6 Best Things to Do in Monterey, California

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Monterey, CA is located a couple of hours south of San Francisco along the coast. Monterey is full of history being established in 1770 as the capital for Alta California by Mexico and Spain. This town was the first of many things for California including a theater, public library, and public school. The climate in Monterey is temperate throughout the year because of its location to the ocean. Known for its beautiful coast but also for the community’s holistic approach to life, making it a relaxing getaway for anyone. That’s why we put together a list of the best things to do in Monterey. 

Cannery Row

Cannery Row is a converted sardine canning factory.

Cannery Row, once housed a sardine canning factory, has now been converted for shopping and restaurants.

The street got its name from John Steinbeck after his popular novel Cannery Row. It’s a fun place to walk around and shop for local souvenirs or get a taste of some of the best restaurants in the area.

If you’re looking to kick your feet up, stop by the waterfront hotel to get a beverage and look out over the bay. 

Old Fisherman’s Wharf

The Fisherman’s Wharf was initially built as a place for fishermen to sell their catches of the day similar to the one in San Francisco but now is restaurant row.

Lined on both sides with water view restaurants, the most popular menu item is clam chowder. You can walk by each restaurant to sample their clam chowder to help decide which one you want to venture to.

Each restaurant boasts its own twist on the famous soup and seafood.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see attraction

Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the country. This non-profit aquarium is aimed at educating and protecting the local sea life and why it’s important.

The aquarium exhibits let you get up close in person with penguins, jellyfish, otters, sharks, eels, sea lions and many other impressive sea creatures.

Prices start at $50 for adults.

17-Mile Drive in Carmel by the Sea

The 17-mile drive in Carmel is a windy road that provides some incredible views of the bay and the sea bluffs.

This drive is a great thing to do during sunset, providing incredible opportunities for photos. On one side of the road are the ocean and cliffs, while the other is a lush forest of pine trees.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach golf course located on the Monterey coast

Made known for its famous golf course that hosts the world’s best golfers every year, also has a beautiful beach that anyone can visit.

The waters are generally calm, although cold if you’re brave enough to go for a swim. The large sandy beach stretches for miles offering lots of space to spread out and sunbath.

You can also bring a picnic lunch from the many incredible restaurants that downtown Carmel has to provide. 

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is the perfect place to visit for those that love outdoor activities.

The reserve has some of the best hiking in the area. It’s also a very popular place for scuba diving. The large kelp forests house lots of wildlife making it a great place for coming face to face with many of them.

There are also lots of picnic areas if you want to bring a food basket and watch the sunset for a nice date night.

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