Is Buying a Walmart RV Battery Worth It?

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You’ll likely want to use lights, the water pump, and maybe even your furnace when not plugged into shore power. This typically means you’ll rely on your RV’s battery to power these items. Walmart is a great place to save some cash on RV accessories, but is buying a Walmart RV battery a good investment? Can a Walmart deep cycle battery get the job done? Let’s look and see!

Do RVs Need Special Batteries?

RVs use deep cycle batteries. They may look like a standard car battery, but how they deliver their power is very different. A deep cycle battery provides a consistent amount of steady power when discharging. RV batteries are typically 12V batteries that use six 2.1V cells to create 12.6V of output.

You may have heard of an RV battery called a “house battery.” This is because they power many of the essential 12V appliances in your RV.

A healthy RV battery can typically power lights, a water pump, and other essential 12V appliances for 12+ hours of use.

Correctly wiring multiple batteries together can further extend the amount of time you can power your RV when not connected to a power source.

An RV sits in a campground at sunset and is using its headlights and indoor lights to stay bright and visible.

Who Makes Walmart EverStart Deep Cycle Batteries?

EverStart Walmart deep cycle batteries are a product of Johnson Controls, which has annual sales of $22+ billion.

Johnson Control is a massive RV battery supplier and a trusted brand for power efficiency. They own companies like York, Hitachi, and a host of other companies.

Is There a Difference Between Deep Cycle and Marine Batteries?

As deep cycle batteries discharge, they release consistent power from their thick plates. They’re designed for extended use and longevity. They’re great for running electronics and other appliances. 

A marine battery can typically produce a lot of power in short bursts. While deep cycle batteries have thick plates, marine batteries have thin plates.

Increasing the surface area between the plates and the electrolyte allows them to offer more power at one time.

This makes them great for starting and cranking an engine, which requires a very large and short burst of power.

Pro Tip: Did you know you can stay overnight in most Walmart parking lots for free? Well, you can! But be sure to follow these rules when boondocking at Walmart.

What Does the Group Size on Walmart RV Batteries Mean?

The group size on a Walmart RV battery tells the battery’s physical dimensions.

The group size scale is a standardized battery unit by the Battery Council International (BCI).

The larger the number, the larger the physical size of the battery.

Pro Tip: When researching RV batteries, make sure to read 12 Volt Or 6 Volt RV Battery: Which Is Better?

Best Walmart RV Battery Options 

Walmart deep cycle batteries can be a great option for your RV battery. Let’s look at a few options you might consider for your next battery purchase.

EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 24DC

EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 24DC

Rating: 3.7 Stars

Price: $74.88

About: This EverStart battery has a group size of 24DC. It’s a slightly smaller battery than the rest of the EverStart Walmart RV batteries in terms of both the physical dimension and the battery capacity.

This is a 101ah Walmart deep cycle battery. It’ll keep your long-use 12V electronics powered when you need them.

While this is a decent option for an RV battery, it’s not the most capable.

EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 27DC 

EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 27DC

Rating: 3.8 Stars

Price: $84.87

About: The EverStart 27DC is the middle child in our trio of Walmart RV battery recommendations.

It’s slightly larger than the 24DC, and at 109ah, it’s somewhat more capable, too.

You’ll appreciate the increased amp-hours, especially if you need to take advantage of every amp-hour you can. 

EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 29DC

EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 29DC

Rating: 4.0 Stars

Price: $89.97

About: The EverStart 29DC has an impressive 122ah rating and is the largest EverStart RV offering.

This maximizes your capabilities from an individual Walmart RV battery and takes up more space.

You’ll want to measure to make sure you have room for this larger battery before buying.

However, it produces the most amp-hours and can keep your 12V system running longer than any other EverStart offering at Walmart.

Does Walmart Install RV Batteries?

Walmart does test and install batteries.

However, you must contact your local store to ensure they can accommodate your RV.

While most Walmart stores have an Auto Care Center, it may not be open or outfit your rig. Calling ahead will help you avoid wasting time. 

Are Walmart Deep Cycle Batteries Any Good?

Walmart deep cycle batteries are good lead-acid batteries. They won’t come anywhere close to producing the results of a lithium battery, but not everybody needs that much power. If you want a decent battery to keep your RV’s 12V system running, a Walmart RV battery is a solid choice. 

Walmart has over 4,500 stores in the United States. This makes it easy if you have any issues with an RV battery and are still under warranty. Would you purchase a Walmart RV battery for your rig? 

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