RV Unplugged Is the Reality Show You’ve Always Wanted

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Are you looking to add a new show to your weekly rotation? If so, “RV Unplugged” could be the answer. It can scratch the itch for your desire to travel and help you unwind after a long day.

There’s something magical about unscripted scenarios and the joys of traveling. Whether on the road full-time or camping a few weekends a year, you may love this show.

Today, we’re diving in and looking at this new reality show. Let’s get started!

What Is RV Unplugged?

“RV Unplugged” is the first game show highlighting RVing and the individuals enjoying the lifestyle. You may see some familiar faces if you’ve watched any content about recreational vehicles on YouTube. 

The contestants have over 654,000 subscribers combined, so you’ve likely seen a video or two from one of these content creators.

Contestants are solo travelers and couples traveling in trailers and diesel pushers. They go to random locations with no resources and must find a way to obtain necessities for survival. In addition, each challenge they complete moves them one step closer to the $10,000 grand prize.

As with any reality show, it has plenty of shocking twists and intense drama. However, the show puts these experts and their skills to the ultimate test. Could you be the next contest on “RV Unplugged”?

Where Can You Watch RV Unplugged?

If you want to tune in, you can view the entire first season on the “RV Unplugged” YouTube channel. This is perfect for those who have cut the cord and canceled their cable or satellite subscription.

The first 10 episodes were 45 minutes to an hour long and released on Saturday nights.

Who Is the Cast of RV Unplugged?

The cast of “RV Unplugged” comes from all walks of life and has varying RVing experiences. Let’s look at the contests and see who you’ll root for this season.

Today Is Someday

Phil and Stacy Farley from “Today is Someday” are the coaches for the two teams. They’ve been traveling full-time since 2018 in their Tiffin 33AA Red. 

On their channel, they spotlight travel locations, RV how-tos, and the lessons they learn. Their channel has more than 167,000 subscribers and is an incredible source of humor and education.

Keep in Mind: Looking for more RVers to add to your subscription list? These are 40 of our favorite RV YouTube channels you need to check out!

RV Blogger

Mike and Susan Scarpignato are the creators of the popular “RV Blogger” website and YouTube channel. They hit the road five years ago and now create content related to tours and reviews. 

The Scarpignatos travel in their Class A Thor Challenger 37FH and enjoy exploring mountains, oceans, and desert views.

Let’s Turn It Up World

You’ll also see Dave and Tanya Virnelli from “Let’s Turn It Up World” and catch them on “RV Unplugged.” They travel with their two cats, Bailey and Brady, and enjoy camping almost anywhere. 

The duo shares their adventures on their YouTube channel with more than 63,000 subscribers. While they’re still relatively new to RVing, they provide a wealth of information and entertainment. 

Venturesome Couple

Chris and Martha Peters share their lives on Venturesome Couple. They’ve been on the road for more than 15 years. From boondocking to moochdocking, the couple enjoys camping just about anywhere. 

Their content focuses on educating and entertaining their viewers. They and their six-year-old rottweiler, Cali, travel in an Alliance Paradigm 340RL.

Our Everyday Getaway

Chris and Katrina Bellofatto share various content on their YouTube channel, “Our Everyday Getaway.” You’ll find travel videos, campground reviews, and content on the RV lifestyle. 

They first started RVing part-time in 2016 and embraced the full-time lifestyle in 2022. The couple travels in their 2018 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 38k Class A Diesel Pusher with Traveling Tucker, a Golden Lab mix.

Newstate Nomads

You can see Howard and Katelyn Newstate on the “Newstate Nomads” and “RV Unplugged.” Katelyn is a former news anchor and reporter, while Howard was a cinematographer and producer in Hollywood. 

They use their skills to document their travels and plan trips like locals. They and their Class C 2019 Winnebago Navion have traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. However, they don’t travel alone. They travel with their three dogs, Piper, Ella, and Scout.

Keep in Mind: We’re always up for an adventure, but sometimes you should leave it to the pros and watch shows about survival instead!

Millers in Motion

While Ryan and Lauren Miller are the personalities behind “Millers in Motion,” only half the duo participated in “RV Unplugged.” They started traveling full-time in 2022 in their 2022 Grand Design Solitude 390RK-R. 

While they desire to spend more time boondocking, life keeps them in campgrounds around Fort Worth, Texas, for most of the year. They share tips, tricks, and tours with subscribers. 

They experienced an unfortunate series of issues with their rig during the show and have had to move into a rental while the manufacturer addressed them.

Irene Iron Travels

Aaron and Chris Willers hit the road in January 2019. They started their adventure in a van but now travel in a 2022 Outdoors RV 22FQS Titanium with their young pup, Louie. 

You’ll find content on their channel about RV life, traveling, and boondocking adventures. They enjoy the experience, whether boondocking in nature or setting up in a comfortable campground. 

Grateful Glamper

Ben and Charity DeVries have been traveling for more than five years. While they call Central Florida home, they’ve traveled all over the country with their two kids and two cats.

They travel in a 2004 Fleetwood Discovery 39J. They’re your source for organization and storage tutorials and how-to videos to make RV life easier. Follow them on their channel “Grateful Glamper” or on “RV Unplugged.”

What Is the RV Unplugged Rally? 

To wrap up the season, “RV Unplugged” hosted the RV Unplugged Rally. This gathering allowed viewers to camp alongside the cast and watch the exciting season one finale on location. However, with only 150 spots, viewers had to act fast to snag a site.

During the rally, attendees could attend seminars, listen to live music, and enjoy delicious food. Participants must put their boondocking skills to the test, as all sites were dry camping. 

However, it was the perfect opportunity to hone skills and prepare for next season’s cast. Could a rally attendee be on the cast next season?

Could You Be the Next Star of RV Unplugged?

The cast of the first season of RV Unplugged came from various backgrounds. Could you be a part of next season’s cast? We suggest watching all their videos and staying connected to their social media. 

You never know; you could travel to Black Tank Island to compete for $10,000. So what are you waiting for? Add “RV Unplugged” to your list of shows to binge-watch on the next rainy day.

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