Does Wandering Labs Actually Get You Sold Out Campground Spots?

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A group of friends outside their RV trying to reserve a campground using Wandering Labs

There are some campgrounds where it feels nearly impossible to snag a reservation.

Instead of constantly clicking “refresh” on the reservation page, some campers are turning to Wandering Labs to work smarter and not harder. The service just might be the assistant you need to help you with your next camping adventure.

So can Wandering Labs get you a spot at a sold-out campground? Let’s take a closer look!

About Wandering Labs

Wandering Labs is a campsite reservation assistant made for people who love camping, by people who love camping.

It’s a resource that previous generations of campers dreamed about being a reality. It’s changing how many campers plan their campground reservations for individual trips or camping seasons.

You tell Wandering Labs when and where you want to camp, and it notifies you when a site becomes available.

This can be extremely helpful in scoring a campsite near some of the most popular state and national parks or tourist destinations.

How Does Wandering Labs Work Exactly?

The first thing you need to do when using Wandering Labs is to enter the campground where you’d like to stay. From there, you create a range of potential dates you’d like to arrive and how many nights you’d like to camp.

You can then use specific search filters to narrow down the potential sites. If you’re planning to camp in an RV, you don’t care if a tent-only site becomes available, so it won’t alert you.

Once you’ve created your request, sit back and let the software do its thing. It will check for changes in availability based on your specific request. The instant it detects a change that matches your needs, it will notify you through text message and email.

Unfortunately, because campgrounds have many different options for software that handles reservations, Wandering Labs can’t make the reservation for you.

You’ll need to call the campground or use the campground’s online reservation engine to reserve the spot as quickly as possible. Depending on the campsite, many other campers may jump at the chance to book the site.

A sign to an RV campground reserved using wandering labs

How Much Does It Cost to Use Wandering Labs?

There are two options for using Wandering Labs: free and premium. The free version allows a user to create up to three requests.

However, the free version searches for updates less frequently and only sends notifications through email. If you want to plan more than three trips or want Wandering Labs to search more frequently, you can easily upgrade to the premium version.

The premium version is $30 per year, roughly the equivalent of staying a single night in many state parks.

However, the $30 gets you unlimited search requests, 500 text notifications, and Wandering Labs searches twice as often for changes in availability. 

Once you research the 500 text notifications, the software will continue to deliver email notifications. You can purchase additional text notification packages to continue to receive SMS notifications.

Does Wandering Labs Actually Get You Sold Out Campground Spots?

While Wandering Labs is a revolutionary software, it can only do so much. It doesn’t magically open or change the availability of sites at sold-out campgrounds.

It notifies you of the changes from guests canceling for one reason or another. You can then quickly log in and snag the campsite that became available at the campground during your requested time.

Can Wandering Labs guarantee availability will change for the Fourth of July weekend at your favorite campground? Absolutely not. However, should it change, you’ll quickly receive an alert to increase your odds of getting the reservation.

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An RV campground reserved using wandering labs

What Are People Saying about Wandering Labs?

While there are many things to love about Wandering Labs, you don’t have to take our word for it. There are plenty of kind words submitted by users who have benefited from the service.

One user said, “We have been 100% successful, getting every campground we’ve ever requested since we heard about Wandering Labs 2.5 years ago.” 

Another family wrote to Wandering Labs and said, “Just wanted to say Thank You sooooooooo much – this makes camping for our family possible at our favorite spots.”

One user couldn’t wait to brag about the campsite they were able to reserve. They said, “As evidence of the effectiveness of your service. I just scored Bahia Honda, which is like winning the lotto! WOOOO HOOOO!”

Are People Using Bots to Reserve Campsites?

Unfortunately, some resources utilize bots to reserve campsites instead of simply alerting users. The owners of these bots would snatch up campsites as soon as they become available.

They would then resell the campsite reservations and make a large profit off some of the most popular campsites in the country.

Luckily, most camping reservation systems have put an end to this practice. While it’s illegal, it still happens occasionally, but it’s not nearly as widespread as it previously was.

What Is the Best Way to Reserve State Park Campgrounds?

Some campgrounds are tremendously popular and have a limited number of campsites.

There could be thousands of people looking to stay at a specific campground during a particular time. If that’s the case, it will be nearly impossible to grab a reservation even with software like Wandering Labs.

The best way to reserve a campsite at state park campgrounds is to plan. You need to know their availability and which dates and campsites you’re willing to book. Don’t waste time during the booking process once they become available.

You can significantly increase your chances of getting a reservation if you are flexible with your dates or the length of time you need to stay.

If you can avoid trying to visit the most popular campgrounds during the peak seasons, you increase your chances even more. Weekends and holidays will always be difficult, no matter the state park.

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A woman in her camping tent trying to reserve a campground reservation using wandering labs

Is Wandering Labs Worth It?

If you’re struggling to book campsites or have specific areas where you want to camp during your next camping season, Wandering Labs is well worth it. However, not every camper will benefit from Wandering Labs. 

Campers who only camp a few weekends a year at a local campground that rarely sells out aren’t likely going to benefit much from the service. Luckily, premium membership to Wandering Labs won’t break the bank, and there’s a free option available to try it out. 

Give it a try, and let us know if it helps you reserve any hard-to-get campsites.

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