What is the Point of a Swedish Fire Log?

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A lit swedish fire log at night

There’s something special about sitting around a campfire and unwinding at the end of the day. The techniques to start campfires vary greatly depending on the situation and who is creating the fire.

However, one of the most effective and efficient ways to start a campfire is to use a Swedish fire log. It’s a unique campfire experience that will impress anyone who gathers around it.

So what’s the point of a Swedish fire log, and is it a method you should use for your next campfire? Let’s dive in and see!

What Is a Swedish Fire Log?

A Swedish fire log is a small outdoor fire. You cut a log into slices like a cake or pizza, and the fire burns from the inside out.

Other names for this type of fire include the Swedish candle and fire torch. This unique fire log is an excellent option if you’re looking for a portable and unique way to have a long-lasting campfire.

What Is the Point of a Swedish Fire Log?

A Swedish fire log makes it possible to have a fire when the environment or conditions do not cooperate.

This could be because the ground is wet from rain or snow. Because the fire remains within the log, the fire is off the ground and can burn efficiently for an extended period.

This type of fire log can fulfill many of the same uses as a standard fire. You can use a Swedish fire log to keep warm, provide light, and be a cooking surface. There’s almost nothing a Swedish fire log can’t do compared to an ordinary campfire.

How Long Does a Swedish Fire Log Burn?

A Swedish fire log can burn anywhere from two to five hours. However, the time it will burn significantly depends on the size of the log.

The larger the log you use, the longer you can expect the fire to burn. Typically, you’ll want to use logs at least 16 inches tall and six to eight inches wide.

How Do You Start a Swedish Fire Log?

To ignite a Swedish fire log, you need to push fuel and wood shavings into the slices of the fire log. You can use a barbecue or fire lighter to ignite the tinder and wood shavings.

If done correctly, the fuel and wood shavings will start to burn and ignite the fire log. If you don’t have a long enough lighter to reach into the log, you can ignite some newspaper and shove it inside it.

Benefits of a Swedish Fire Log

There are several reasons to consider this type of fire log for your subsequent fire. Let’s closely examine a few benefits of a Swedish fire log.

Flat Cooking Surface

Since a Swedish fire log has a flat top, it makes an ideal spot to place a pot for cooking. You can conveniently boil water, heat soup, or cook various foods on this fire log type.

If you don’t have a grill, you can cook eggs, pancakes, and bacon on your unique fire log for a delicious breakfast while camping.

The more you hone your skills with your Swedish fire log, the more you can take chances when preparing food. It might surprise you how much you can prepare over this unique and straightforward fire.

Keep in Mind: Campfire cooking isn’t as easy as it seems! Before your next camping trip, learn Everything You Need to Know About Campfire Cooking!

A lit swedish fire log

Self-Feeding and Self-Ventilating

Another benefit of this fire log style is that you don’t have to babysit it once you get it going. There’s nothing worse than realizing the campfire has died down, and you need to get up and feed it.

Since the fire burns from the inside out, you don’t have to worry about constantly feeding it. You can sit back in your chair, sipping your favorite beverage while enjoying the company of your favorite campers.

Fire Is off the Ground

Sometimes nature doesn’t cooperate or provide ideal conditions for a campfire. If you keep your logs dry, you can quickly have a campfire, even if the ground is wet from snow or rain. Keeping the fire off the floor prevents you from battling a flooded campfire pit.

Another benefit of keeping the fire off the ground is limiting the damage you and your fire cause to the ground. As long as you put out the fire log before it burns entirely through the base, you won’t cause any damage to the floor or surrounding area.

Tips for Making a Swedish Fire Log

If you’re considering making a Swedish fire log for your next campfire, there are a few things you need to know. Our tips will help you have the best experience possible when making and using a fire log.

Choose Your Wood Wisely

It would be best if you were picky about the logs you choose for your Swedish fire log. Picking a log with too much moisture can make it nearly impossible to ignite it. If you light it, it will generate a tremendous amount of smoke.

On the other hand, wood that is too dry will cause the fire to burn too quickly and won’t be efficient. You need to find a happy medium between the two. If you do, you’ll end up with a long-lasting campfire putting off a tremendous amount of heat.

Keep in Mind: Most campers don’t know that the camping firewood you use can cause them some major problems.

Multiple logs of wood that are about to be cut into swedish fire logs

Use Chainsaw to Cut Slits

Once you find a log, you can use a chainsaw to cut slits into the wood. When using this method, avoid cutting through the log. When you’re making your first couple of Swedish fire logs, take your time.

You want to do your best for the log to remain in one piece. Cutting through the entire log will require you to make some modifications to fix the mistake.

As always, you should take standard safety precautions when operating a chainsaw. Make sure you know who is around you, wear eye and ear protection, and prepare your tools.

Sharpen the chain and lubricate all the necessary components. When you do it right, your chainsaw should cut through and slice the log as if it were a piece of cake fresh out of the oven.

A chainsaw getting ready to cut a lot into a swedish fire log

Build Your Own with Split Wood

If you have a pile of split wood that you need to use, you can use it to create a Swedish fire log. You want to look for pieces approximately the same length and piece them together to create a log. 

Since the split wood isn’t going to heal itself magically, you’ll need to use a metal coat hanger or baling wire to wrap around the makeshift log and hold it together.

While this might require a bit more effort, it can allow you to use otherwise useless piles of wood.

Gather Around a Swedish Fire Log

Now that you know more about the Swedish fire log, get outside and try it. Start planning your next outdoor adventure to see if the Swedish fire log becomes your go-to campfire method. It may just be the next campfire that lights up your campsite for you and your loved ones.

If you try this method, share a picture with us on Instagram or Facebook! We’d love to see how it turned out!

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