Vroom Slide Systems: The Solution to Your Schwintek Issues

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An RV with a vroom slide system

If you own an RV with a Schwintek slide, perhaps you’ve heard grinding noises and swept-up aluminum shavings on a camping trip.

It’s also likely you had to resync the motors when one side doesn’t retract at the same speed as the other. Perhaps you’ve even had a motor burnout, which left you with a slide that won’t retract or extend.

If you’re tired of this stressful camping experience and ready to eliminate the worry that comes with every push of the slide-out button, we want to introduce you to Vroom slide systems.

Could this be the knight in shining armor coming to save the day? Let’s learn more about this product created by an RVer for RVers. 

What Is a Schwintek Slide?

RVs have four main types of slide-out systems. Cable-driven slide-outs use a cable pulley. They’re used on heavier, longer slides and are more expensive than the alternatives.

Rack and pinion, also called electric through-frame systems, have pinions that spin over racks with teeth underneath the slide-out. These usually sit flush with the floor since the system is underneath it and not along the sides of the slide.

Hydraulic systems are mechanically similar to rack and pinion systems but use a pump to push hydraulic fluid into tubes, which increases pressure and pushes a piston that causes the slide to function. Like cable-driven slide-outs, these can hold a substantial amount of weight.

Schwintek slide systems use worm-like gear racks mounted to the top and bottom of the slide. Two motors on either side turn the gears, and the slide moves in and out. This system is only for smaller, lightweight slides because an overloaded one can cause the motors to burn out.

You can learn more about these types of slide-out systems and more in our article “Different RV Slides and How They Work.”

What Are Common Problems With Schwintek Slides?

The Schwintek slide system is a product of Lippert. Perhaps you’ve heard of this company if you’re an RVer. Lippert also owns brands like Furrion, Solera, and Curt. You might have a microwave, awnings, or tow bars made by these brands.

For the most part, you’ll have few problems when manufacturers use the Schwintek slide system correctly — meaning they install this system on small, lightweight slide-outs.

However, problems start to occur when manufacturers misuse this product by installing it on large slides or ones that hold a lot of weight, like a large sofa or a residential refrigerator.

When this happens, the motors can burn out. They aren’t designed to move a lot of weight. So one day, the motors may retract the slide-out, and the next day, they can burn out without any notice. 

This is quite inconvenient for RVers looking to have a fun weekend camping. It’s even more inconvenient for RVers traveling nationwide on a months-long road trip.

Another common problem with the Schwintek slide system is the motors can get out of sync. You’ll notice one side extending while the other can’t keep up or fails to move at all. This problem can damage the walls or cause the system to fail. 

Because it uses two motors on either side, both must operate at the same speed to move the slide in and out correctly.

If you’d like to read more about problems with Schwintek slides, check out our article about troubleshooting your Schwintek slide. Perhaps you can fix a common problem without calling a mobile tech or taking your RV in for repairs.

Perhaps replacing it with a Vroom slide system will solve your issues.

Why Do Manufacturers Install Schwintek Slides?

Lots of manufacturers use the Schwintek slide system. Lippert claims, “Our customers loved the Schwintek system when we launched it more than 5 years ago, and today more than 70 brands carry the time-tested system.” 

We wouldn’t claim that many customers love the Schwintek system now. But the problem isn’t necessarily with the system but with the manufacturers installing the system on slides that are too large and too heavy.

So why do manufacturers do this? Because the Schwintek system is cheaper than the alternatives. Instead of installing a heavier-duty slide system that costs more, they revert to a cheaper system.

Schwintek is also simple to use and requires very little maintenance. When installed on smaller, lightweight slide-outs like closets or dinettes, the system usually adjusts itself when it needs realignment. 

Unlike rack and pinion slide systems that need regular lubrication, you don’t have to do much to maintain the Schwintek.

What Is Vroom Slide Systems?

A new slide system called Vroom has appeared on the market in the last few years. Vroom slide systems look similar to the Schwintek, with top and bottom racks on each side of the slide-out. This system replaces the Schwintek, the Slim Rack, and the 3 Trax slide systems.

What makes Vroom superior to the Schwintek? First, the drive motor is bolted to the upper pinion gear housing rather than a single sheet metal screw from the outside.

Second, the pinion gear housing design maintains perfect alignment, which means no more resyncing or one side extending farther than the other.

Third, needle bearings reduce friction and eliminate aluminum shavings on the floor that come from the grinding that occurs with the Schwinktek gears and racks. 

Finally, the Vroom slide system allows for manual extension or retraction if necessary. You don’t have to call a mobile tech or tear apart your slide to get it into the right position.

You can read all about the upper and lower slide assemblies on the Vroom website to learn more about what makes this product superior to the Schwintek system.

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An RV with a vroom slide system

How Did Vroom Get Started?

A few years ago, owners of a new Tiffin Allegro Bus were driving from Tucson to Alaska when they noticed aluminum shavings on the floor near a slide-out and heard a grinding noise as the slide extended and retracted. They found similar problems with another slide in the bedroom.

Every time they packed up and headed to a new destination along their road trip, they crossed their fingers and hoped the slide would retract and extend again once they arrived.

Finally, one of the slides stopped working. After asking Lippert and Tiffin for a better, more substantial slide-out system and getting denied, they decided enough was enough.

This was no way to enjoy RVing. The husband decided he had to take matters into his own hands. As a professional mechanical engineer, he had the resources and expertise to make his own slide-out system. 

After months of prototypes, he developed a system that fits within the Schwintek structure but achieved longevity and reliability.

Testing included over 6,000 cycles of bringing the slide-out in and out. The designer also loaded the slide with 1,500 pounds of weight during these cycles. Now, this patented slide-out system easily replaces the problematic Schwintek slide systems because it uses the same controller and hardware. 

The wiring stays the same, but you can replace the racks and motors on the slide with the Vroom system.

Where Can I Have a Vroom Slide System Installed?

Initially, the only location to get the Vroom slide-out system installed was Tucson, Arizona. But the team at Vroom is training other reputable RV repair shops nationwide. 

But because an RVer created this system to help other RVers enjoy the camping lifestyle, it’s unlikely he’ll allow mass installations. He seems to want this system installed only by people who have been trained and have a long-standing record of positive customer service.

However, because of this, there is a long waitlist. When you call Vroom to schedule an installation, you may have a 6 to 8-month wait. 

If you live on the East Coast or prefer another location, you can ask to connect with one of the other few shops that have the training to install the Vroom slide system. Otherwise, you’ll wait a while before you can resolve your Schwintek problems.

The good news is, once your installation date arrives, it only takes one day. You’ll drop off your RV in the morning and pick it up at the end of the work day.

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How Much Is a Vroom Slide System?

If you watch YouTubers who have had the Vroom slide system installed, it’s likely you’ve heard various pricing. The installation cost less than $3,000 when the system first came out. 

However, if you call today, you’ll find that the price has increased to $4,500 or more. And the installation may require additional parts that increase the cost, depending on your RV brand.

An RV with a vroom slide system

Is There a Warranty on the Vroom Slide System?

The Vroom slide system comes with a three-year warranty on the system itself and a one-year warranty on the motors. Many manufacturers don’t issue three-year guarantees on slide-outs, so this is a great perk for owners looking to install the Vroom slide system.

What Customers Are Saying About Vroom

Rob and Lisa of Go Full-Time RVing installed the Vroom slide system on their 2019 Thor Challenger 37YT in April 2022. 

Rob explains, “The Vroom Slide System is a huge improvement over the Schwintek Slide System. The first thing you notice is the bigger gears and roller bearings on the Vroom system.

The motor is attached using four screws mounted into the gear block. On the Schwintek system, the motor is held in place with a single set screw that allows the motor to move about, and if something happens to it or it backs out, the motor can spin, damaging the wiring.” You can see photos of their installation on the Go Full-Time RVing website.

Popular YouTube influencer Jared Gillis of All About RVs posted a video about why he chose to replace his Schwintek slide system on his Grand Design Reflection 28BH with the Vroom slide. 

He recorded the installation and felt amazed at the quality. He also shares, “This is my favorite mechanism for a slide-out that I have ever seen. I have been impressed at every level, from the install to the design to the implementation of it.”

Is a Vroom Slide System the Solution for Your Schwintek Issues?

Yes, it has a steep price which seems to continue to increase. But if you want to travel stress-free and worry-free, consider the Vroom slide system. No more worrying about if your slide will go out when you arrive at a campsite. No more cleaning up aluminum shavings after every camping trip.

A slide-out failure can ruin a road trip. RV repair shops are backed up for weeks. Waiting on parts for a mobile tech to install can take days. If you have a Schwintek slide system that has failed or given you problems, contact Vroom to schedule an installation.

You’ll receive excellent customer service. And knowing an RVer designed this product for RVers will give you the confidence to hit the road again. Is a Vroom slide system installation in your future?

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