The Best RVs for Tailgating the Next Big Game

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A group of friends tailgating outside of their trailer

People have many different reasons for buying an RV. Some want to escape the hectic work schedule and connect with nature.

Others want more quality family time in a campground with lots of amenities. Still, others want something that will take them to their favorite team’s stadium each weekend during the fall.

Sports fans all over the country look specifically for a tailgating trailer that will fit their lifestyle. Let’s look at a few of the best options that provide the needed space and amenities for an enjoyable football weekend!

What Is Tailgating?

A very popular activity in America is tailgating, no, not the tailgating where you drive too close to the car in front of you. This type of tailgating is where you enjoy food and entertainment in a parking lot before a football game.

If you’re a sports fan, fall may be your favorite season because all of the tailgating opportunities before football games. Friends congregate for hours before kickoff to hang out, play games, and enjoy beverages and refreshments.

Sometimes they don’t even go in for the game but stay in the parking lot and watch it together on tv.

Why Tailgating and RVing are the Perfect Match

Imagine a scene where thousands of people are outside their vehicles playing corn hole, drinking beer, sitting in chairs, and smoking chicken. It’s like a scene taken out of a weekend campground loop.

Tailgating is like camping in a parking lot surrounded by sports fans. RVs fill the spaces to provide easy access to restrooms, food prep space, and air conditioning. Sometimes fans will sleep overnight. Tailgating and RVing really are the perfect match.

A group of friends tailgating outside of their trailer

What Features Make an RV Great for Tailgating?

If you’re looking for a tailgating trailer, there are a few things to consider. First, it will be difficult to enjoy tailgating without an outdoor kitchen and TV.

You’ll spend hours in a parking lot, prepping, eating, and watching the pregame show. If you don’t have tickets to the game, you’ll also watch the game from your rig so having an outdoor TV makes tailgating much more enjoyable.

You’ll also want to check out the storage bays. You’ll have lots of outdoor gear to store like portable tables, chairs, canopy tents, and more. So make sure the RV has good outdoor storage space.

Once you find a tailgating trailer with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor TV, and good storage options, ensure the unit’s interior is also ideal for tailgating. This means ample interior seating and food prep space.

Although you’ll enjoy much of your time outside, you’ll use the inside of your RV to store and prep food. If it rains, you’ll want plenty of space for friends to hang out inside.

This can be challenging with a smaller rig, but look for floor plans with opposing slides or at least two dedicated sitting areas to provide ample seating.

Although not absolutely necessary, it’s a good idea to go smaller to fit in parking lots easier. You might love your 45-foot toy hauler, but it might not even be allowed to park in the tailgating areas.

Smaller travel trailers or motorhomes are easier to maneuver around. Plus, many football stadiums and arenas are in urban locations, possibly dealing with narrow roads, low clearances, and traffic.

The 7 Best RVs for Tailgating

Below are seven of the best RVs for tailgating. They check off the boxes above by featuring great outdoor space and appropriate inside space, all under 33 feet.

If you’re looking for a tailgating trailer, look no further. Whether a towable or drivable RV, these options will make your tailgating experiences memorable.

Coachmen Mirada 29FW

Type of RV: Class A
Length: 30 feet 7 inches
MSRP: Around $200,000

The Coachmen Mirada 29FW features a drop-down bunk over the cab, a 68-inch sofa, and a booth dinette in the front of the coach. The kitchen has a residential fridge, farm sink, and 3-burner stove.

The rear of the tailgating trailer has a king bed across from a wardrobe. A huge slide extends the entire driver’s side of the unit to make more rooms for guests.

What Makes It Great for Tailing: The outdoor kitchen space is great in this Coachmen Mirada 29FW. It includes a mini fridge and sink, which is great for washing hands without having to go inside the RV.

The outdoor TV is already up near the outdoor kitchen. Inside, the residential fridge means lots of storage space for food and drinks.

Coachmen Leprechaun 319MB

Type of RV: Class C
Length: 32 feet 11 inches
MSRP: Around $170,000

The Leprechaun 319MB is another Coachmen unit, but this time is a Class C that features the typical cabover bed. The Leprechaun 319MB also features a U-shaped dinette and sofa across from the kitchen that lines the entire passenger side of the unit’s center.

A quick walk through the bathroom leads to a queen bed and wardrobe slide-out in the rear.

What Makes It Great for Tailing: The slide-out in the living space and galley-style kitchen makes prepping food and entertaining guests comfortable in this Class C. You won’t have to worry about bumping into each other while inside.

The outdoor camp kitchen actually slides out to provide lots of counter space. You might not even have to pack an additional table, which saves storage space. There’s also a mini fridge, sink, and outdoor TV.

A Coachmen Leprechaun 319MB RV, a great tailgating trailer option

Thor A.C.E. 30C

Type of RV: Class A
Length: 31′ 11″
MSRP: $191,400

The Thor A.C.E. 30C is a smaller Class A that makes a great tailgating RV. The interior living space comes with the booth dinette across from the sofa in front of the coach.

The kitchen and bathroom are across from each other in the unit’s center. In the rear, you’ll find the king bed and closet. Additional sleeping space is available on the drop-down bunk above the cab.

What Makes It Great for Tailing: Like the Mirada 2FW, the A.C.E. 30C features an outdoor kitchen equipped with a mini fridge and sink, again ideal for limiting traffic in and out of the coach. There’s also a 32-inch outdoor TV.

If you have to take the party inside, there’s ample seating space with the driver-side slide-out. Having the dinette and sofa positioned across from each other makes conversation easy.

Keep in Mind: Thor Industries is well known in the RV community, but they may actually manufacture your RV too! Take a look at How Many RV Brands Thor Industries owns!

Heartland Fuel F-260

Type of RV: Toy Hauler Travel Trailer
Length: 30 feet 11 inches
MSRP: $69,900

The Heartland Fuel F-260 features a 14-foot garage in the rear. There’s a queen bed lift, two recliners, and a full kitchen in the garage space.

Towards the front of the unit is a full bathroom and bedroom with a king-sized bed and lots of storage. This tailgating trailer has a GVWR of 12,800 pounds, so you’ll need a heavier-duty truck to tow it.

What Makes It Great for Tailing: The patio deck is ideal for partying. Just raise the queen-sized bed; there is lots of space to entertain friends. The galley kitchen and two recliners also offer great spaces for tailgating.

Although there isn’t an outdoor TV in this unit, there’s a small outdoor kitchen. However, having the back patio space means easy access to the interior kitchen, so the outdoor amenities are less important in the Heartland Fuel F-260.

Keep in Mind: Are you in the market for the perfect RV? Then you should go to one of the many RV shows and events across the United States. Take a look at this list with a State by State Guide for the rest of the (2022) RV shows!

The kitchen area inside a Heartland Fuel 4-260, a perfect tailgating trailer

Lance 2075

Type of RV: Travel Trailer
Length: 25 feet
MSRP: around $84,900

This tailgating trailer is one of the smallest on the list. If you’re familiar with Lance, you know you’re getting great quality when you purchase one of these trailers.

This unit features a huge U-shaped rear dinette and front bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom are across from each other in the trailer’s center.

What Makes It Great For Tailing: Although smaller in size, this Lance 2075 isn’t lacking in tailgating amenities. The pull-out outdoor kitchen in the rear of the unit is ideal for prepping and cooking while tailgating. Plus, the smaller length means more room for friends to hang out around your parking space.

Inside, the wrap-around dinette is right next to the door, which is great for easy access to additional seating. There’s also a built-in wine rack for those tailgaters who prefer wine over beer.

Jayco White Hawk 27RK

Type of RV: Travel Trailer
Length: 32 feet 10 inches
MSRP: Around $63,000

About: The longest tailgating trailer on this list is the Jayco White Hawk 27RK. This unit features a huge living space in the rear of the unit with a U-shaped dinette and sofa situated in a slide across from the entertainment center and kitchen.

The L-shaped kitchen is along the rear and passenger side corners. The front bedroom has a queen bed and two side wardrobe closets.

What Makes It Great for Tailing: The White Hawk 27RK has a huge 20-foot awning that covers the outdoor kitchen.

The LP quick connect is next to the outdoor kitchen for easy access to grilling and prepping. This particular travel trailer also has easy access to the bathroom, as it’s right across from the entry door.

The kitchen area inside a Jayco White Hawk 27RK, a perfect tailgating trailer

No Boundaries NB10.6

Type of RV: Toy Hauler Travel Trailer
Length: 13 feet 10 inches
MSRP: Around $28,000

About: Don’t sleep on this No Boundaries NB10.6 even though it’s the smallest unit on the list. This toy hauler has almost 2,000 pounds of cargo carrying capacity within its less than 14 feet of length.

It features a wrap-around awning, queen bed, Rhino Rack Roof Rack Equipment, and NoBo Nest Rooftop Tent. There’s quite a bit of storage space in this smaller travel trailer.

What Makes It Great for Tailing: Like the Heartland Furl F-260, this toy hauler has a ramp door that leads to comfortable lounge space. You can watch the game inside without feeling like you’re inside.

The wrap-around awning provides great shade from the hot sun, and the outdoor kitchen has a two-burner stove and a 12V/110 fridge. Because it’s less than 14 feet, you’ll have plenty of room for your corn hole boards, ladder ball game, and canopy tent.

Pro Tip: These tips will help you to use your RV Outdoor Kitchen Like a Pro when you’re tailgating!

Which Tailgating Trailer Will You Take to the Next Big Game?

Tailgating is a great way to enjoy hanging out with friends and relaxing after a long work week. Many sports fans look forward to their weekend at the ball game all week long.

So the next time you’re looking for a tailgating trailer or motorhome, check out these seven great options. The outdoor spaces will make your tailgating adventure enjoyable and convenient.

Go start making memories and supporting your favorite team! Which option is your favorite?

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