Make a Statement With These RV Spare Tire Covers

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An rv spare tire covers with the Alaska flag on it

Have you ever laughed at a lighthearted license plate or bumper sticker while driving? People express themselves by adorning their vehicles with magnets and stickers.

One way RVers can make a statement is with a spare tire cover relating to their travels.

We’ll examine seven of the best RV spare tire covers that make passersby laugh and let you express your personality while adventuring. Let’s dive in!

Do All RVs Have a Spare Tire?

Although not every RV has a spare tire, most do.

If you’re buying a used RV without a spare tire, it’s likely that the owner had a flat tire or blow-out and had to use the spare tire. Sometimes owners won’t replace the spare tire.

New RVs generally have one, although it may not be a full-size tire. Motorhomes, however, do not always have a spare tire from the manufacturer. Check before heading out on your first camping trip.

An RV spare tire without a cover

Why Do RVs Have Spare Tires?

RVs have spare tires as safety precautions. No one wants to wait on the side of the road with a flat tire. Roadside assistance may take hours, depending on where you are.

If you change the tire, you can proceed to a safe location to assess the damage or seek further help.

A tire blow-out can ruin a travel day. However, if you can change out the tire and there isn’t severe damage, you’ll likely continue your trip and arrive at your destination. A spare tire may save your vacation experience.

Where Are Spare Tires Stored?

Some RV spare tires are on the rear of the unit. They sit on a rear bumper mount or connect to a trailer hitch mount. You can store other spare tires underneath the RV.

Motorhomes require heavy-duty tires, so carrying a full-size spare tire is cumbersome. Some Class As will have room by the front storage compartment under the cabin floor.

Hide-A-Spare carriers can secure a tire underneath an RV with enough clearance.

7 Coolest RV Spare Tire Covers

If you don’t have a hide-a-spare carrier to put the tire away underneath the RV, you might want to make a statement with a fun, excellent camping-themed spare tire cover.

As you travel, other drivers might chuckle and wave as they pass by your RV.

Go Outside Tire Cover

This RV spare tire cover by cozipink says, “Go Outside; Worst Case A Bear Kills You.” Available from 14-17 inches, this cover boasts a fun campsite scene with mountains and forests.

Additional spare tire covers are also available by cozipink with pictures of nature scenes and fun camping sayings.

cozipink Go Outside Worst Case A Bear Kill You Spare Tire Cover Weatherproof Wheel Protectors Universal Fit for Trailer Rv SUV Truck Camper Travel Trailer 15"
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It’s All Fun And Games Tire Cover

FINGERINSPIRE has a comical RV spare tire cover saying, “It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses A Weiner.” Two stick people are roasting hot dogs over a campfire, one smiling with a hot dog on a stick and one frowning with his hotdog in the fire.

It’s a 15-inch size fitting tire 70-75 cm in diameter. There are 14 additional tire covers from FINGERINSPIRE with camping themes.

Pro Tip: Knowing how to adjust trailer brakes is essential if you plan to tow RVs and other trailers regularly!

FINGERINSPIRE Spare Tire Cover Universal Wheel Tire Cover Waterproof Dust-Proof Tire Protectors Camper Spare Tire Cover for RV Travel Trailer Camper Truck SUV Camper (15" Fit 27-29 Inch Tire Diameter)
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Racoon RV Spare Tire Cover

Another tire cover in sizes from 14-17 inches is this option from Eson J. You’re sure to make passersby smile as they see the raccoon raising its arms and wearing bright green sunglasses.

Waterproof and sun-proof, this RV spare tire cover isn’t just cute but will provide the protection your spare tire needs.

Glamping Spare Tire Cover

This RV spare tire cover reads, “Glamping It’s Like Camping With Electricity, Wine and Much Less Dirt.” Foruidea made this design, featuring a mountain in the center of the cover with trees on either side.

The cute fonts make it easy to read with a whimsical flair. It’s available in sizes from 14-17 inches and in an additional 13 designs.

Foruidea Glamping Camping Spare Tire Cover Dust-Proof Wheel Tire Cover Fit Trailer, RV, SUV and Many Vehicle 14 Inch
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Making Memories RV Spare Tire Cover

Similar to the Glamping spare tire cover above, this cover’s design is quirky and fun with various fonts.

The popular camping slogan “Making Memories One Campsite At A Time” accompanies an image of three pine trees, stars, and a small travel trailer with a campfire in front. This 14-inch tire cover fits tires 23-27 inches in diameter.

Making Memories Rv Spare Tire Cover for RV Trailer Camper Wheel Protectors Weatherproof Universal for Trailer Rv SUV Truck Camper Accessories for Travel Trailers (14 Inch)
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Never Camp Alone Spare Tire Cover

LiBei made this RV spare tire with the shadow of a cute dog holding a stick with a hot dog next to a campfire.

The cover says, “never camp alone.” For dog lovers, this is an excellent way to make a statement and celebrate your faithful companions. It’s available in sizes from 14-17 inches.

LiBei Never Camp Alone Dog Waterproof Spare Tire Cover Fits for Trailer RV SUV Truck Camper Travel Trailer Accessories,15 Inch
  • Size: All Cars - Universal Fits For 14,15,16,17 Inch Tire Diameter
  • Material:High Quality Polyester Fibers,Powerful Waterproof Fabric, Dustproof And Waterproof, Sunscreen And...

Life Is Better RV Spare Tire Cover

Finally, many RVers will agree that life is better when camping. This RV spare tire cover celebrates that mindset with the words “Life Is Better When You’re Camping” across the entire surface.

The only image is a small campfire to the side. HJKLONE made this tire cover available in sizes from 14-17 inches and in 28 designs with fun travel themes.

Pro Tip: Do you know what tires you need to buy? If you’re not sure what tires you need, check out our ultimate RV tires buyers guide!

HJKLONE Tire Cover Dust-Proof Waterproof Universal Spare Wheel Tire Cover Fit for Trailer, SUV, RV, Truck and Vehicle Camper Accessories 14 inch Color-8
  • High Quality Material - This Cover Is Made From High Quality Washable Durable Material To Ensure You Can Wash And Reuse...
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Do I Need a Spare Tire Cover?

An RV spare tire cover is essential to protecting your spare tire. One of the worst enemies of tires is the sun. Over time, the sun can wear down the rubber, causing cracks in the sidewall and weakening the tire.

This won’t do you much good when it’s time to use the spare tire. Therefore, protecting your RV spare tire with a high-quality UV-blocking cover is crucial to maintaining the overall health of the tire. Plus, tires are expensive.

Tire covers aren’t. You want to protect this investment by spending an extra $20.

Have Some Fun With These RV Spare Tire Covers

Since you need to protect your RV spare tire, why not have some fun doing it? Choose the perfect saying or image that fits your camping lifestyle and make a statement.

Brighten someone else’s day by sporting a raccoon with green sunglasses or stick people roasting hot dogs. Make someone laugh with a witty slogan. Have some fun and enjoy the adventure!

What will your RV spare tire cover look like?

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