RV Step Covers That Will Help Keep Your RV Clean and Prevent Slipping

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Not many people want to spend their time at a campsite sweeping out their RVs. You’ve got bigger and better adventures to experience! With you and your RV mates constantly tracking things inside, it might feel unavoidable to keep nature in the wonderful outdoors where it belongs. RV step covers could be the product to reduce the mess and your resulting stress!

What Are RV Step Covers? 

RV step covers attach to your existing RV stairs, providing a physical barrier to the steps. You can remove them or permanently install them. They come in various shapes, sizes, and installation techniques to match your preferences and needs. 

Benefits of RV Step Covers

Before buying an RV step cover, think about what problems it can solve for you. Looking at the advantages can help! Here are a few of their top benefits.   

Adds Grip for Humans and Pets

Slipping on RV steps is a problem for both human campers and their furry counterparts. Pets and humans can fall unnecessarily if there are no grips on the steps. Adding RV step covers reduces the risk of slipping, even in the rain or snow. 

Rusty metal RV steps. This is what happens when you don't have RV step covers.

Prevents Dirt Tracking

While we all love the great outdoors, we want to keep it outdoors! It’s often an ongoing battle to keep dirt and mud off the floor. There are far better things to do than sweeping the RV entryway yet again. RV step covers catch some of that dirt and mud, keeping it where it belongs outside the RV. 

Types of RV Step Covers

Every RV has different product needs based on its configuration. One of the first aspects to consider will be interior vs. exterior step covers. You might want one or the other–or both!


Often drivable RVs like a Class A have interior stairs after you step inside. If you have this style and want to reduce the dirt and risk of slipping, interior RV step covers are perfect for you. They can also improve the look and comfort of your entryway. 


Those with a travel trailer, 5th wheel, toy hauler, or motorhome might have exterior RV steps. They consistently face outdoor elements, and they can rust or become damaged. These steps will need the protection of external RV step covers. 

Most importantly, step covers can prevent slipping. If the outdoor RV steps get wet or dewy, step covers will provide grip to prevent falls. 

Close up of metal RV steps with RV step covers and a basil plant

Best RV Step Covers to Help Keep Your RV Clean

Now that you know why we need covers, select the style that fits your RV the best. There are a variety of options to choose from, but which is best for you? Let’s look at a few options.

Interior RV Step Well Covers

If your main steps are inside your RV, get interior RV step well covers. They’ll capture any dirt that your outdoor rug or stairs didn’t stop. Measure your internal stairs, and keep in mind the number of steps you have when selecting them.

Prest-O-Fit RV Step Well Landing Covers

Prest-O-Fit 5-3090 Decorian Step Huggers For RV Landings Black Granite 10 In. x 23.5 In.
  • Help protect your RV interior and can be removed and reattached as needed
  • Easy to install, they securely fasten to most hard stair surfaces with hook-and-loop fastening strips

Prest-O-Fit RV Step Well Landing Covers steps are for your RV’s interior. They attach with hook and loop fasteners so that you can remove them. The ability to remove the covers and wash them is a valuable aspect of the product. These steps have a ribbed texture to trap dirt on the mat instead of the RV floor. 

Exterior RV Step Covers

You’ll usually see exterior RV steps in 5th wheels and travel trailers. These step covers will reduce the amount of dirt you track in before you even get inside. Keep in mind that you will need to be sure that if your steps fold up for travel. When selecting a step cover, you’ll want to choose a step cover that doesn’t interfere with the fold-up process. 

Safety Step Sand Away Rug

Safety Step SA80-00 Sand Away Step Rug Charcoal , Beige
  • Stop dirt and grit in their tracks
  • Keeps debris out of your RV

You can easily install the Safety Step Sand Away Rug without tools. These RV steps clip to your existing step’s sides, hugging the sidewalls. Cleaning these step covers is easy; just spray them with a hose. They’re great for campers that spend a lot of time in sandy areas.


Prest-O-Fit Ruggids RV Step Covers 3-Pack

Prest-O-Fit 3-Pack 2-4122 Ruggids RV Step Rug Black Granite 23 in. Wide - 811602
  • Designed for manual or electric multi-step RV entrances
  • Each pack contains three (3) 23 inch wide rugs that fit straight steps 8 inches deep

These Prest-O-Fit Ruggids RV Step Covers come in a pack of three. These are perfect for RVs that have a three-step system leading into their RV. These step covers are 23 inches wide and will fit steps that are 8 to 11 inches deep. The step covers are UV protected to ensure they will remain in good condition for years to come. Your purchase will also include zip-ties to help with the installation.  

Camco Wrap-Around RV Step Rug

Camco 42947 RV Step Rug ( Premium Radius Wrap Around Step Rug, Turf Material (22" Wide) - Black)
  • Artificial turf dries quickly and helps trap dirt and debris
  • Now with Premium TPE backing to help keep the rug in place

Camco Wrap-Around RV Step Rugs are basically artificial turf, which dries quickly and efficiently at trapping dirt. They’re easy to install and require no glue, screws, or other tools. Measuring 22”x20.5” they’ll fit on rectangle or round steps. In addition to securing the stops via springs, there’s an additional grip keeping the covers in place. 

Things to Consider When Buying RV Step Covers

As with all things, there is not a one size fits all solution. There are several factors you should consider when choosing RV step covers. Here are a few things you may need to consider for your situation. 

Close up of metal steps of an RV without RV step covers

Size of Steps

It may seem that RV steps are universal in size, but this is not the case. There are many differences in RV step sizing, including width and depth. For best results, measure your step size first to get a good fit. Additionally, factor in different step shapes and sizes so you can select covers that will accommodate your step’s form. 

Bulk of Step Covers

You never want to buy covers that inhibit functionality! Covers should fit snugly, and they may need to be thin, depending on the style of steps you have. 

For example, if your steps fold up for travel, bulky covers would surely get in the way. Check cover thickness before buying to make sure it won’t interfere with function or stowing.


Along with the shape, size, and attachment methods of step covers, you want to consider their materials. If you’re full-time in your RV, only buy covers that can withstand heavy use. Travelers who only use their steps periodically throughout the year might get away with lesser quality materials to stay on budget. 

Two of the most commonly used materials include artificial turf and olefin carpet. Both are durable, weather-resistant, and decently priced for the value. 

Keep Your Steps Clean and Yourself Safe

Keeping your RV floors clean is hard enough as it is! Make your life a bit easier by allowing RV step covers to reduce dirt coming in. Have you installed RV step covers? Do you feel like they’ve sufficiently kept the dirt and grime out?

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