5 Reasons to Avoid Lower Broadway in Nashville

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View of lower broadway in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, has become an incredible tourist destination. It’s hosted the NFL Draft, massive festivals, and countless bachelorette parties.

Lower Broadway is one of Nashville’s most popular tourist hotspots. However, the bright lights and cowboy boots aren’t for everyone.

Today, we’re sharing five reasons you might think twice about visiting Lower Broadway during your trip to Nashville. Spoiler alert, Music City has so much more to offer.

Grab your cowboy hat or studded jeans, and let’s get started!

What Is Lower Broadway in Nashville?

Lower Broadway is a district in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. This tourist destination is known for its honky-tonk bars and live entertainment venues. It spans several blocks, from the Cumberland River to Fifth Avenue.

The area is home to some of Nashville’s most famous venues. Here you’ll find Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and more honky-tonk bars than you can count.

No matter when you visit, there’s always something happening on Lower Broadway. You can catch live performances by up-and-coming artists and established country stars. In addition, it’s home to restaurants, shops, and other entertainment options.

During the day, guests explore the sights and sounds of the city. However, the area comes alive at night with neon lights and music. It’s the destination for tourists looking to experience a  blend of Southern hospitality and energy.

View of lower broadway in Nashville

How Many Bars Are on Nashville’s Lower Broadway?

The number of bars on Lower Broadway in Nashville constantly changes. However, between 50 and 60 bars are typically open on most weekends. You can find bars owned by Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Kid Rock, and Luke Bryan.

One of the most iconic bars in the area is Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. It has been on Lower Broadway since the 1960s.

Additionally, Robert’s Western World is another popular spot. It’s known for its honky-tonk music and western-themed decor. Their famous fried bologna sandwich is out of this world!

Can You Drink on the Streets of Nashville?

Drinking alcohol on the streets of Nashville is illegal in most of the city. However, it’s acceptable in some areas, primarily in Lower Broadway. Individuals can consume drinks purchased from establishments within this area.

However, Nashville’s “Solo Cup Law” prohibits drinking on the street in glass, aluminum, or metal containers. Individuals must use paper or plastic cups. If you plan to drink, familiarize yourself with the rules ahead of time.

Is Lower Broadway in Nashville Safe?

Lower Broadway is generally safe, but travelers should take some precautions. Police officers patrol the area, and many establishments provide additional security. However, once the sun goes down, the area comes to life.

It’s essential to take steps to protect yourself and your belongings. However, it can be a safe and enjoyable spot with caution and common sense. You can have a good time and enjoy the energy of Music City.

5 Reasons to Avoid Lower Broadway in Nashville

While Nashville is an incredible city worth visiting, you should avoid Lower Broadway. It’s far from family-friendly, especially at night. Prepare to blush and explain a few things if you end up here at night with your family.


One of the main reasons to avoid Lower Broadway in Nashville is the large crowds. This is especially true during peak tourist season from June through August. The groups can make moving around, finding a place to sit, or hearing live performances challenging. 

Sidewalks and streets can become packed with people, making it hard to navigate the area, especially if you have mobility issues. Crowds can lead to longer wait times for food and drinks at restaurants and bars.

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View of lower broadway in Nashville


Another reason to avoid this area is the noise level. Nashville’s Lower Broadway district is known for its live music scene, but the continuous noise can feel overwhelming. Forget about having a conversation with anyone. Almost all of the bars and clubs in the area have loud music blasting into the street.

The noise level can also make it difficult for visitors to appreciate the music performances. Sounds often bleed from one venue to another, creating a garbled mess for your ears.

In addition, the area is one of the busiest downtown areas. It has a constant stream of cars and pedestrians in every direction. Finding a quiet spot to relax or enjoy a meal can be challenging. 

Unfortunately, it often detracts from the overall experience. Those sensitive to noise or looking for a more peaceful atmosphere should consider visiting surrounding neighborhoods.

It’s Expensive

A night out on the town can be insanely expensive here. The high food, drinks, and entertainment prices can add up quickly. The influx of visitors results in higher prices. 

The bars and restaurants often charge premium prices for food and drinks; some require a cover charge to enter. 

In addition to the high prices at bars and restaurants, parking and hotels can be expensive. To experience the unique culture and entertainment without breaking the bank, consider surrounding neighborhoods and attractions.


Safety concerns are a reason some visitors avoid Lower Broadway in Nashville. Despite a significant law enforcement presence, incidents of violence frequently occur. It’s what happens when you combine a massive amount of people and an abundance of alcohol.

The area can also be dangerous due to the large crowds and traffic. Travelers should be careful when crossing the street and be aware of cars and other vehicles on the road. The area can also become very congested, making it difficult to navigate.

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Lack of Authenticity

Despite what the bars and restaurants in the area may claim, it’s far from genuine Southern hospitality. Businesses cater mainly to tourists, with high prices and gimmicky attractions. They’ll do whatever it takes to extract a few extra bucks from tourists.

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, visit surrounding neighborhoods in the city. They offer a more genuine reflection of the city’s unique culture and history.

Numerous museums, historic sites, and music venues exist away from Lower Broadway in Nashville. You can better understand what Nashville offers and experience its true personality and character.

View of lower broadway in Nashville

Visit Music City and Avoid Lower Broadway

While Lower Broadway is a popular destination for visitors to Nashville, it’s not for everyone. The large crowds, noise, and safety concerns can deter some visitors and families. However, this doesn’t mean that travelers should avoid Nashville altogether.

The city has many other neighborhoods and attractions that offer a more authentic and enjoyable experience. From historic sites and museums to live music venues and outdoor parks, Nashville truly has something for everyone. 

Whether you’re a music lover, history buff, or outdoor enthusiast, the Music City offers much more beyond Lower Broadway.

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