RVers Are Loving This Secret Tip to Keep Items Secure

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One of the most stressful aspects of camping is getting to and from the campsite safely.

You may worry about low clearances, construction, heavy traffic, and keeping your items secure inside the RV. After all, you don’t want to arrive to find a broken jar of pickles or a broken bottle of wine. This would not get your camping trip started on the right foot.

So we’ll look at a few ways to keep your items secure on travel days. One Facebook user recently discovered museum putty and announced her elation with this find.

Other users chimed in about how wonderful this secret tip is and have been using putty for years. Let’s get into it!

Why Do Items Need to Be Secured on RV Travel Days?

When it’s time to pack up from the campsite or head out to the campsite, you want to ensure the items inside your RV are secured.

If not, you could end up with a mess. Instead of setting up camping chairs and enjoying a cold beverage upon arrival, you’ll have to spend your time cleaning up broken glass or fixing broken furniture.

RV travel is rough. The inside of a moving RV has been compared to an earthquake. So you can imagine the beating your items take every time you hit the road. 

You want to ensure items in the refrigerator stay in the refrigerator and items in your cabinets stay in the cabinets. This requires some effort to properly secure your things in bins and install locks on doors.

Do I Need to Secure Furniture on RV Travel Days?

You also need to secure free-standing furniture on RV travel days. If you have dinette chairs, they could easily tip over and possibly break or damage another part of your RV. 

If you have a loveseat unattached to the wall, it could end up smashing into the glass of an electric fireplace. So you want to use bungee cords or other fasteners to make sure your free-standing furniture is also properly secured before you hit the road.

Facebook User Finds Out About Museum Putty

A Facebook user recently discovered museum putty and how effective it is at keeping counter items secure on RV travel days. 

She wrote in a Grand Design group, “It has just been brought to my attention that you can use museum putty to secure objects inside your trailer while you are traveling and they WON’T MOVE??!!  Is this a real thing?  How can I not have known about this? If you use this technique, please provide real-world feedback and tips. This could be a total game changer.”

If you’ve never used museum putty before, you probably remove all your countertop items during travel so they don’t roll off and break. For example, plants might go in the shower stall. An Instant Pot or Keurig might go in the sink. Candles and home decor might go in a drawer. 

But for RVers who have used museum putty underneath these items to secure them to the countertop, they explain how much of a time-saver this is when they don’t have to move everything on drive days. 

One person responded, “Yes, it works for things that sit on a counter. I’ve not been successful with hanging anything on a wall. We secure our coffee maker, a pull-out drawer, a cookie jar, a lamp, and flower arrangements.”

Another RVer shared, “It works! I have used it on everything from faux plants to paper towel holders etc. I never move them. Everything stays put. One thing to caution though — tall items.

The weight balance may not be conducive. I have one tall item that I always set on the couch on moving days so it doesn’t topple over during transport.”

What Is Quakehold?

Many responders mentioned using Quakehold to secure their items. You can easily mold this product to fit most any type of item. It also works on most surfaces including vinyl, granite, and wood.

On Amazon, people who live in earthquake-prone areas vouch that this putty really works to keep their items secure.

Quakehold! 88111 Museum Putty Neutral 2.64 Oz.
  • Ideal for securing antiques, collectibles, and other breakable items from falling
  • Works on almost any surface

Other Tips to Keep Items Secure During RV Travel

But not every item can be secured with museum putty. You’ll often need to do some other things to keep your stuff protected during RV travel days. Let’s take a look at a few other tips!

Install Cabinet and Fridge Latches

If you’ve ever walked into your RV to find jars or bottles broken, you know how important cabinet and fridge latches are. Don’t wait until you have a mess to clean up.

Install these latches so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up spilled milk, broken eggs, or shattered dishes. If you have younger kids, these also work for child-proofing your RV.

Keep in Mind: Looking for more ways to keep your fridge contained on travel days? Try some of these helpful methods!

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Use Baskets or Tubs Inside Cabinets

Instead of just adding stuff to cabinets, keep your cabinets organized and your things secure by using baskets or tubs. 

Flexible bins work best because you can mold and squeeze them into small spaces more easily than a plastic bin. But any type of basket will help keep your belongings from falling over and possibly opening a cabinet door during travel.

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Add Wood Strips or Tension Rods to Cabinets

Another idea for securing items in cabinets is to use wood strips or tension rods — or both!

You can easily install wood strips along the bottom of each shelf to keep items from sliding into the cabinet door. Tension rods can keep taller items from falling over and knocking open a medicine cabinet.

Keep in Mind: Be prepared for any RV problem with these tips and tricks to solve basic RV problems!

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Use Items Already in Your RV for Protection

Finally, a tip that’s free and requires no installation is to use soft items you already have in your RV. Put socks around breakable dishes.

Use hot pads or towels to separate pots or pans. So look around and see what you have to protect your items on RV travel days.

You don’t want to start your camping trip having to clean up a mess. You also don’t want to have to take an unplanned trip to Walmart to buy a new coffee maker because yours fell off the counter and broke during travel. Use museum putty, latches, storage bins, tension rods, and other ideas to keep your things safe.

Have you heard of Quakehold? Will you be making an Amazon order soon?

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