The Best RV Tire Air Compressor

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The best RV Tire air compressor

The Viair 450P is hands down the best RV tire air compressor on the market. It will be the last RV tire air compressor that you will ever buy. Buy one for yourself before its too late.

In week 9 of our journey, we attempted to top off the air in our trailer tires to the 110 PSI they required (it was at 103 PSI). The tire air pump at the commercial gas station turned out to not be up to the job though and we lost more air then we put in and ended up with 85 PSI in the tire. That is when we learned that the average gas station tire air pumps are only ratesd to around 80-90 PSI. Luckily for us, there was a commercial tire only 2 blocks away with room to maneuver our fifth wheel close enough to their air compressor. We lucked out that day but that is when I began researching to find the best portable RV tire inflator. I didn’t want to feel helpless like that again over such an easy problem.

It didn’t take long to discover that the Viair 450P-RV was the compressor I wanted. We had always owned the cheap air compressors from Walmart before and that wasn’t what I wanted now. Cheap plastic devices that plugged into a cigarette lighter, took forever to fill up the tire, and over-heated easily. The 450P-RV was none of that.

It has an automatic shutoff feature and gas station style air gun attachment with a gauge that allows you to easily top off all your tires without overheating the RV tire air compressor. Did I mention that it has a max pressure of 150 PSI? It will easily handle any tire I need to fill now or in the future. It only had one problem, the cost. We were used to spending $50 on crappy Walmart tire inflators so we were not able to ignore the difference in cost for a 12-volt heavy duty air compressor like the Viair 450P-RV.

We finally made the smart move and purchased the Viair 450P-RV after Rae spent the better part of two hours driving around southern Louisiana attempting to find a working gas station tire air pump. The piece of mind the RV tire air compressor has given us is worth way more than the cost of the compressor. The time we save topping off the tires is nothing to scoff at either.

VIAIR 450P-RV - 45053 Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor with RV Inflation Gun, 90 Degree Chuck | 12V Tire Pump Air Compressor Portable Heavy Duty 150 PSI, Any Tire Size, Alligator Clips
  • PORTABLE *AUTOMATIC* COMPRESSOR for RVs & TRAILERS (Model: 40047, 150 PSI, Any Tire Size) - Hit the open road with an...
  • POWER YOUR JOURNEY: Versatile Air Compressor for RVs & More. The 450P-RV Portable RV Air Compressor is your go-to...

Benefits & Features:

  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSI
  • 100% duty cycle
  • 30ft Primary & 30ft Extension Air Hoses with Quick Connect Coupling
  • 45-Degree Extended Reach Chuck (For Dual Rear Wheels), 90-Degree Twist-On Chuck, and 3 pc. Inflation Tips Kit
  • Heavy Duty Deluxe Carry Bag
  • Heavy Duty Battery Clamps with 8 ft Power Cord and Inline Fuse


  • Expensive

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  1. This is the same compressor we bought last year. When we got our new Solitude I quickly realised only my shop air compressor was the only one I had big enough to be able to inflate the tires to 110psi. Brought this compressor and have used it once so far. Found that you have to use the screw on value connector when filling the tires as you can’t hold the push on connector tight enough when needing 110psi. Great choice!

    1. Thanks for that info! We will make sure to use the twist-on when filling up our trailer tires (110 psi)

  2. Rae, we carry the pancake compressor I purchased at HD a few years ago. I have 50′ of air hose, an air chuck, a truckers tire gauge and it will top our tires off with ease at 120 lbs. This compressor runs on 110 volts, but no problem there either, as we have a 2800 Magnum inverter that will power our compressor. I believe I have approximately $130 invested. Yes, it is larger, but quick and I already owned this one. lol

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