RV Sofa Sleepers: Only the Best for Your Guests

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When it comes to your guests, you don’t want to trust their comfort to any RV sofa sleepers. Unfortunately, some work better than others to provide your guests with comfort and convenience.

If you consider this option for your guests, know what to look for while shopping.

Today, we’ll explore these convenient sleeping options and offer a few tips to consider while shopping. Let’s get started!

What Are RV Sofa Sleepers?

An RV sofa sleeper is a piece of furniture that provides seating and sleeping space, typically for guests. These are popular options in RVs where you want to maximize space.

Manufacturers typically use high-density or memory foam, making them versatile, lightweight, and comfortable. 

During the day, most RVers use their RV sofa sleepers as a seating area. However, once it’s time to retire for the evening, these seating areas transform into a sleeping space.

The way these pieces of furniture transform into a bed varies, but the overall functionality remains the same.

Can You Put a Regular Sleeper Sofa in an RV?

You can put traditional sleeper sofas in some RVs. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Traditional sleeper sofas can be extremely heavy, bulky, and difficult to maneuver. 

Since many seating areas are on slides, putting a ton of weight on a slide can cause damage to the moving parts.

If you want to put a traditional sleeper sofa in your RV, it’s important first to take some measurements. RV doors typically aren’t as wide as standard residential doors.

This means squeezing a bulky regular sleep sofa into your rig can take some ingenuity. In some cases, it may not even be possible. 

What Size Are RV Sofa Sleepers?

One of the great things about RV sofa sleepers is that they come in various sizes. You can find them in everything from twins to queens.

Depending on your needs, there’s likely a sofa sleeper for your rig. However, check your measurements before purchasing or ordering a sofa for your rig.

Account for extending and retracting your slides. We’ve heard some stories of RVers purchasing expensive sofas and furniture for their rig and discovering it wasn’t compatible. 

Depending on where you purchase it, you may not be able to return it, or it may cost you an arm and a leg.

What to Consider When Buying RV Sofa Sleepers

If shopping for RV sofa sleepers, you should consider a few things. This can help you make an informed decision and get the best possible product in your rig for you and your guests.

Type of Sofa

RV sofa sleepers come in wide varieties. One of the most common is the jackknife sofa, which comes in many RVs.

Typically, transforming the couch into a bed is rather easy. You pull the cushions out, and the entire sofa lays flat. It only takes a matter of seconds to transform.

Other RV sofa sleepers are like the standard sofa bed. These require you to remove the cushions and unfold the bed frame that tucks away inside the sofa.

However, since these mattresses must fold into the bed, the mattresses are typically very thin and uncomfortable.

Another common type of RV sofa sleeper is the fold-and-tumble bed. This combines a standard sofa bed and a jackknife sofa bed. However, this type isn’t typically ideal since you’ll feel several uncomfortable seams when you convert it into a sleeping space.

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Size and Space

As we mentioned, you must consider the available space and the size of your sofa sleeper.

And factor in how much space you’ll need to set up the bed and ensure it won’t cause any issues when opening or closing your slides.

You don’t want to move your furniture whenever you want to open or close your slides or convert the sofa.

Comfort and Support

One of the most important considerations is the RV sofa sleeper’s comfort and support. You and your guests won’t want to sit or lay on it if it’s uncomfortable.

If you do, you could be in for a long, restless night or a sore back in the morning. If you expect to get a premium night’s sleep, you may need to pay a premium price.

While shopping online can save a chunk of change, it can make it challenging to test out the furniture. You’ll have to rely on others’ reviews and opinions when shopping. You could end up taking a serious gamble.

Durability and Maintenance

As with any purchase, you don’t want to waste your money on something that won’t last. As a result, you want to consider the durability of the product. RV sofa sleepers should last at least 5 to 10 years before showing any signs of wear and tear.

Additionally, you want to consider the potential required maintenance. If the sofa has a solid frame or durable upholstery, you likely won’t have to worry about much maintenance.

However, it’s a good idea to consider how you’ll clean it and what chemicals are safe to use.

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You may not consider safety in the equation when shopping for an RV sofa sleeper, but you should. Sofas typically have a weight limit that you should consider. Overloading the bed can be very dangerous and cause parts to break, which could result in an injury.

Additionally, you want to consider the process of folding and unfolding the sofa. Are your fingers or hands going to be near moving parts that could pinch them and cause a painful experience?

If so, you may want to teach others how to operate it properly. If not, you could visit the nearest emergency room during your travels.

Where to Buy Sofa Sleepers

Thankfully, you can buy RV sofa sleepers in many places. Retailers like RecPro, Amazon, and Lippert are all fantastic options. You can find some of the best options in the industry by going through these retailers.

Thomas Payne 759204 62” RV Sleeper Tri-Fold Sofa-Cobble Creek
  • Designed for luxury during the day and a restful sleep at night
  • Sleep surface constructed of supportive high-density foam; no support bars poke through to disrupt sleep
RecPro 80" RV Hide A Bed Loveseat | RV Sleeper Sofa | Cloth | Memory Foam Mattress | Pull Out Couch | RV Furniture | RV Loveseat | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture (Fossil)
  • The great thing about pieces like the 80" Cloth Hide-A-Bed from RecPro is you get the best of both worlds, from sleeping...
  • This deceptively large sleeper, when it's unfolded, offers a queen-sized mattress for you or your guests. The green tea...

Additionally, RV Shows are another popular option for purchasing sofa sleepers. These are great options because retailers may set them up at the RV show, and you can test them out.

Being able to touch and feel the fabric in person can be extremely helpful. 

Should You Upgrade Your RV Sofa Sleeper?

Upgrading your RV sofa sleeper can make a great investment that enhances the comfort and convenience of your RV travels.

You and your guests can enjoy a comfortable seating area during the day and a cozy sleeping area at night. 

This can make your RV feel more like a home away from home during your adventures. Read reviews and check the return policy to know what to expect if you aren’t happy with your purchase and experience buyer’s remorse.

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