How Do You Replace a Window in an RV?

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A man working on his RV window replacement

Replacing an RV window on your own may seem like a big job, but it’s much more manageable than you might think. When you have a window in your RV that’s fogging up or leaking, fixing the problem with haste will help save the rest of your RV from having issues.

Water damage is your worst enemy, and your RV needs proper RV window replacement. 

Maybe you just have a window that doesn’t open well anymore. Whatever the issue, the windows in your RV are important to the overall comfort of the space. Instead of spending the money to hire a professional to do the replacement job, why not learn how to do it yourself? 

Can You Upgrade RV Windows? 

You can certainly upgrade any of the windows in your RV to a more functional or higher-quality build. That’s as long as the window will fit the dimensions of the precut hole in your vehicle.

If you have single-pane windows, upgrading to double-pane windows could help better insulate your RV.

If you want RV window replacement with a darker tint, that could also be accommodated. 

How Do You Replace a Window in an RV?

Knowing the steps is the first thing you’ll need to dig into to learn how to properly replace your troublesome RV window on your own.

Keep in mind that it may be DIY, but you’ll likely need at least one other person to help you with the installation.

Here are a few hints to guide you along the way. 

Measure Your Window Opening 

You can’t get an RV window replacement for your old one without first taking a few measurements. Measuring properly will save you a lot of hassle.

When measuring the opening for the new window, you need the size of the actual hole for the window and not the window itself. 

First, remove any valence or window coverings around the window. Then take the screws out of the interior frame. That will expose the actual opening, and you can take measurements from there. 

A man in the middle of his RV window replacement

Order Your Replacement Window 

Before you order your RV window replacement, you’ll likely need a few more measurements. Measure the depth of the window opening and the diameter of the curvature in the corners of the window.

Then, find a company you trust to make the window. You could find a prefab window that fits, but customization is always the best.

Order the window, and wait for it to arrive! 

Keep in Mind: RV Salvage yards are great for finding cheap RV parts! This may be an ideal option you may not have considered yet. Let’s check it out!

Remove the Old Window 

Once your order is complete, it’s time for the new RV window replacement. Start by removing the valence and window coverings from the old window.

Then begin removing the window by taking the screws out of the interior frame. 

On the outside, take a plastic putty knife (so as not to damage the exterior of your RV) and break the seal between the top of the window and the RV’s body. The window should now pull right out of its hole. 

Clean the Window Opening

Isopropyl Alcohol 99% (IPA) Made in USA - USP-NF Grade - 99 Percent Concentrated Rubbing Alcohol (1 Liter)
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Remove all excess caulk left around the opening that remains after removing the window.

Use the putty knife to begin, and then use mineral spirits to remove any excess debris.

Finally, take a clean rag with rubbing alcohol on it to the outside trim of the RV. The new window will fit seamlessly into place. 

Install the New Window 

Now it’s time for the new RV window replacement. Put the new window into place, making sure there is an even gap all around the rim. If there isn’t, use spacers to set the window in a good spot.

Then clean the rim of the window that sits flush on the RV’s exterior with alcohol. 

Add the mounting tape that came with the window to the rim. Spray a light mist of water on the tape and the outside of the RV around the window opening.

The water gives you the chance to set the window in the right spot before the adhesive locks it into place. 

Put the window in place, and press firmly to connect the adhesive. Now, go inside to attach the interior frame of the window.

Once the frame is in place, there’s only one thing left to do. 

Go back outside, and lay down a clean strip of RV caulking on the upper half of the rim of the window to fully waterproof the installation.

Snap the window screen into place, and you’re finished! 

How to Measure a Window for an RV 

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Measuring your RV window has a lot to do with the type of RV window replacement.

A simple rectangular window is much less complicated. It will only require two measurements (the height and the width) to get the correct sizing of the window. 

A parallelogram or trapezoid-shaped window has a few more measurements you’ll need to take. Measure all of the sides of the window.

Then run two measurements from one corner to the opposite corner that make an X right in the middle of the window. 

Next, measure the sidewall thickness. Measure from the exterior to the interior of the wall, not the thickness of the window frame itself.

Finally, rounded corners require a radius measurement for proper fitting. Find a radius template that matches the curvature of your corners, and that’s it for measuring. 

What Seal Should You Use for an RV Window? 

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Butyl sealing tape will work best for the main seal between your new window and the body of your RV.

You can also add a line of clear ProFlex RV sealant caulk around the top half of the window to further waterproof the setup. 

Can You Put a House Window in an RV?

No, you should stick to RV-specific windows. A single pane window won’t stand up to the vibrations of a moving RV.

You’ll likely break the glass riding down the road. House windows don’t always offer the right insulation and temperature control for an RV.

Keep in Mind: There are plenty of things you can DIY yourself with your RV! Let’s see what RV services are Better To DIY Or Hire A Tech.

Complete Your Own RV Window Replacement in a Breeze

Now you have some direction; that troublesome old window in your RV can make its way out.

If you’re still unsure of your ability to do the job yourself, try watching a few YouTube videos to add a visual. RV window replacement is totally manageable as a DIY project.

Make sure you have the right tools and put your hands to work!

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