Winnebago Buys Major Battery Supplier

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It’s no secret that the supply chain has struggled among all industries over the last couple of years. From computer chips to bananas, companies across all aspects of the economy have felt the pains of lacking transportation, drivers, or employees.

The RV industry has also had its fair share of problems putting together RVs because of a broken supply chain. Winnebago Industries seems to have found a solution to at least keep up its battery supply.

Recently, the company announced its acquire of Lithionics, a major battery supplier. Let’s take a look at what this might mean for the future of Winnebago Industries. 

Who Is Winnebago Industries?

Launched in 1958, Winnebago Industries has led the way in the RV industry for decades. While the first travel trailer came just weeks after launching, the first motorhome debuted in 1967.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Winnebago broke records and set milestones, producing over 300,000 units and hitting record sales.

More recently, Winnebago Industries bought Grand Design RV in 2016, Chris-Craft in 2018, Newmar in 2019, and Barletta in 2021 to create its own family of brands.

It continues manufacturing Class As, Class Cs, camper vans, and travel trailers under the Winnebago name.

What RV Brands Does Winnebago Industries Own?

Winnebago Industries owns three different RV brands: Winnebago, Grand Design RV, and Newmar. Each of these brands manufactures different RVs with varying amenities and price points. Let’s look at these brands.


With motorized and towable RVs in its lineup, Winnebago has something for everyone. It has seven Class As, nine camper vans, seven Class Cs, and five travel trailers. 

In addition, Winnebago has developed two accessibility-enhanced motorized RVs to accommodate wheelchair users.

The Class As range from 28 feet 5 inches to 41 feet 4 inches long, with gas or diesel engines, and range from starting prices of $188,300 to $455,500. 

The camper vans have gas and diesel options and four-wheel-drive options. They range from starting prices of $140,400 to $245,600. 

The Class Cs range from 23 feet to 32 feet 9 inches long, with gas or diesel engines, and range from starting prices of $138,200 to $207,700.

The travel trailers range from 15 to 38 feet, with flexible floorplans that sleep up to eight people. Prices for these units range from $37,200 to $64,664. 

The Roam camper van and Inspire Class A motorhomes have remote-controlled wheelchair lifts, built-in tie-downs to secure wheelchairs and accessible bathrooms. The Roam starts at $145,581, while the Inspire starts at $379,419.

A winnebago camper van in the woods

Grand Design RV

Winnebago Industries acquired Grand Design RV in 2016. Grand Design produces travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. It has five travel trailer, four fifth wheel, and five toy hauler lines.

The travel trailers range from 19 feet 11 inches to 33 feet 10 inches. They range from entry-level options at $31,396 to full-time capable options at $60,727. 

The fifth wheels range from the half-ton towable options of the Reflection 150 series, which start at $64,887, to the luxurious Solitude series, which starts at $116,786.

Finally, the Momentum toy haulers include the brand new MAV line with an entry-level price of $38,538 to the triple-axle, top-of-the-line Momentum line that starts at $145,718. 

The Grand Design toy hauler lineup includes fifth wheels and travel trailer options.


Newmar began in Nappanee, Indiana, in 1968. Its first production was the 1971 Kountry Aire fifth wheel. 

But in the 1980s, Newmar entered the Class A market and never looked back. It has produced innovative designs and technologies like the first power and flush-floor slideouts ever featured in a Class A and full-body paint on towable and motorized RVs.

Today, Newmar manufactures diesel and gas Class A, Super C, and mobility-enhanced motorhomes. The most luxurious of the lines is the King Aire, which starts at over $1.6 million. 

The Bay Star Sport motorhome is the most affordable option, which starts at just under $200,000. Overall, it has 13 different lines, including popular models like the Canyon Star, Dutch Star, and New Aire.

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What Non-RV Brands Does Winnebago Industries Own?

As mentioned earlier, Winnebago Industries also owns two marine companies: Chris-Craft and Barletta. They were purchased in 2018 and 2021, respectively.


Chris-Craft has built boats for almost 150 years. Today, the company manufactures the Launch and Launch GT Series, the Calypso Series, and the Catalina Series.

They range from 25 to 35 feet and have various amenities, from hard tops and slide-out Yeti coolers to summer kitchens and sleeping berths.


Barletta was the most recent addition to the Winnebago Industries family of brands. In 2017, Bill Fenech, who also co-founded Grand Design RV, started the Barletta Boat Company. This marine company builds pontoon boats that range from entry-level to luxury options. 

The Barletta Aria, the most affordable option, offers four models that range from a deck length of 19 feet 11 inches to 21 feet 11 inches. 

The Barletta Lusso, the most luxurious one, features classic ultra-soft, rail-set furniture, a sleek helm loaded with technology, and pet-friendly amenities among its four floorplans.

A Barletta boat on a lake, owned by Winnebago Industries

Who Is Lithionics Battery?

Lithionics, founded in 2010, makes advanced battery solutions. The products deliver power to electrical features of RVs, boats, and other specialty applications. 

Lithionics’ innovation extends off-grid travel, generates fewer emissions, and improves reliability for travelers.

In the RV and marine industries, lithium-ion batteries offer longer life expectancy, lighter construction, and efficient electrification solutions. Lithionics provides this battery technology to enhance the experiences of travel.

Founder and CEO Steve Tartaglia began Lithionics in Clearwater, Florida, where you can find the company’s headquarters.

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When Did Winnebago Industries Purchase Lithionics?

On March 27, 2023, Winnebago Industries announced its acquisition of Lithionics. They project to complete the deal by the third fiscal quarter. 

Lithionics will continue its operation in Clearwater, Florida. Winnebago Industries is headquartered in Forest City, Iowa. 

Why Did Winnebago Industries Purchase Lithionics?

This purchase isn’t unusual for a company that owns both RV and marine brands. Lithionics offers enhanced technologies, which will help Winnebago Industries provide innovative products. 

Lithium-ion batteries are a critical part of RV and marine travel. With the acquisition of these products, Winnebago will secure its sourcing for its overall development of RVs and boats.

Winnebago Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Happe explained, “The addition of Lithionics enhances Winnebago Industries’ ability to develop unique and diverse battery solutions across our portfolio, advancing our overall electrical ecosystem, driving organic growth and supply chain security, reinforcing our technological competitive advantage and allowing us to capitalize on consumer preferences for fully immersive, off-the-grid outdoor experiences.”

What Technological Innovation Will We See From Winnebago?

With the new purchase of Lithionics Battery, we will see what’s next for Winnebago Industries.

Will we see entry-level travel trailers with solar panels and lithium-ion batteries in the coming years? Will we see innovative technology now that these teams of engineers are working together?

Winnebago already produces accessibility-enhanced units and off-grid and off-road capable RVs. It will be fun to see how their designs and products are improved in the future.

What do you think we’ll see from Winnebago Industries now that they’ve acquired Lithionics?

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