10 Best Toyota Tacoma Campers

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A Tacoma Camper outside during sunset

Toyota Tacoma Campers can make the ultimate camping setup. The Tacoma provides a rugged off-road platform, and the camper uses the truck bed to create a comfortable and versatile sleeping area that still leaves room for bed storage. 

The Toyota Tacoma is legendary for its reliability, off-road capability, and longevity. It’s little surprise that a host of manufacturers build Tacoma campers. But which Tacoma Campers are the best?

In this article, we’ll explore the functionality of Toyota Tacoma Campers, unpack our top 10 list, and try to get to the bottom of the Toyota Tacozilla. Let’s jump in and figure out the best camper for your needs.

What Is a Toyota Tacoma Camper? 

Tacoma campers are pop-up tents that use the space above the cab and over the truck bed to create a shelter. Because these campers sit several feet above the truck bed, you still have access to storage space underneath the camper.

Tacoma campers can have soft shells — constructed from regular tent canvas. However, the majority feature a hard top that folds down, so the whole setup tucks into itself. These campers generally feature a very comfortable mattress pad at the bottom and built-in ladders for easy access. 

Other campers slide into the truck bed, offering more living and sleeping areas than tent-style campers. 

What Campers Can Go on a Tacoma?

Various campers can go on a Tacoma, ranging from soft and hard-top to ones that latch on above a truck topper. The key is that you find one designed for the Tacoma.

The Toyota Tacoma has specific truck bed dimensions and weight capacities that impact what you can put on it. Do your homework to make sure that the camper you buy aligns with the right specifications.

Luckily, you can find many manufacturers building campers tailor-made for the Tacoma. Let’s dig into our top 10 list.

10 Best Toyota Tacoma Campers

The best Toyota Tacoma Campers will have rugged and durable materials and pack a lot of space into a small package. They should provide comfort for you and your fellow campers. This list will help you figure out the best Tacoma camper for you. 

1. AT Overland

Price: $12,000 and up

Specs: The AT Overland Summit truck topper is tailor-made for the Tacoma. It features up to 96 inches of standing room at the front and measures 124 inches long by 53 inches wide. The Summit weighs 360 lbs — well in range for a Tacoma.

AT Overland is a well-known name in camping circles because they’re adept at creating campers that can take a beating. The Summit truck topper features a large cargo area topped off by a hardshell pop-up tent. It also has a moon roof over the tent to enjoy the stars as you fall asleep. You can even fasten gear like kayaks and bikes to the built-in rails at the top of the camper for extra outdoor fun. 

2. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

Price: $10,299

Specs: Weighing in at 462 lbs, the Alu-Cab packs a ton of space and versatility into a compactible package. It’s 112 inches long by 55 inches tall and features an extra thick mattress pad for comfortable sleeping. 

The Alu-Cab maximizes storage and living space. It has versatile organizing pouches throughout and was made by off-roaders for off-roaders.

Its rugged aluminum construction will take you anywhere you want with style and strength. Its dual-layer canvas tent will keep you dry against some of nature’s harshest elements. It also comes with roof rails to mount all sorts of external gear you might need. 

3. Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers 

Price: $25,625.00

Specs: This Tacoma camper is a serious player weighing 1,045 lbs. It can sleep three people, has a 20-gallon freshwater tank, 20 lbs of propane, and pops up to 6 feet 4 inches tall. 

Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers is an impressive company that makes amenity-packed campers for the Toyota Tacoma. The roll-over couch model adds a kitchen, couch, and sleeping area. You can even get an optional furnace, stereo, and more to turn this pop-up camper into a home on the backroads. 

Keep in Mind: Not sure if it’s better to tow with a long bed or short bed truck? Let’s find out which is better!

A Four Wheel Pop-Up Tacoma Camper outside during sunset
Source: Four Wheel Campers

4. Go Fast Campers (GFC)

Price: $7,700

Specs: The Tacoma version weighs 255 lbs and has 5 feet of headroom and a 90 by 56-inch sleeping area.

The Platform Camper by GFC allows you to continue using your truck bed while using the platform tent above your truck bed storage area. You can set this tent up in just 60 seconds, so you can spend more time enjoying the journey. It also features a truck topper that leaves ample storage in your truck bed plus maximum versatility for how you might use the storage space. 

5. Hiatus Campers

Price: $15,500

Specs: Weighing in at 460 lbs, featuring a 50 by 74-inch bed platform, and offering 6 feet 5 inches of headspace, this Tacoma camper provides ample space. 

Hiatus Campers was founded by a couple who transformed their love of camping and engineering into this combination camper and truck topper. It’ll keep you off-roading in comfort, style, and with all the gear you need.

Hiatus Campers pop up over the bed of your truck and feature a super comfy sleeping area with plenty of cargo room below the sleeping quarters. Couple that with its rugged design, and you have a bulletproof Tacoma camper. 

A Hiatus Tacoma Camper

6. Harker Outdoors Expedition Campers

Price: $8,999

Specs: This camper weighs 300 lbs and features a 58-by-90-inch sleeping compartment with over 6 feet of standing room. 

This affordable package packs a big punch by combining ample storage with a comfortable sleeping area above it. Each camper is custom-made to the buyers’ specs and features a hard shell pop-up with a comfortable mattress pad that’ll keep you sleeping in style. These Tacoma Campers also feature ample external racks to store your outdoor gear like bikes, kayaks, and extra fuel.

A Harker Outdoors Expedition Tacoma Camper in the snow

7. KIMBO 6 Series

Price: Starting at $22,999

Specs: The Kimbo weighs between 900 and 1,080 lbs, with a 54 by 75-inch sleeping area and a riveted aluminum shell. 

The Kimbo 6 is one of the market’s most robust and versatile Tacoma campers. It features an optional Goal Zero inverter for your power needs, a kitchen area, cavernous storage bays, and a propane fireplace.

The founders of Kimbo understand what it means to live in the outdoors. They offer a rig that’ll fit nicely on your Tacoma while providing options like solar power and a four-season camping entry that allows for water and dirt drainage. 

8. TrailFort

Price: $12,500

Specs: Weighing 420 lbs, the TrailFort Alpha camper fits easily on a Tacoma truck. It features a 6.5-foot-long by 50-inch-wide sleeping platform, a 3-inch thick sleeping pad, and ample standing room at the front. 

TrailFort’s Tacoma campers pack in premium features for a mid-range price. The rugged racks over the camper shell can carry any sort of bike, kayak, or outdoor gear you want to throw on them. The triple zipper windows give you several options for how you want (or don’t want) to let the outdoors in. The cargo box below the tent also features five lockable, gas-strut-lifted utility access doors to keep your gear dry and secure.

9. Vagabond Outdoors The Drifter

Price: Between $7,750 and $8,250

Specs: This one weighs between 350 and 500 lbs depending on your chosen options. It also features a 3-inch-thick mattress with a cavernous sleeping area and room to stand up at the front. 

The Drifter features an insulated ceiling that’ll help you stay warm on cold camp nights. It also features all-aluminum construction, a lockable rear glass window for the cargo area, and a built-in interior LED lightbar. The Drifter’s aluminum construction keeps it lightweight while adding durability over the road. 

Keep in Mind: After you buy your Toyota Tacoma camper, you need to check out these camper accessories to go along with it!

A Vagabond Outdoors Tacoma Camper on the road
Source: Vagabond Outdoors

10. Truckhouse BCT

Price: $350,000, including the Toyota Tacoma

Specs: The high-end carbon fiber shell of this camper weighs 500 lbs. It also features a standing height of 6 feet 3 inches and is one of the only campers on our list with holding tanks. With a 30-gallon freshwater tank, 20-gallon gray water tank, and 540 amp hours of battery power, the self-sustaining Truckhouse works great for the worlds most remote camping spots.  

While the Truckhouse’s price tag might seem extreme, it becomes clear when considering the harsh environments it can withstand. Additionally, this is the only Tacoma camper on our list where the builder includes the truck as part of the package.

That means you’ll have a bulletproof rig seamlessly melded to the camper. The Truckhouse features unparalleled functionality, like heated floors, a composting toilet and shower area, and dual-pane windows. It also has filtered drinking water, marine-grade appliances, and much more. 

In short, you could take this camper to the ends of the world and back without missing a beat. 

Is The Toyota Tacozilla Real? 

The Tacozilla is a concept vehicle unveiled at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in 2021. However, Toyota has no plans yet for making it available to the public. The Tacozilla is a Tacoma camper built by Toyota and pays tribute to the Toyota Hilux Chinook camper — a rig popular in the late 70s.

As a result, the Tacozilla concept combines vintage vibes with modern amenities. The trailer also sits on an extremely capable Tacoma TRD off-road platform with a manual transmission and rugged 4×4 setup. 

Is a Toyota Tacoma Camper Worth It?

A Toyota Tacoma truck camper is well worth it because it dramatically expands the versatility of the Tacoma pickup. Additionally, Tacoma campers are set high off the ground and generally feature a covered cargo area over the truck bed — meaning you won’t sacrifice cargo room for sleeping space. Many people love Tacomas as an off-roading truck, so a camper on top is a natural fit. 

Our top 10 list of Tacoma campers can guide you to transform your truck into a camping beast. By fitting one of these to your vehicle, you can easily and quickly have an RV without tremendous cost. Additionally, you may have difficulty getting your RV to all the places you want to go off-road. That’s why Tacoma campers have some of the best options out there for exploring. 

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