What Is a Super C?

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A Newmar Super C RV

Do you love beastly vehicles? The ones that are stronger, faster, and larger than all the others? If so, the Super C motorhome may be right for you.

This monster isn’t just all brawn; it also has stunning interiors that make your house on wheels feel like home. Let’s dive in and learn more about this motorized RV, its advantages, and whether or not it’s right for you. 

What Are the Different Types of Motorhomes?

Motorhomes consist of three different classifications: Class A, Class B, and Class C. These are all motorized RVs with engines. They don’t need a tow vehicle to move them like travel trailers and fifth wheels do. 

Class As are the largest, heaviest, and most luxurious. They usually cost the most, have a huge front windshield, and look like a large bus.

Class Bs are the smallest but most fuel-efficient. They measure the same size as a cargo van. Depending on the model, these camper vans can be quite pricey.

Finally, Class Cs are somewhere in between Class As and Class Bs. They feature the cab over bed, making the front windshield smaller than what you find in a Class A motorhome.

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What Is A Super C?

Recently, a new class entered the motorized RV lineup: the Super C. Technically, this model still belongs in Class C motorhomes, but it’s beefer and more spacious.

Super Cs have a heavy-duty Ford F-550 chassis with a diesel engine, giving them increased towing capacity, up to 25,000 pounds, and more engine power than traditional Class Cs.

You can easily distinguish a Super C from a regular Class C motorhome because the front of the cab looks like a semi-truck rather than a van. Super Cs also have a more luxurious interior.

Manufacturers don’t have to worry about weight with such a strong engine. So, they can use real hardwoods and residential appliances and finishes to make the vehicle feel like a home.

What Are the Advantages of a Super C?

The increased power, towing capacity, and luxurious amenities of Super Cs come with a higher price tag than standard Class Cs.

But they provide certain advantages that cause many RVers to choose them over the common Class C or Class A motorhomes.

1. Powerful Engine

As previously mentioned, Super Cs come with a powerful engine. Most of the time, it’s a diesel with more horsepower and torque to carry heavier loads. If you drive over mountainous terrain often, this motorhome will help you feel safe and confident on travel days.

2. Comfortable Ride

A Super C’s wider wheelbase and front engine make driving and riding more comfortable. It also makes them safer in a collision. The heavy-duty chassis provides unmatched stability, and the air suspension makes the ride smooth no matter what terrain you travel over.

3. Luxurious Interiors

Because manufacturers don’t have to worry about adding too much weight to a Super C, they can use the best materials.

Because the chassis and engine can handle the load, you’ll find residential refrigerators, crown molding, tile flooring, and hardwood cabinets. Whereas you might have Formica countertops in a Class C, you’ll likely see granite countertops in a Super C.

4. Significant Towing Capacity

The increased towing capacity is critical for travelers who want to tow a large trailer or heavier vehicle.

On average, a Class C can tow 8,000-10,000 pounds. In contrast, some Super Cs can tow an unbelievable 40,000 pounds! If you want to bring along your ATV, boat, race car, or a combination of vehicles, this motorhome offers tremendous towing capacity.

5. Increased Cargo Carrying Capacity

You’ll find much larger outdoor storage bays similar to a Class A motorhome rather than a Class C.

Because the chassis can support additional weight and the engine has so much power, Super C owners can load up their RV without worrying too much about exceeding the cargo-carrying capacity.

Inside a Newmar Super C RV

Who Manufactures Super C Motorhomes?

Well-known brands, Dynamax, Entegra, Jayco, Newmar, Thor, and Renegade, manufacture the most Super C motorhomes. They offer some of the best top-quality options in this class.

Dynamax and Renegade focus primarily on Super C motorhomes, although they do have a few other Class C and Class B options. Entegra and Thor also produce Class Bs and Class As. Newmar primarily makes Class As, and Jayco builds towable and motorized RVs.

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Do You Need a CDL to Drive a Super C?

It comes down to what state you live in as to whether or not you need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to drive a Super C or any type of motorhome.

In most places, you don’t need any type of special license. Generally, drivers of RVs that weigh less than 26,000 pounds can have a regular driver’s license. Only Washington and Hawaii require a CDL for drivers of RVs over 26,000 pounds. To be safe, check with your local DMV.

How Much Does a Super C Cost?

Super Cs range in cost just like every other type of RV. You can find a new travel trailer for $30,000 or $60,000. You can find a new Class A motorhome for $300,000 or $1 million. These motorhomes are no different.

The brand, size, floorplan, and amenities will determine how much you’ll pay. One of the most popular ones, the Entegra Accolade XL, is listed on RV Trader from $240,000 to $290,000. Another popular model, the Dynamax Dynaquest XL, ranges from $335,000 to $492,000. So, you can generally expect to pay between $250,000 to $400,000 for most new Super Cs.

Is a Super C Right for You?

If you need a powerful engine to drive mountainous terrain or a high towing capacity to bring along your 20-foot trailer loaded with your outdoor toys, a Super C may be the best motorhome for your camping style. This motorhome delivers if you like the Class C size but want a more luxurious interior and increased cargo-carrying capacity.

But with a higher price tag than most Class C motorhomes, a Super C isn’t for everyone. Consider your needs and choose the best RV for your budget and lifestyle.

Would you purchase this motorhome? 

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