Ways To Save Money On Disney Tickets

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For many families, visiting Disneyland or Disney World is the vacation of a lifetime.  It’s magical, but it’s also expensive!  We’ve put together a few tips on how to keep your costs down and the level of stress-free fun up.  Here are some ideas on how you can save money on Disney tickets for both parks:

Plan Your Visit Ahead of Time

Women and boy planning their trip to Disney to save money

Guests can save significantly on ticket prices if they do a little planning before they head to Disney.

  • Know in advance which parks you want to visit, as some tickets can be purchased as a discount package.
  • Decide on the number of days you will be going to the park.  Multi-day tickets are discounted.
  • Buy before the annual price increase.  Check well in advance to see when Disney will be changing their pricing.

Purchase Discount Tickets

There are numerous discount tickets to all things Disney floating around out there.  But all tickets are not equal, and it is best to purchase from authorized discount Disney ticket brokers to make sure you receive authentic, full-use entrance tickets into the parks.

Here are some authorized brokers:

Price an Annual Pass

Family with hands in the middle showing their Disney World annual pass bracelets

If you plan on visiting Disney several times within a year or live nearby, an annual pass may be a wise purchase.  Currently, there are three options available for Walt Disney World:

  • Disney Platinum Plus Pass – includes a year of admissions to all 4 theme parks, water parks, ESPN Sports Complex and Disney Oak Trails Golf Course, parking privileges, and 20% discount on selected food and merchandise with no blockout dates
  • Disney Platinum Pass – includes a year of admissions to all 4 theme parks with no blockout dates, parking privileges, and 20% discount on selected food and merchandise
  • Annual Water Parks Pass – includes a year of admission to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks.

There are five different Disneyland annual passes are currently for sale:

  • Disney Southern California Select Passport – this is the cheapest annual pass at $419/year but is limited to Southern California residents only.
  • Disney Flex Passport – this is the newest Disneyland annual pass and is available for $649/year. It is known for permitting visitors to make reservations on regular Disneyland annual pass blockout dates.
  • Disney Deluxe Passport – this $829/year pass offers admission to Disneyland except on holidays and peak weekends.
  • Disney Signature Passport – For $1,199/year you get parking included. At $25 per visit, it can really add up!
  • Disney Signature Plus Passport – This annual pass is $1,449/year but includes not only parking but MaxPass for every visit and no blockouts on holidays.

Want to visit both in Walt Disney World and Disneyland in the same year? There is one ultra annual pass that will allow it.

  • Disney Premier Passport – At an annual grants admission to any Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort theme park or water park any day of the year, as well as complimentary parking, discounts, and other worthy perks. It costs a whopping $2,199 and can only be purchased in-person at either resort.

Visit on the Cheapest Days of the Year

One of the easiest ways to plan your trip to Disney is by referring to their interactive date-based ticket calendar.  Because they are masters at spreading out attendance and encouraging visitors to come on less crowded days this is a great way to save money on Disney tickets. Disney discounts ticket prices based on the number of days in attendance and by dates of your arrival.

Pay for Your Tickets with Discount Disney Gift Cards

To clarify, there are no actual “discount” Disney gift cards.  But you can purchase Disney gift cards at local retailers around the country and possibly get a discount.  It’s all in the way you pay for them!

For instance, if you are a Target shopper, you may have their “Red Card,” which is Target’s branded credit card.  When using it to purchase items at the store (or their online storefront), you receive 5% off of your purchase.  So utilize that discount when purchasing Disney gift cards, then use the gift cards to purchase your tickets to Disneyland or Disney World.

Another option is to shop for your Disney gift cards at your local grocer, who may have their own branded credit card that gives you discounts in their store.  They may also offer fuel points, meaning you have saved twice:  discounted Disney gift cards and discounted fuel used to travel to Disney!

Get Half Day Tickets

Save money on Disney tickets by purchasing half day tickets and have fun like this girl who is riding the teacups in the afternoon.

If you are a late sleeper or just want to plan a budget vacation, Disney does offer discount tickets on visits after 12 pm.  They must be a 2 day multi-day ticket, they are approximately $20 cheaper than a full-day ticket and must be used within 4 days of purchase.

Get a Park Hopper Plus For Visiting a Water Park, Too

Purchase a Park Hopper Plus to be added to your initial Disney ticket, if you want to hang out at either of the water parks on site, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.  It is a less expensive way to enjoy the surf or lounging on the beach without having to pay full price for a ticket at the entrance.

Stay On-Site With Special Deals

Play, stay and save by purchasing a lodging package with your Disney park tickets.  You can find various offers for any time of year.  They will offer discount rates on your lodging at Disney hotels and campgrounds, as well as park entrance tickets.  In some instances, visitors save money on Disney tickets of up to $500 per package.

As you can see, Disney may have the corner on the market for fun and adventure, but they don’t have to clean out your wallet to provide you with a budget-friendly vacation to remember.

  1. My husband Jack and I plan to be at the Thousand Trails park in Orlando in November. I have Never Been to Disney and I’m pushing 60. My husband and I are newly retired and want to go to Disney when we are in Orlando. I really want to go to Animal Kingdom and Pandora. I must have watched Avatar 15 times and loved that movie. Dying to see how well Disney did with Pandora. Low cost tickets would be nice, especially with our tight retirement budget.

    Lynne Sharp

  2. My wife and I love going to WDW. We normally (not this year) get annual passes ever other year. They pay for themselves after 10 days in the park. We live in GA and drive down 3-5 times a year and find it’s better to spend min. 4 days down there. 1 day/park. Out of 20-30 days /year in the park, we always go on a dime. Budget everything and never use credit cards. We always recommend bringing in your own lunch and snacks, plus a water bottle to refill all day. Our favorite lunch is a full sub from Publix, made that morning. This is enough for both of us and at $8 for two, pretty inexpensive way to go. We enjoy 1 or 2 nice restaurant meals each trip. With the annual pass, we are never in a hurry and never fall into the ‘must see it all in one day’. Parking is included with the pass.
    Love going and can’t wait for things to return more to normal.
    Go enjoy and stay more than a few days.
    Dave and Alexis

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