Who Makes Coachmen Chaparral?

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A coachmen chaparral parked outside

When looking for a fifth wheel, there are so many options that it can be challenging to narrow your search.

Even if you have a list of must-haves and know the layout you’re looking for, numerous brands offer very similar floorplans.

If you haven’t considered the Coachmen Chaparral yet, it’s time to dive deeper into this fifth wheel lineup.

From a front living floorplan to bunk rooms and rear den space, the Coachmen Chaparral models offer seven layouts. Maybe you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s dive in!

About Coachmen RV

The RV empire Forest River owns Coachmen RV.

Along with Coachmen, Forest River owns Dynamx, Palomino, Prime Time Manufacturing, Shasta, and East to West. Coachmen began in the 1960s in Middlebury, Indiana, where the company produced 12 travel trailers, a single truck camper, and 80 truck caps during its first year.

Forest River acquired the brand in December 2008 but maintained its headquarters in Middlebury.

Today, Coachmen RV has built and sold over 600,000 RVs ranging from Class A motorhomes to camping trailers.

Where Are Coachmen Chaparral RVs Manufactured? 

Since 1964 when Coachmen RV began, the company has always been in Middlebury, Indiana. In the heart of Amish country, their workers are highly skilled craftsmen.

Other RV brands like Alliance RV, Grand Design, Jayco, Keystone, Newmar, and Winnebago call this area of Indiana “home.” Elkhart County is the “RV Capital of the World” because manufacturers make two out of every three RVs here.

About the Coachmen Chaparral

The Coachmen Chaparral is the flagship fifth wheel for the company. The company first introduced it over a decade ago. People know the Chaparral lineup for its spacious storage solutions and roomy bedroom suites.

It’s one of the few models offering a three-bedroom option. Six of the seven models have a kitchen island, while the seventh features a peninsula. One of the floorplans features an ample front living space. Two floorplans include two bathrooms.

These Coachmen Chaparral models feel cozy and homey whether you’re sticking close to home or traveling all over the country. 

The Coachmen Chaparral Line Up 

There are seven floorplans within the Coachmen Chaparral lineup. They range from 12,000-15,500 pounds and are 34’8” to 42’6” in length.

The cargo carrying capacities range from 1,970-3,172 pounds, and the vast tanks help make boondocking easier for travelers. Let’s take a closer look at each floorplan.


MSRP: around $92,000

GVWR: 12,000 pounds

Length: 34 feet, 8 inches

This fifth wheel features a front bedroom with a wardrobe closet in the front cap. In the living space, two sofas provide plenty of lounging space.

The kitchen has two pantries, overhead storage and cabinetry, a kitchen island, and a free-standing dinette. Outside, this unit has an outdoor kitchen with a small refrigerator. 

A 298RLS coachmen chaparral bedroom


MSRP: around $109,000

GVWR: 15,000 pounds

Length: 42 feet, 6 inches

The 334FL is the only Coachmen Chaparral model with a front living floorplan. Two sofas and a set of theater seats provide a roomy, cozy space to hang out with friends.

Like the 298RLS, this unit has a kitchen island, free-standing dinette, two pantries, overhead storage, and cabinetry in the kitchen.

The rear of the fifth wheel has the bedroom with a wardrobe and two dressers. In the very back is the bathroom, with two sinks and a wardrobe with washer and dryer hookups.

A 334FL kitchen in a coachmen chaparral


MSRP: around $92,000

GVWR: 13,500 pounds

Length: 37 feet

Very similar to the 298RLS model, the 336TSIK has a front bedroom with a spacious wardrobe in the front cap.

The kitchen island is more extended and has two bar stools for additional seating. In the kitchen, the unit also has a free-standing dinette, two pantries, overhead storage, and cabinetry.

The most significant difference between the 336TSIK and the 298RLS is the placement of the entertainment center, which is on the same side as the residential pantry, stove, and refrigerator. 

A 336TSIK kitchen in a coachmen chaparral


MSRP: around $94,000

GVWR: 14,000 pounds

Length: 39 feet, 9 inches

One of two floorplans featuring a mid-bunk room, the 360IBL has the same front bedroom and roomy wardrobe as the 298RLS and 336TSIK units.

The living space is also very similar to the 336TSIK, with the two sofas and an entertainment center along the driver’s side wall. The kitchen island does not have a sink in this unit.

The sink is to the side. Instead, the kitchen island has more counter space, storage space, and additional seating with two barstools. The mid-bunk room has double bunks and two overhead storage cabinets.


MSRP: around $100,000

GVWR: 15,500 pounds

Length: 42 feet, 6 inches

The 367BH is one of the lengthiest units in the Coachmen Chaparral lineup. The rear of the fifth wheel features a second bathroom and a bunk room. A flip-down bunk is over a couch, and another bunk is on top of the entertainment center.

The living and kitchen space is smaller due to the bunk room but still has a free-standing dinette, kitchen island with sink, and two sofas.

Instead of the wardrobe in the front cap, the bed is east to west with a slide-out wardrobe. There’s a second wardrobe with washer and dryer hookups.

Keep in Mind: If you’re traveling with family, a bunkhouse travel trailer can accommodate your needs and these are some of the Best on the Market!

A bunk room in a 367BH coachmen chaparral


MSRP: around $112,000

GVWR: 15,000 pounds

Length: 42 feet, 6 inches

The only Coachmen Chaparral to offer three rooms is the 373MBRB. This unit features the same main bedroom setup as the 376BH. The mid-bunk room has double bunks and two overhead storage cabinets like the 360IBL model.

Two significant differences in this model from the others are there is only one sofa in the living space, and the kitchen features a peninsula and not an island.

The rear of the unit has the third bedroom with a tri-fold sofa and flip-down bunk across from a second bathroom.


MSRP: around $84,000

GVWR: 14,500 pounds

Length: 42 feet, 6 inches

The 381RD is unique because it’s the only Coachmen Chaparral with a rear den. Like the front living space of the 334FL, the same living space is in the rear of the 381RD with two sofas and a set of theater seats.

In the unit’s center is the kitchen area with a spacious island and two barstools. The sink is to the side. The bedroom has a queen bed with a wardrobe in the front cap.

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What Other Types Of RVs Does Coachmen Manufacture?

Coachmen RV manufactures many RVs, not only fifth wheels. The Pursuit, Mirada, Encore, and Sportscoach are all Class A motorhomes.

The Nova, Galleria, and Beyond are all Class B camper vans. The Concord, Leprechaun, Freelander, Cross Trail, and Prism are all Class C motorhomes.

Coachmen also manufacture different models of fifth wheels and travel trailers. The Adrenaline, Catalina, Freedom Express, Northern Spirit, and Apex are its travel trailers, while the Brookstone, Chaparral, Chaparral Lite, and Chaparral X Edition are its fifth wheel brands.

In addition, Coachmen makes single-axle trailers, including the Clipper, Viking, and V-Trec models.

Now You Know About the Coachmen Chaparral

The Coachmen Chaparral comes in various floorplans to meet the needs of different travelers.

If you’re a family looking for dedicated sleeping space for everyone, the 360IBL, 367BH, and 373MBRB are excellent options. If you’re single or a couple and love entertaining friends on the road, the vast living spaces in the 334FL and 381RD are ideal options. 

Whatever you’re looking for, check out the lineup of Chaparrals by Coachmen RV. These fifth wheels will offer plenty of space without overloading your tow vehicle or maxing out your bank account.

They’re fantastic options for RVers on a budget who still need room to spread out.

Have you considered a Coachmen Chaparral?

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