Who Owns inTech RV?

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A happy young family sits at the campground with their InTech trailer camped up behind them.

You’ve probably heard horror stories about the quality of RVs. Especially since 2019, it seems that manufacturers have tried to up production while losing quality. The lamination peels off quickly, owners are constantly fixing leaks, and shelves and cabinets break easily.

But if you’re looking for a small travel trailer to take on weekend adventures, don’t worry. There are still great options. Let’s look at one company whose focus has always been on producing top-quality trailers: inTech RV. Never heard of it? Let’s find out more about why you should consider purchasing from inTech RV!

What Is inTech RV? 

In 2010, inTech began operations in Nappanee, Ind., with only six employees. But its high-quality motorsports trailers didn’t take off immediately. It took eight long months for its products to gain momentum. When they did, the biggest selling point for customers was the company’s focus on quality.

In 2016, inTech dove into RVs. It began producing towables: first, the Flyer series and then the Luna, Sol, and Terra lines. Now, inTech RV employs over 190 individuals. But its focus remains the same: producing high-quality, custom-made products with the individual owners in mind.

Who Owns inTech RV? 

Adam Maxwell owns inTech RV. He says the company’s success is partly due to its teamwork mentality. All employees are on profit sharing, so they’re all focused on producing high-quality products with no warranty issues. In a recent interview with Business View Magazine, Maxwell said, “Building a brand that we can stand behind is essential.”

photo via inTech RV

Where Are inTech RV Trailers Made?

In 2010, when inTech first began producing motorsports trailers, the company owned a 15,000 sq ft production facility in Nappanee, Ind. Since then, the company has grown into a 160,000 sq ft facility. But the focus hasn’t been on rapid expansion, which has led to inTech’s success. Because the company has been intentional about slow and steady progress, it has maintained its high-quality product line and slowly expanded into the RV industry.

How Long Has inTech RV Been Making Travel Trailers?

When inTech first began, it didn’t manufacture RVs. It wasn’t until 2016 that the company ventured into this market. The shift made sense, however. It was already producing high-quality trailers. Stepping into the towable RV industry was a good business move since many RVs are known for poor construction and lack of quality. Since inTech’s focus has always been to produce top-quality trailers designed with the individual owner in mind, the company successfully transitioned into the RV industry, where consumers welcomed a new line of high-quality travel trailers.

When inTech RV began producing travel trailers, the company wasn’t interested in giant motorhomes or fifth wheels. Instead, inTech’s travel trailers are lightweight and small. This appeals to many travelers because they don’t want to purchase a big truck to tow a camper. They’re also easier to store when not in use.

InTech RV Product Line

Its first RV was the Flyer series, followed by the Luna, Sol, and Terra lines. Each travel trailer features inTech’s proprietary Tilt Forward Design. Just like you know an Airstream by the silver bullet design, you recognize an inTech trailer when it goes down the highway. This design gives the owner more space and a unique feel. Let’s take a closer look.


photo via inTech RV

The Flyer series includes four different travel trailers: Chase, Pursue, Explore, and Discover. All four models sleep up to four people but range in price from about $13,000 to over $28,000. This series also offers an Add-A-Room tent for additional sleeping space. 

The all-aluminum, fully welded cage frames make the Flyer series models durable and lightweight. Because of their smaller size, most customers who purchase a Flyer model from inTech RV are looking for off-road adventures. The aluminum cages are strong to withstand uneven terrain. With a 2” receiver and an optional roof rack, you can bring along all of your outdoor toys.

The GVWR of the Chase and Pursue units is 2,200 lbs. Although the interiors are simple and designed mainly for lounging and sleeping, the added slide-out kitchen of the Pursue model is a great feature for camping adventures. 

The Explore model is one of the largest of the Flyer series and offers one or two pop-ups for additional interior space. Its GVWR is 2,990 lbs. The Discover model is the largest but also the heaviest, with a GVWR of 5,200 lbs. It also offers one or two pop-ups for additional sleeping space. They measure 46” x 81” and create a roomy interior in the center of the travel trailer.


photo via inTech RV

The Luna teardrop camper is available in a Base, Rover, or Platinum package based on your travel needs. Like the Flyer series, all units are equipped with an all-aluminum, fully welded cage that increases durability while also remaining lightweight. There’s a rear outdoor kitchen in all of the units and a 60” x 80” queen bed. Add-on options include a fireplace, 12V/120V refrigerator, microwave, awning, and cassette toilet. The overall length of a Luna trailer is 186” with an interior height of 54”. The GVWR is 2,200 lbs.


photo via inTech RV

The Sol series from inTech RV includes three different travel trailers: Dawn, Eclipse, and Horizon. They range in price from over $36,000 to over $42,000. Want a great view? The Sol product line features a three-ply laminated glass panoramic front windshield. The front dinette provides seating for up to six adults and a beautiful space to enjoy scenic views. It also converts into three bed layouts. The Sol also features a wet bath and kitchen with a farmhouse sink and a two-burner stove.

Like the Luna, the Sol is available in a Base or Rover package. They both have the add-on options of a 7’ awning, dual LP tanks, and a roof rack. The overall length of the Sol Dawn is 192” with an interior height of 76”. The convertible dinette bed is 48” x 80”, and the GVWR is 3,500 lbs.

The Sol Eclipse and Horizon are a little larger. The Eclipse is 204” and 3,500 lbs. The Horizon is the largest at 228” and 4,000 lbs.


photo via inTech RV

The Terra travel trailer starts at just under $69,000. Like the Sol, the Terra features a three-ply laminated glass panoramic front windshield for stunning views. The Terra is a fully loaded travel trailer that includes everything you need for your camping adventures. Like the Luna and Sol, it comes in a Base or Rover package. Add-on options include a 14’ power awning, slide-out rear outdoor kitchen, and solar with lithium batteries.

The Terra comes equipped with a heated underbelly, 12V line heaters, and tank heat pads for all-season camping. It’s the only inTech RV travel trailer with more than 30 amps of power at 45 amps. The largest travel trailer produced by inTech RV, the Terra has an overall length of 312” with an interior height of over 83”. The master bed is 60” x 80”, and the GVWR is 7,500 lbs.

Are inTech RV Trailers Good?

If you’re looking for a quality RV trailer, inTech may be your answer. Each travel trailer is built by hand, not by machine. The finest aluminum is used and fully welded. In his interview, Maxwell explains, “Along with using aluminum to ensure the frames remain rust-free, they utilize tube frame construction to deliver unmatched structural integrity.”

When creating a new prototype, Maxwell says that employees will first draw the design on paper and then build a shell. They build a mock-up trailer with pieces of plywood, including the shower, cabinets, and beds. Then employees will walk through the unit, inspecting the layout and seeing how everything feels. After modifications, they’ll begin making the actual new prototype. This means there are lots of changes from conception to production, and it’s a longer process, but because inTech RV follows this routine, the company maintains quality over quantity.

Maxwell goes on to say, “Our big focus comes back to quality. We realize that the demand is up right now, and our backlog continues to grow month over month even though our production goes up. But we are not going to sacrifice quality and what our brand stands for just to get a product out the door right now.” He points to the struggle between quality and speed in the industry and asserts that the company plans to focus on quality. So if you want a travel trailer that’s going to last, inTech RV is will provide you with high-quality and excellent customer service. 

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Although the Terra is about the same size as other travel trailers, inTech isn’t known for producing huge campers. The company has always been focused on quality. If you’re looking for a travel trailer to provide outdoor adventure, inTech RV offers several great options. You can shop with confidence, knowing you’re getting a top-quality product that will last. Have you ever heard of inTech RV? If not, check them out today!

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