The Best RV Propane Tank Covers You Can Buy Online

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Corroded RV propane tanks show the result of not using a cover for your tanks.

There are a lot of accessories to consider when purchasing an RV, but some are more important than others. An RV propane tank cover falls into the must-have category for several reasons. 

We explore the reasons in this article and reveal the best covers you can buy online. So think again when you see a travel trailer going down the road with their tanks exposed. You might be surprised at the benefits of a propane cover. 

Let’s dig in!

What Is an RV Propane Tank Cover?

An RV propane tank cover protects your propane tanks and helps reduce exposure to rain and cold. The cover is a vinyl material that is lightweight and easy to move around. There is typically a small portion that opens at the top so that you can reach in to turn the propane on and off without taking the entire cover off the tanks.

Over time a propane tank can rust and deteriorate when left exposed to the sun. A cover will help prevent rust and increase the lifespan of the tank. The cover is typically used for travel trailers with an open area for propane tanks on the tongue of the trailer’s frame.

A travel trailer in a nice grassy campsite with a tent set up out front.

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What Are the Benefits of an RV Propane Tank Cover?

Keeping the tanks from rusting is the main benefit of a cover. But there are some additional benefits. A cover will also protect from UV rays that can eventually start to chip away at the tank. In addition, a cover keeps away flying road debris and dirt from attaching to the propane tanks.

Things to Consider When Covering an RV Propane Tank

There are three primary considerations to keep in mind when purchasing an RV propane tank cover. First, determine if the cover is ventilated, if you can secure it to your trailer, and whether it’s good quality. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Is the Cover Ventilated?

Having a ventilated RV propane tank cover is critical so toxic gas isn’t trapped inside the cover. So look for a cover with an open bottom or some type of ventilation. Most covers are for the front of travel trailers have an open bottom, which provides adequate ventilation.

Can You Secure the Cover for Road Travel?

The last thing you want is your propane tank cover to be rolling down the road. Make sure you have a way to secure the cover to your RV. Most covers come with straps or bungees to attach it to the tongue of a travel trailer. 

A shiny travel trailer with a black propane tank cover to protect it from the elements.

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Can the Cover Withstand Harsh Weather or Road Debris?

Finding a quality vinyl cover is the third thing you want to consider. The cover will need to withstand traveling down the road at high speeds and potentially encountering harsh weather. Be sure to find a cover that is durable and sturdy.

The Best RV Propane Tank Covers You Can Buy Online

Now that you know what to look for in an RV propane tank cover let’s review the best options you can buy online.

How to replace an RV propane tank cover.

1. Camco 40578 Black Heavy Duty Single RV Propane Tank Cover

Camco Single RV Propane Tank Cover | Features a Removable Top Panel, a Heavy-Duty Polymer Construction, and Fits 20lb. Steel Single Tanks (40578)
  • Protects Your RV's Propane Tank: Protects your propane gas tank from flying road rubble
  • Compatibility: Fits 20 lb. steel single tanks; Dimensions: 19 7/16-inches (H) x 18 11/16-inches (W) x 13 3/8-inches (D)

Camco’s 40578 Black Heavy Duty RV Propane Tank Cover is for a single 20 lb tank. It has a slip-on custom mold that fits securely over the tank.

The cover has a removable top for easy access to the gas valve on the propane tank. It’s made of heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polymer and is 15” x 19” x 30”.

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2. Camco 40539 Heavy-Duty 20lb or 30lb Dual Propane Tank Cover

Camco 40539 Heavy-Duty 20lb or 30lb Dual Propane Tank Cover (Black)
  • Protects Your RV's Propane Tank: Protects your propane gas tank from flying road debris
  • Compatibility: Fits 20 lb. or 30 lb. steel double tanks

Camco’s 40539 Heavy Duty 20lb or 30lb Dual Propane Tank Cover comes in multiple colors and can protect up to two tanks. It fits 20 lb and 30 lb propane tanks, so you’ll want to be sure to secure it to your trailer’s tongue when using 20 lbs tanks since it may be looser than when using 30 lb tanks.

Lastly, the cover is made of heavy-duty polypropylene and molded to slip over the propane tanks. 

3. ADCO 2712 Double 20lb Silver Diamond Vinyl RV Propane Tank Cover

ADCO 2712 Silver Double 20 Diamond Plated Steel Vinyl Propane Tank Cover
  • Fit's Double 20 LB propane tanks
  • The fabric is designed to look like a Diamond Plated Steel and matches the plating on your vehicle

The ADCO 2712 is a plated steel vinyl propane tank cover. It fits over two 20 lb propane tanks. The cover is made of a fabric designed to look like diamond-plated steel, which will match the plating on some travel trailers.

You can secure it to your trailer with the elastic bottom hem. Lastly, the top zippers off so you can get to the gas valves and switch-over valve.

4. Classic Accessories Over Drive Double 30lb RV Propane Tank Cover

Classic Accessories’ Over Drive Double 30lb RV Propane Tank Cover fits two tanks. It has water-resistant vinyl fabric and has non-scratch backing.

In addition, the material protects the tanks against dirt, rust, water, and sunlight. The cover has a zipper in the front for access to the valves. In addition, the cover comes with a three-year limited warranty. 

5. Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Tank Cover

Similar to the Over Drive Double 30 lb Over Drive RV Tank Cover, Classic Accessories also has a cover for 20 lb propane tanks. This cover fits two tanks with a zip-open front to access the gas valves and switch-over valve. The fabric is water-resistant and protective against the elements, dirt, and road debris. And it comes with a three-year limited warranty.

An RV parked on a concrete pad at a campsite with a white propane tank cover.

Keep Your Propane Tanks Protected

An RV propane tank cover can help protect your tanks for the long term. Replacing a propane tank is an expense that you don’t need to be concerned with if your tanks are protected from rust or deterioration. In addition, a propane tank cover is inexpensive. You can get one from $25 to $50 online. In other words, a small upfront cost is well worth the long-term benefits!

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