20 Boring Products That Make RV Life Easier

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A woman relaxes with music in front of her RV with some essential RV products.

RV life isn’t always glamorous, and every seasoned RVer knows that. You get to deal with really boring and unfun things sometimes, like chores, dumping the tanks, and more. We put together a list of 20 boring products that make RV life easier. Let’s get into it. 

20 Boring Products That Make RV Life Easier

These boring products are essential for making RV life easier. Some are absolute necessities, and some are just nice to have, but all are great and useful RV products. 

1. Water Pressure Regulator

Camco Brass Camper / RV Water Pressure Regulator – Protects RV Kitchen Small Appliances, Plumbing & Hoses – Reduces RV Water Pressure to Safe & Consistent 40-50 PSI – Drinking Water Safe (40055)
  • PROTECTS RV/MARINE PLUMBING: Keep your RV/marine plumbing safe with this brass Camco water pressure regulator. Safeguard...
  • AUTOMATIC PIPE BURST PROTECTION: Ensure your pipes are safe using the built-in PSI Guard, preset at 40-50 PSI for...

An RV water pressure regulator won’t just make your RV life easier. It’s actually a necessity for your RV water system. The spigots at campgrounds and RV parks have unregulated water pressure. Basically, the water pressure from the spigot can range from low to extremely high, which is a problem. 

Most RV water systems should handle about 50 PSI, max. Anything more can rupture pipes, bust fittings, and more.

The last thing you want is leaks and broken fittings. A water pressure regulator eliminates any need to worry about the water pressure entering your RV

2. RV Water Filter

Camco TastePURE RV Water Filter - New Advanced 6-Step Patent-Protected Filtration - Camping Essentials for Fresh Drinking Water - 2-Pack of RV Inline Water Filters, Made in USA (40045)
  • ADVANCED 6-STEP FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: Experience the extraordinary power of Hex-Flow Technology & its remarkable 6-step...
  • CERTIFIED LEAD-FREE: These camping water filters are independently tested & listed to standards NSF/ANSI 42 & NSF/ANSI...

Another product that can potentially save the life of your RV water system is a water filter.

Different water sources have different minerals in them that can cause build-up in your plumbing. Some water sources have bits of sediment in them, too. 

Over time, this sediment can build up in your plumbing, clog your water pump, and clog your faucets.

An RV water filter is a simple and cheap device that makes your water taste better and prevents sediment and mineral build-up. 

3. RV Wheel Chocks

MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock 2-Pack, 8" x 4" x 6"
  • Compact Size: Measuring approximately 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 5 inches in height, these wheel chocks...
  • All-Weather Construction: Built for durability in any climate, these wheel chocks feature all-weather construction,...

RV wheel chocks are cheap and simple but perform a very important job.

These little devices go on either side of your RV wheels to keep your RV from rolling or moving while you’re parked at a campsite.

Think of them as an added insurance and safety measure to keep your RV in one spot.

They’ll make your RV feel more stable as you’re walking around inside of it, too. 

Yellow wheel chocks surround a large vehicle tire.

4. RV Surge Protector

Progressive Industries SSP-30X RV Surge Protector – 50 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adapter – Circuit Analyzer Portable Surge Guard W/Fault Detection & Hardwired Options
  • Maintain electronic safety - This 30 Amp RV Surge Protector by Progressive Industries is a real guard for your RV...
  • Prevents costly damage - With a 30A/120V/3,600W rating, SSP-30XL can absorb surges of up to 825 joules. This surge...

You may be wondering how a surge protector can make your RV life easier, and the answer is simple.

A surge protector protects your entire electrical system and all your electronics and appliances from power surges, faulty electric pedestals, and more.

Simply put, this device will sacrifice itself in the event of a power surge or electrical problem, so your electronics don’t get fried.

This can potentially save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches. 

5. Sewer Hose Support

Camco Sidewinder 20-Ft Camper / RV Sewer Hose Support | Telescoping Design Flexes Around Obstacles & Deep Cradles Hold Sewer Hose | Out-of-the-Box Ready & Folds for RV Storage and Organization (43051)
  • PROTECTS & SUPPORTS YOUR RV SEWER HOSE: This sewer hose support for RV campers lifts and guides your sewer hose to help...
  • COMPATIBILITY: It fits up to a 20-foot RV waste hose and works with all 3-inch diameter hoses.

Some RV parks actually require you to have a sewer hose support to keep your hose off the ground.

But even if your RV parks don’t require it, a sewer hose support will definitely make your life easier. 

Sometimes you’ll find yourself at a campsite where the sewer hookup is slightly uphill from your RV. Although that doesn’t make a lot of sense, it happens.

A sewer hose support is high on one end and low on the other and will help gravity do its thing when dumping your waste tanks.

Not only that, but it’ll help keep your hose in one place and clean. 

6. RV Sewer Hose Park Adapter

Many RV park and campground sewer hookups are different sizes, and it can be difficult to keep your sewer hose in place when you open the gate valve.

This adapter can fit three different sizes of RV park sewer hookups. It will securely hold your sewer hose so you can dump with confidence. 

7. RV Water Saving Showerhead

Oxygenics 92481 Fury Hand Held Sprayer Kit Brushed Nickel
  • 5 spray settings are powered by cutting-edge technology to increase pressure
  • Rubber finger grips prevents any slippage or dropping

An RV water-saving showerhead can make your RV life easier in two ways.

One: You’re saving water, which is essential when you have a limited supply of freshwater onboard.

Two: These showerheads make it feel like you have more water pressure, which helps you wash and rinse faster. 

The smaller holes on the showerhead force the water out at a greater pressure and save water in the process.

As a bonus, these showerheads look way better than the standard RV showerhead from the factory. 

8. RV Fridge Fan

Camco Camper/RV Fridge Deodorizer & Airator | Deodorizer/Fan Helps Circulate Air in Refrigerator | Features Charcoal Odor Absorber & On/Off Switch | Great for Mini Fridge, Small Fridge & More (44124)
  • HIGH VOLUME AIR CIRCULATOR: Enjoy fresher food longer with Camco's RV Fridge Airator! This refrigerator fan circulates...
  • ABSORBS ODORS: Equipped with a replaceable activated charcoal pack, this RV refrigerator fan helps absorb unpleasant...

Have you ever had trouble with your RV refrigerator not cooling properly? It’s likely because there isn’t enough circulation inside of your fridge to keep everything cold.

RV refrigerators cool differently than residential fridges, and sometimes they need a little help keeping the air moving. 

There are two places you can put a fridge fan to help your RV fridge cool better.

One is inside the fridge itself. Another is pointed toward the coils on the back of the unit to help keep the coils cool and help your fridge work more efficiently. 

A young man in a gray tee stand with the refrigerator open.

9. RV Toilet Paper

Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue - Toilet Paper for RV and marine - 2-ply - Thetford 03300 (Pack of 4 rolls) , White
  • [VERSATILITY]: Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue is designed to work with RV, marine, portable, or even with classic toilets
  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: The luxurious 2-ply toilet paper is soft, snowy white, and highly absorbent

RV toilet paper will make your life easier. No one wants to deal with a clogged black tank, and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you use regular toilet paper in an RV.

RV toilet paper breaks down more quickly and efficiently, helping eliminate the problem of clogs in your RV black tank. 

10. RV Holding Tank Treatment

Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment 18 - Extra Strength Odor Eliminator for Black and Gray Holding Tanks
  • Powerful Odor Control: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with our powerful formula that neutralizes and eliminates foul...
  • Effective Waste Digestion: Happy Campers breaks down waste and toilet paper quickly and efficiently, preventing clogs...

RV holding tank treatments aren’t essential, but they can be nice. This RV holding tank treatment helps eliminate odor and breakdown waste to avoid clogs and build-up inside your holding tank. 

You can use treatments in both your black and gray tanks, and there are many different kinds available.

Always look for biodegradable tank additives to avoid adding harmful chemicals to sensitive campground septic systems.

11. Ratcheting Paper Towel Holder

Kamenstein 5136780 Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder with Rounded Finial, 14-Inch, Black
  • Perfect tear technology: The holder's patented 'Perfect Tear Technology' features an ingenious ratchet system that...
  • For every room in your home or office: The wall mount perfect tear paper towel holder is perfect for your kitchen,...

If you want paper towels in your RV, you’re really going to benefit from a ratcheting paper towel holder.

If you try to use a regular paper towel holder, you’ll just end up with an entire unrolled roll of paper towels after a travel day. Trust us; you need this.

Pro Tip: If you find the kitchen is a problem area in your RV, take a look at these storage ideas to organize your RV kitchen.

12. Refrigerator Bars

Camco 28" Double RV Refrigerator Bar, Holds Food and Drinks in Place During Travel, Prevents Messy Spills, Spring Loaded and Extends Between 16" and 28" - White (44073)
  • Keep order in the RV refrigerator and cupboards during travel.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Spring loaded bars keep items in place

Have you ever opened the fridge after a travel day and had stuff fall on you? Maybe you even found broken items and spills inside the fridge.

RV refrigerator bars will make your life easier on travel days by helping keep food and jars upright.

These bars go in the fridge like a shower rod and press the contents tightly up against each other or the back of the fridge to help prevent spills.

13. Replacement Fuses

CrocSee 250 Pieces - Car Fuses Assortment Kit, Blade-Type Automotive Fuses - Standard & Mini Size (2A/3A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/ 20A/25A/30A/35A/40A), Replacement Fuses for Car/RV/Truck/Motorcycle/Boat
  • The blade fuses are clearly marked with amperage and color coded for easy identification
  • Available in amperage ratings of 2A to 40A (rated at 32 volts), you could always find one that fits your auto

Replacement fuses sound boring. But you’ll be so happy you have them if something stops working, like a light, stereo, or an essential system like your slide-outs or leveling jacks.

Almost everything in your RV is fused, and fuses can blow when the system is overloaded. Keep replacements on hand to save yourself some frustration.

14. Torque Wrench

EPAuto 1/2-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench, 10-150 ft/lb, 13.6-203.5 N/m
  • Durable Ratchet Head: Made from Hardened treated Chrome Vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V) Corrosion-Retardant: Satin Finish....
  • Easy Storage: A sturdy plastic storage case is included. Non-Slip Grip: Knurled handle

Another totally boring item to keep on hand is a torque wrench. It’s a good idea to torque your tires before every travel day to make sure they stay tight.

Torquing your wheels is an essential RV duty, so you’ll need to have one of these around.

15. Tire Covers

Explore Land Tire Covers 4 Pack - Tough Tire Wheel Protector for Truck, SUV, Trailer, Camper, RV - Universal Fits Tire Diameters 26-28.75 inches, Charcoal
  • Refer to our fitting guide picture for size selection, set of 4 covers fits entire tire diameter up to: 26''-28.75'',...
  • It's a perfect all-season cover, 4 covers in 1 set. Protects tires and wheels from sun damage, rust and dirt when your...

Tire covers are boring, but they’ll help protect a really expensive and important part of your RV.

They not only keep your tires clean but also protect them from harmful UV rays.

UV rays cause dry rot and can shorten the life of your tires.

Use tire covers when you’re parked for an extended time at a campground or have your RV in storage. You’ll be glad you did.

Keep In Mind: Tire covers are also used to protect your RV from cold weather, too.

16. Folding Step Stool

ACKO Folding Step Stool 13 inch Heavy Duty Plastic Foldable Step Stool for Kids and Adults, Small Collapsible Fold Up Stepping Stool 1 Pack
  • Premium Quality - Manufactured to Acko standards, made of tough & durable heavy-duty plastic for long-lasting...
  • Carrying Handle - Ergonomic carrying handle is designed for easy folding and carrying. Just lift the handle, it will...

This little step stool will come in handy far more than you anticipate. It’s annoying to bust out a ladder or stand on a chair whenever you need to reach something, whether to get something in the back of a tall cabinet or change a lightbulb.

These stools are awesome because they fold flat and stash away easily. 

17. Clear Sewer Hose Connector

Camco 39736, RhinoFlex Clear RV Sewer Hose Elbow with 4-in-1 Adapter | Features a 360-Degree Fitting Rotation and Built-in Gasket for Odor-Tight Protection | Fits 4 Sizes of Dump Station Inlets
  • Securely Connects: RV sewer elbow adapter fits securely into dump station connection
  • Fits Four sizes of Dump Station Inlets: fits securely into four sizes of dump station inlets— 4-inch NPT, 3. 5-inch...

We’ve talked a lot about sewer stuff on this list, and we’re not done yet. You might think a clear sewer hose connector is gross, but it’s actually really handy.

You use this clear connector when you’re flushing out your black tank. Once the water runs totally clear, you know the tank is clean.

A clear sewer hose connector attaches a hose to a dump station at a campground.

18. Potable Water Hose

Camco TastePURE 50-Ft Premium Water Hose - RV Drinking Water Hose Contains No Lead, No BPA & No Phthalate - Ultra Flexible Design w/Diamond-Hatch Reinforcement - 5/8” ID, Made in the USA (21009)
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE DRINKING WATER HOSE: Camco's Professional Grade RV fresh water hose is constructed with NSF/ANSI 61...
  • CERTIFIED LEAD-FREE: Enjoy Camco's CSA lead-free certified RV hose! It meets the highest standards, is CSA lead-free...

Most RVers already know this, but you shouldn’t use any old garden hose for your RV freshwater system.

For safe drinking water, you need a potable water hose that’s free of chemicals and approved for drinking. You can find potable water hoses in many different styles and lengths.

This premium hose is 50 feet long and UV resistant to stand up to the elements for a long time. 

19. Handheld Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster furbuster AdvancedClean+ Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, Home, Pet and Car Vacuum (HHVK515JP07)
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE - 20V MAX* lithium-ion battery provides high suction power and performance

Whether or not your RV has a central vacuum system, a handheld vacuum comes in handy all the time.

These are great for small spills, haircuts on the road, pet hair, and much more.

You can even use it to keep your tow vehicle floorboards clean after adventuring and days at the beach. 

Man using a hand vacuum to clean the couch while a chonky orange cat watches with interest.

20. Tank Rinsing Wand

Valterra A01-0184VP Master Blaster RV Tank Cleaning Wand with Power Nozzle , White
  • Package Dimensions: 27 L x 2 H x 3.75 W (inches).Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Package Weight: 0.5 pounds

A tank rinsing wand is great for RVers who don’t have a black tank flushing system. Most newer RVs come with a black tank flushing system, but many older units don’t have this luxury.

A tank rinsing wand comes in handy to remove debris off the walls of your holding tanks. Debris in your black and gray tanks can stick to the walls and make your sensors read inaccurately, which is a huge pain in the neck. 

They Might Not Excite You, But These RV Products Are Very Useful

If you weren’t bored to tears while reading this list, we applaud you. Hopefully, you found some products that you didn’t know you needed. Each and every one of these boring products will make your RV life easier, and you’ll use them all the time. Do you have suggestions for more “boring but useful” RV products?

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