Best Fifth Wheels for a Family of 5

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A fifth wheel is a fantastic option if you’re a family of five looking to take your adventures to the next level. You can make some priceless memories whether you park it in a local campground or take it on a cross-country road trip.

With so many brands and floorplans, shopping can become overwhelming. However, we have some good news for you. We’ve found some of the best options for fifth wheels for a family of five.

Today, we’ll share why they’re worth considering.

Let’s get started!

What Is a Fifth Wheel?

A fifth wheel is a type of camper that connects to a hitch mounted in the bed of the tow vehicle. This hitch gets mounted over the vehicle’s rear axle to help distribute the weight from the trailer.

As a result, a portion of the trailer sits over the truck bed, which can create a smoother, more enjoyable towing experience.

Fifth-wheel campers come in various sizes. Always know the towing capabilities of your vehicle. If you don’t, you could endanger yourself, your RV, and others. Don’t listen to the dealer or what you read on the internet.

Check the tow ratings associated with your VIN (vehicle identification number). Also, check the sticker on the driver’s door for payload capacity.

Are Fifth Wheels Good for Families?

Fifth wheels can be an excellent option for families. As mentioned, they come in a variety of sizes. While generally around 30 feet, they can be upwards of 43 feet long.

However, you must remember that the longer your RV, the harder it can be to find a place to park it. Not all campsites or campgrounds can handle the large rigs manufacturers produce.

Thankfully, fifth wheels often come in a variety of floor plans. You can find some with bunkhouses, loft spaces, and multiple bathrooms. If a manufacturer doesn’t offer a floor plan you like, there are plenty of others to consider that may have what you’re looking for.

Having a fifth wheel can make it easy for your family to go camping or travel. We’ve heard of some families using them as homes for traveling to sports tournaments, races, and other special events.

This way, you can bring everything you need, including the kitchen sink. 

Things to Look for in a Fifth Wheel for a Family of 5

When shopping for a fifth wheel for your family of five, there are some things you’ll want to consider. Let’s look at some things that are easy to overlook in the excitement of getting a camper.

Sleeping Space

Everyone traveling with you will need a place to sleep during your adventures. If not, they’re not going to be happy campers.

Some fifth wheels will say they can sleep five but require you to double up or convert sleeping areas. This could mean using dinette spaces or pull-out couches.

How you’re using your fifth wheel will significantly impact this. Converting sleeping areas can be annoying, especially if you’ve been out all day exploring.

The last thing you’ll want to do is use up the time and energy it takes to get it ready for bed. However, it may be fine if you only go out for short weekend trips a handful of times each year.


You also should consider how much storage space the fifth wheel has for your family of five. With five people, you’ll have a lot of gear and equipment you’ll want to bring along.

This could include chairs, screened-in tents, and toys or games to keep everyone entertained. 

For better or worse, some RVs have more storage than others. If you fail to consider this when selecting your camper, you could have to sacrifice or leave stuff behind.

Neither of these are good options, especially if you want the best experience.

A large fifth wheel RV parked at a campsite.

Tank Sizes

Just about any RV you see on a dealership lot is going to have several water tanks. These are for fresh, black, and gray water.

If you’re unfamiliar, fresh water is for drinking, black water is from the toilet, and gray water is typically what goes down any sink or shower drain.

These tanks can vary based on the size of your camper. Generally, the larger the rig, the larger the storage tanks. However, for whatever reason, we’ve seen some relatively small tanks on larger campers.

Once you fill your gray or black water tanks, you’ll need to empty them. You don’t need massive tanks if you prefer to camp in RV parks or campgrounds with full hookups. It will be easy to dump them when they get full.

On the other hand, you’ll need to be more careful if your favorite campground doesn’t have a sewer connection or water supply at your site.

You’ll need to get a larger tank size and make them last as long as possible. Dumping or filling tanks in these situations isn’t impossible, but it can be a pain.


In addition to water tanks, most fifth wheels will also have slide-outs. These box-like structures sit on mechanisms that retract for transport or storage and extend when used.

Some fifth wheels will have four or five on a single unit. This can open up the space and make it feel much more spacious.

When considering slide-outs, you’ll want to see what areas are available when retracted. Many owners enjoy the ability to access the refrigerator, bathroom, and main bedroom.

This can make it easy for quick overnight stops along your route. In addition, you can use the restroom while filling up on fuel and avoid sketchy gas station bathrooms for good.

Other Features

Another thing you need to consider when shopping for a fifth wheel for your family of five is the cargo-carrying capacity. This number on a camper indicates how much weight you can safely add to the trailer.

Exceeding this number can stress the frame and essential suspension components. Unfortunately, some models have low cargo-carrying capacities, so you can’t bring all your gear or equipment. Even if you have room for it, you’ll have to leave it behind for safety purposes.

Additionally, it’s also essential to consider the brand. While you won’t find a brand without complaints, some are better than others.

You want to know that the manufacturer will stand by their product once you own and use it.

Best Fifth Wheels for a Family of 5

Now that you know what to look for, let’s dive into each of the best fifth wheels for a family of five. You may find the perfect rig on our list!

Forest River Arctic Wolf 287BH

Length: 35 feet 2 inches
GVWR: 10,395 pounds 

Features: The Arctic Wolf 287BH is a popular option with families as it can sleep up to ten. In addition, the farmhouse-style sink and a bright and airy color scheme help it to feel very open.

The double bunks in the rear are great as they can help parents avoid waking little ones when they slip out for a morning cup of coffee by the fire.

Another great feature of this model is its small outside kitchen. While it may not be large, it provides a spot to cook and keep the heat out of the kitchen inside your rig.

This is especially helpful when your air conditioner works extra hard in the summer. It also features multiple large storage compartments outside to bring items along for the trip.

One thing that we aren’t thrilled about with this rig is the main bedroom. The space is very tight and has a closed-off feel to it.

There’s little room for moving around, and it can feel claustrophobic. However, this might not be a big deal if you only use your camper for sleeping. 

Pro Tip: Learn more about this manufacturer and their RVs by reading Who Owns Forest River RV?

Jayco Eagle 355MBQS

Length: 37 feet 11 inches
GVWR: 16,225 pounds

Features: The Jayco Eagle 355MBQS is a great option for those looking to sleep five people. When you walk into this rig, you’ll land in the kitchen. The main living area sits on your left, and the right houses the bathroom and main bedroom.

Straight ahead you’ll find a bunk room with a tri-fold sofa and a desk.

A massive residential fridge and plenty of seating will leave you feeling at home.

While we’d like to see more outside storage on this unit, it’s a good option for a family of five. Because all three children would be sleeping in the mid-bunk room, this floorplan is best for those with younger kids.

Keep in Mind: RVs don’t have a ton of organizational options for storage. Take a look at these storage ideas to organize everything you can think of!

The bathroom of the Jayco Eagle 355MBQS with faux marble tile in the shower and black hardware.
Source: Jayco

Coachmen Chaparral 367BH

Length: 42 feet 6 inches
GVWR: 15,500 pounds

Features: At over 42 feet long, the Coachmen Chaparral 367BH is hard to overlook. With 112 gallons of gray water storage, you won’t have to worry about filling your tank nearly as much. 

One of the reasons for the massive amount of gray water storage is the unit’s two full bathrooms. While most manufacturers use a half-bath for the bunkhouse, this model takes it to the next level.

In addition, the rear bathroom has a separate entry, which makes it easy to use the restroom without tacking dirt and gunk through the entire rig.

With bunk beds in the rear, a tri-fold sleeper in the main living area, and a queen bed in the main bedroom, there’s no shortage of places to sleep. Six people will have no trouble getting a good night’s rest in this fifth wheel!

Pro Tip: Learn more about this manufacturer and their RVs by reading Who Makes Coachmen Chaparral?

Crossroads RV Volante VL295BH

Length: 33 feet 8 inches
GVWR: 10,371 pounds

Features: The Volante VL295BH is a smaller fifth wheel for a family of five, but it gets the job done. You only get one bathroom in this model, but that should be no problem.

The rear bunks are elevated and have steps. While this may seem strange, it provides room for the outside kitchen, a great feature the families love to use while camping. 

The bunk beds are twin mattresses, so they’ll likely only accommodate smaller children. However, the dinette and sofa in the living area can also be converted into sleeping areas.

While we’d like to see an island in this unit, it would be challenging as it only has a single slide. However, we appreciate that you can access the bathroom and bedroom with the slide retracted. 

Unfortunately, the main windows will look into your neighbor’s campsite. This can make it hard to enjoy the view while camping in many campgrounds.

Interior shot of the Volante VL295BH showing the kitchen, dinette, and some of the living space. This is one of the best fifth wheels for a family of 5.
Source: CrossRoads RV

Montana High Country 295RL

Length: 34 feet
GVWR: 14,300 pounds

Features: The Montana High Country 295RL is another smaller unit at 34 feet long. However, this is a rear-living model with three slides, making it feel larger than it is.

You must choose the dinette over the free-standing table and chairs to fit five in this rig. However, having the extra sleeping and storage space can be worth it.

We love the opposing slides and how much room it creates in the main living area. There’s plenty of room to move around the large island in the kitchen, even when using the countertop extension.

It’s also good to see that Montana has their priorities straight and includes a coffee station so you can start your morning off right.

Keep in Mind: Before you hit the road, is it legal to drive in the back of a fifth wheel? Let’s take a look!

Grand Design Solitude 3740BH

Length: 40 feet 4 inches
GVWR: 16,800 pounds

Features: The Grand Design Solitude 3740BH makes our list as one of the best fifth wheels for a family of 5. With a rear bunkhouse and sleeping space practically everywhere, there’s room for everyone. You can comfortably sleep eight in this large fifth wheel.

The bunkhouse is one of the most unique layouts we’ve ever seen. It has a tri-fold sofa under a fold-down bunk and then three more beds on the back side of the room.

Additionally, it has its own half bathroom with an exterior entrance. Again, families love these setups as they make potty breaks much more manageable.

Parents will love the large pantry in the kitchen and the spacious main bedroom. You can upgrade the queen bed to a king so you can spread out while sleeping.

Another feature parents will love is the outdoor shower located right next to the main entrance. This can make it easy to hose off messes so you don’t track them indoors.

Pro Tip: Learn more about this manufacturer and their RVs by reading Who Owns Grand Design RV?

Interior picture of the Grand Design Solitude 3740BH showing the kitchen and living space. This is one of the best fifth wheel for a family of 5 because of the unique layout.
Source: Grand Design RV

Take Your Family of 5 Camping in One Of These Fifth Wheels

Consider a fifth wheel if you’re tired of spending your weekends at home with your family of five. Pack up, hitch up your rig, and head to a campground to enjoy a great weekend and make lasting memories.

Which of these fifth wheels could be the best for your family of five?

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