The Slide Wall Completely Fell Off Of This RV

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A woman shocked to find her slide wall has fallen off

Experiencing issues with an RV slide is nothing new. However, some travelers experienced a problem we’d never seen before. Unfortunately, it unlocks a new nightmare of potential issues for owners.

Today, we’re going to share this miserable situation with you. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid experiencing a crisis.

So what happened, and should you worry about this issue? Let’s look and see!

Traveler Exposes New Nightmare for RV Owners

A fellow RVer sat peacefully in their camper when they saw a rig pulling into a neighboring campsite. It was nothing unusual and had happened hundreds of times during their adventures.

The couple in the rig pulled into the spot and began setting up to enjoy their stay. However, things quickly became chaotic once they went to open their main RV slide.

Our RVing friend heard a loud crash and jumped out of their seat to investigate. They couldn’t believe what they saw when they looked out the window. Their new neighbors stood beside their rig in disbelief as the entire box was on the ground.

Luckily, no injuries occurred in this incident. It could have been a very different situation if someone was standing outside in the area when it fell. Will you be changing where you stand during this process? We know we will be!

A slide wall that fell off an RV
Source: Holman

They’re Not the Only One with Problems

We wish we had good news to deliver to you that this is an isolated incident. Unfortunately, it’s not.

There were multiple comments from individuals who have had similar issues. An RV technician chimed in to say he had recently repaired an identical situation.

The tech stated the problem was the result of the type of slide. A consistent theme in these instances is that they’re typically Schwintek.

While they can be a great system, they can’t handle what manufacturers and owners throw at them. Until something changes, we can expect to see these types of incidents.

What Is a Schwintek Slide?

Schwintek slides are a unique mechanism to assist with extended and retracting RV slides. Lippert, a famous manufacturer of RV components, makes them.

Two synchronized electric motors provide the power for the structure to glide along a track system. Compared to other options, it’s lighter, quieter, and requires less space.

Identifying a Schwintek is easy, as the tracks are very distinct. They feature a worm-like pattern on the side of the box. While they’re fantastic when they work, it can be incredibly aggravating when they don’t. In addition, repairs can be costly, and parts can be hard to get.

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Why Do RVers Hate These Slides?

If you have any doubts, they’re far from perfect. There are several reasons why RVers hate them. Let’s take a look!

Synchronization Issues

The Schwintek system utilizes dual electric motors on each side. However, these devices must be in sync for them to work correctly.

If not, it can lead to binding and jams in the components. If you’re not careful, this can cause permanent and expensive damage.

When extending and retracting with Schwintek systems, it’s best to recalibrate the system regularly.

Recalibration is easy, and Lippert created a less than 60-second video to walk owners through the process. If you want to avoid issues, follow advice from the manufacturer.

Motor and Controller Failures

These systems rely on motors and controllers to move the structure in and out. We’ve heard of multiple individuals experiencing issues with these components. When these failures occur, they can leave you in quite a pickle.

As we all likely have experienced, technology can let you down. However, manufacturers are loading rigs with more and more technology-based systems.

Depending on your location, replacing a motor or control board failure could take several weeks. It may even require you to hire a mobile tech to come to you if you cannot safely move your camper.

Slide Misalignment

As mentioned, a misalignment can occur if the motors are out of sync. However, there are other causes of these misalignments.

Obstructions in the system from debris and other objects can cause severe issues for your system. Check to make sure there are no sticks, leaves, or other debris on your roof or in the way when extending or retracting.

Av RV with a slide wall

Electrical and Wiring Problems

Another consistent issue with this type of slide is electrical and wiring problems.

There are a variety of connections running to and from control boards, motors, and other components. Unfortunately, many roads aren’t nearly as smooth as we’d like.

As your camper travels over the bumps and dips, it absorbs vibrations from the road. This can cause wiring and electrical connections to come loose over time.

Loose connections can cause components not to work and could cause permanent damage. You may have to replace an entire control board or part simply because the connection wasn’t secure.

Keep in Mind: Are you having trouble with your Schwintek slides? Check out this article to see how to trouble shoot them!

Manufacturers Push Weight Limits

Schwintek systems aren’t capable of holding large amounts of weight. Unfortunately, manufacturers have been pushing the limits regarding when and where they use them.

They’re great for non-load-bearing areas. However, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll fail when exposed to excessive weight.

The incident we’re discussing today used the Schwintek system for their main living space. It held not only weight from the structure but also from furniture and anyone lounging in them. The more weight added, the more likely this situation will occur.

How Can You Avoid Experiencing This Nightmare?

Until recently, Lippert had little to no competition regarding these systems.

However, that will change if VROOM Slide Systems (VSS) has anything to say. They’re helping angry and frustrated customers deal with their Schwintek nightmares.

VSS is offering a direct replacement for several systems, including Schwintek. These systems won’t lose alignment, break wires, or ruin motors. Their unique system reduces friction, so extending and retracting your slide takes less time.

Another great feature of the VSS product is the quick disconnect. If you experience an issue, you only need a ¾” wrench to disconnect the drive motor.

Once disconnected, you can push the box in by hand instead of paying for a mobile technician to come to you.

RVs at an RV park with a slide wall

Don’t Let Your RV Fall Apart on You

While this may not be a widespread situation, it could become one. We don’t want you or anyone else to experience this nightmare.

Make sure you keep up the maintenance on your rig, especially if you have a ​​Schwintek system. 

We also recommend rethinking where you stand when extending your slides. A bad situation can become worse if the slide box lands on you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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