guys!

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