Your Ultimate Guide to Truck Stop Showers

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The National Association of Truck Stop Owners (NATSO) represents over 2,000 travel plazas and truck stops. You can fill up on gas, get a fresh cup of coffee, and stock up on snacks at almost any truck stop. Showers are another great amenity offered at many truck stops. If you need a shower and see a truck stop, we’ve got a few things to consider. Let’s get started!

How To Find Truck Stop Showers 

Many of the large chain truck stops offer showers. You’ll want to look for Pilot, Flying J, Loves, and any of the other well-known truck stops. Downloading the app for your favorite truck stop can allow you to find the nearest location.

You can also use your mobile phone to use apps like Trucker Path. This app can help you find truck stops and showers and provide reviews from fellow users. So you can skip any sketchy locations and find a clean and safe place to wash up.

Typical Truck Stop Showers Cost 

Costs vary across the country for truck stop showers. You can expect to pay $10 to $17 to shower at a truck stop. Some stops offer free showers if you purchase a certain amount of fuel. You can also join loyalty programs that allow you to cash in rewards for a free or reduced-cost shower.

Common Questions About Truck Stop Showers

If you’ve never showered at a truck stop, you probably have some questions. Let’s look at some common questions people ask.

Tips for using a truck stop shower from full-time RVers.

Can Shower Facilities Be Used By Anyone?

Truck stop showers are for professional truck drivers, but they’re typically available for anyone to use. Some places may have policies or signage indicating their showers are for truck drivers only, but these are few and far between.

Additionally, you should be courteous and not take up more time than necessary in the shower. There can be quite a long wait for a shower, especially at the end of the day when truck drivers park their rigs for the night.

Pro Tip: RVers can also use truck stop fuel stations and these are the reasons why you definitely should.

What Should You Bring To Your Truck Stop Shower?

If you don’t have an RV shower and you opt to try out truck stop showers, you’re going to want to bring everything you need in your own shower bag. There’s nothing worse than getting in the shower facilities and then realizing you forgot something!

Make sure to include the following items in your shower bag: flip flops, bar soap or liquid soap, your own towel (maybe even extra towels), clean clothes to change into, shampoo/conditioner, and anything else you love to use in the shower.

Are Truck Stop Showers Safe?

Yes, you can rest easy knowing truck stop showers are safe. Almost all truck stops have their shower area in a separate space away from the general public. Not only that, you will almost always have a large locked door with a changing area and the shower all to yourself. If private showers are a concern, you can rest easy.

Of course, you will find some truck stop showers that offer shower stalls instead of private rooms. If this bothers you, look up what kind of facilities are offered or call the truck stop directly.

How Long Can You Stay In the Shower?

Most truck stop showers have time limits that are 30 to 45 minutes. This is plenty of time for you to use the restroom, shower, and do any shaving or grooming that may be necessary. You’re paying for the shower time, so make sure you take the time you need to get the job done. However, you’ll want to practice good truck stop shower etiquette and be mindful of others that might be waiting.

A public bathroom at a truck stop with toilets and showers.

Which Truck Stops Have The Cleanest Showers?

Many of the large chain truck stops are consistently clean. This is because their corporate offices have set standards for what they expect for the cleanliness of their facilities. They take complaints seriously and will often swiftly address them.

However, just because a truck stop isn’t a large chain doesn’t mean the showers aren’t clean. You can check reviews on Trucker Path to help ensure you’re not disappointed.

Can Couples Take Showers At Truck Stops? 

Yes, you’re reserving the time in the shower facilities, and how you spend that time is up to you. If you want to split the 30 minutes between you and your travel buddy, go for it! It can help keep your costs down, and you might find that there’s more than enough time for both of you to get a long hot shower.

Pro Tip: These were the highest rated RV shower heads in 2021!

How Do I Get Free Showers At Pilot Flying J? 

Pilot Flying J truck stops, like many truck stop chains, has a loyalty program. Participants receive half a shower credit with every gas tank fill-up, which can be redeemed for a free shower.

If you have a long travel day and have to stop a couple of times, you can easily earn a free shower by choosing Pilot Flying J as a spot to purchase fuel. It’s as easy as that!

A woman adjusts the temperature of the shower water as it falls from the head.

How Do You Get Unlimited Showers at TA?

By joining TA’s UltraONE loyalty program, you can get a free shower credit when you purchase 60 gallons of fuel. If you’re using a large amount of gas or diesel fuel and driving regularly, you can easily earn unlimited amounts of shower credits. TA has a good reputation for some of the cleanest showers on the interstate and even includes two towels, a bath mat, soap, and a hairdryer in most truck stop facilities.

However, the program does limit you to one UltraCredit per 24 hour period. So to get the most out of the program, you’ll want to make sure you spread out your big fill-ups to more than 24 hours.

Now You’re Ready to Scrub Down At A Truck Stop Shower 

The next time you’re on a road trip and looking for a place to shower, try a truck stop. They’re likely cleaner than you’re anticipating and will often have plenty of hot water and high pressure. Many truck stops are near interstates and major highways. They’re typically straightforward to navigate.

Have you ever showered in a truck stop shower?

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