Is Techno RV Legit?

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When shopping for an RV product, where do you turn first? Do you go to Amazon and load up your cart?

Do you drive to the nearest Camping World? If you haven’t heard of Techno RV, it’s time you learned about this RVer-owned supply store that prides itself on excellent customer service and quality RV products.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Techno RV?

Techno RV is an RV supply store that sells everything from Pepwave routers to Solo stoves and tire pressure monitoring systems. 

Techno RV, based in Theodore, Alabama, has been in the RV industry since 2009. Owners Eric and Tami Johnson have spent countless hours testing RV products and only sell items they personally enjoy and have found beneficial to the RV lifestyle.

In addition, the outstanding customer service and fast shipping keep customers happy and bring them back. If you contact the company, you’ll get ahold of a real person in Alabama via phone, chat, or email. 

Customers also have access to the Techno RV Learning Series, which includes directions and videos to help them use the products they buy.

Who Are Eric and Tami Johnson?

Eric and Tami Johnson have lived the RV lifestyle and know the products that RVers need. They take their job as owners of an RV supply store very seriously, and they seek to travel in multiple types of RVs to better understand what travelers need. 

They have traveled in a fifth wheel, a Class A, a travel trailer, and a truck camper to learn how different RVers use different products.

The Johnsons have visited all 50 states and lived full-time in an RV for eight years. They visit RV shows and rallies to listen to RVers and learn about the changing needs of travelers.

Now they’re part-time travelers, allowing them to see this side of RVing and connect with weekend warriors.

What Products Can You Buy From Techno RV?

Whether you own a truck camper or a motorhome, this company has the right products to suit your travel lifestyle. The Johnsons and the Techno RV team verify these products. 

Eric and Tami have used many of the products during their own RV travel experiences, so you know you’re getting quality RV gear to help make your journey more enjoyable. Let’s look at some things they sell.

Electrical Products

Techno RV has more than three dozen electrical products. You can purchase the SoftStart RV, which allows you to run your air conditioner with minimal start-up power. 

Or you can get multiple surge guards and Smart Plug amp kits to protect your RV from electrical damage. It also carries extension power cords, adapters, and portable power stations.

Tire Safety Products

Techno RV provides RVers with the best tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) on the market. You can choose from the TireMinder or Truck Systems Technology kits. 

You can choose four, six, or eight-sensor kits and individual two-pack and four-pack sensors. These TPMS products could prevent serious damage from a tire blowout.

GPS Navigation Products

Currently, you can find 11 products to help RVers with GPS navigation. You can buy the Garmin bean bag mount or the universal bean bag mount. You can save $50 on the best-selling Garmin 890 or choose from other Garmin options like the 790, 795, 895, or 1095. 

Having an RV GPS is critical to route planning since RVs are longer, heavier, and taller than standard vehicles. With an RV GPS from Garmin, you’re less likely to encounter low clearances or difficult turns.

Close up of a GPS system from techno RV


This RV supply store has you covered whether you want a dash cam or a backup camera. The supply store sells cameras made by VisionWorks and Garmin. 

These products help you backup safely into a campsite and check the traffic behind you on the highway. Additionally, dash cams can protect you from false allegations if you’re involved in a wreck.


Techno RV also offers a handful of Pepwave routers and its own data plans to keep you connected on the road. 

For even more connectivity, you can also buy WeBoost products, from cell boosters to coax cables to DC power supply kits. 

If you purchase a Pepwave router with a Techno RV data plan, you’ll get your first month of service free.

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Close up of a router

What Brands Does Techno RV Sell?

Techno RV sells many more products, from leveling ramps and blocks to Dometic coolers to water filtration systems and accessories. Whatever you need for a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip, this store can supply it.

Some of the main brands it carries include Berkey, Clearsource, Dometic, and LevelMate. We’ve already mentioned Tire Minder, Truck System Technologies, Garmin, WeBoost, SoftStart RV, and Pepwave. These are some of the most reputable brands in the RV industry.

Are Products From Techno RV Cheaper Than Other RV Supply Stores?

The company runs sales all of the time on their products. They also offer free shipping on all U.S. continental orders, which saves customers money. Additionally, you can get same-day shipping when you order by 2 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday.

Techno RV claims to have the best prices because of the relationships the company has formed with these major brands. 

The owners said, “We have developed relationships with all the manufacturers we represent, and in most cases, we are the largest seller of their products in the entire country, and this means better pricing. In addition, we have exclusivity agreements with suppliers like TST, Surge Guard, and GasStop, and this means in certain marketplaces, we are the only company selling these products.”

Why do these companies trust Techno RV? Because it has solidified itself as a company that continually earns five-star ratings and takes great care of its customers.

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What Customers Are Saying About Techno RV

Not only does Techno RV carry the best RV products, but people love the customer service. When you have a problem, the team is quick to respond and easy to reach. You don’t have to hassle with bots or recorded messages. 

The team is highly trained and on-site in Alabama, not overseas in a call center. Excellent customer care is hard to find in the RV industry, and Techno RV is leading the way.

One repeat customer writes, “We’ve been purchasing from Techno RV for a little over a year now and have been nothing but pleased with the value that they provide. Their pricing is competitive, but most importantly, they really provide great support.” 

“I’ve used their phone support and chat for orders and technical issues, and I’ve used their educational videos and documentation that they send out at time of purchase. The staff have all been great to work with. And I love working with a family-owned business that is focused on service and value,” they continued.

Another happy customer shares, “If only all the transactions we make in this world could be so easy! Shannon helped us out in record time. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. Thank you, TechnoRV!”

The Next Time You Need an RV Product, Check Out Techno RV

The next time you need a GasStop propane shut-off or a VIAIR air compressor, head over to the Techno RV website. If the prices aren’t enough to earn your business, the amazing customer care will be. 

Many appreciate the dedication of the Techno RV team to answer your questions and ensure your products ship quickly.

Knowing RVers have tested these products and stand by them gives Techno RV an upper hand on other RV supply stores. Will you be shopping with Techno RV in the future?

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