7 Of the Best Places to Get RV Furniture for Cheap

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An RV filled with RV furniture

Are you tired of the inside of your RV looking like other cookie-cutter campers? Upgrading or replacing your RV furniture is a terrific way to bring color and a splash of character to your RV’s interior.

It might surprise you how much space you can gain and the life you can get to your RV by changing your furniture.

Today, we’re looking at several places you can get RV furniture at a budget-friendly price. You don’t have to break the bank. Let’s get started!

Can You Use Regular Furniture in an RV?

Manufacturers know they can charge a premium price by putting “RV” in front of a product, including furniture.

However, you can often use regular pieces in an RV when replacing furniture.

It doesn’t need the label “RV furniture” to fit inside your rig.

It is essential to note the weight and size of any furniture you’re putting inside your camper.

Getting furniture inside of a tiny RV can be a chore.

We’ve seen some RVers who had to temporarily remove windows to get a couch into their RV!

Still, the result was a couch that looked fantastic.

However, getting it out will likely be a different story.

Is RV Furniture Bolted Down?

Because RVs typically aren’t stationary, RVers and manufacturers often bolt down furniture.

Items like recliners, couches, and tables stay in place through the bolts.

Bolting a piece of furniture limits your ability to move it around your RV.

Many RVers use temporary solutions like zip ties, bungee cords, and velcro to keep things in place. 

Depending on the placement of your furniture, a slide may keep it in place during your adventures.

However, you must ensure your furniture is secure and won’t toss around the inside of your RV as you travel.

RV bedroom furniture

7 Of the Best Places to Get RV Furniture for Cheap

If you’re looking for a few places to shop for RV furniture, we have several you might want to consider.

It’s best to keep an eye on all these places, as you never know what might go on sale or become available.

You may need to piece together your ensemble over time.

However, you can still create a cozy and comfortable home away from home.

1. Facebook Marketplace

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and there’s no better place to see this than on Facebook Marketplace.

People are constantly getting rid of things they no longer need, and you can often get a decent deal on many items.

You may even find RVers selling like-new furniture from their new rigs if they’re renovating.

A significant disadvantage to Facebook Marketplace is it’s wildly unpredictable.

You also have to be very quick to respond and jump on any deals that interest you.

You don’t want the perfect couch or loveseat to disappear because someone else beat you to it.

An RV bedroom with furniture

2. Discount RV Furniture

With more than 52 years of experience building furniture, Discount RV Furniture can make almost anything you might need.

You’ll find sofas, captain’s chairs, and bench seats to meet nearly any rig.

Their furniture comes with a three-year warranty for the frames and a one-year warranty on the rest.

These are some of the best and most comfortable seats you could ask for in your RV.

Keep in Mind: Give your bedroom and sleep an upgrade and consider getting a Custom RV Bunk Mattress. Click the link to see where to find them!

3. Rec Pro

Rec Pro is about as good as it gets for high-quality RV furniture.

They offer numerous RV furniture and mounting hardware to keep your RV looking good and safe.

You’ll find almost every type of furniture you could need in an RV and standard parts to help address issues you might have with your furniture.

Tables, pillows, and ottomans are only a few pieces you can order through their website.

Their furniture is so comfortable and luxurious that you’ll forget you’re sitting in an RV.

4. Coach Supply Direct

Coach Supply Direct is in Michigan, four miles north of the RV capital of the world, Elkhart, Indiana.

This location gives them easy access to some of the most prominent players in the RV industry.

They strive to help RVers find the furniture that meets their needs, so they can get the most out of their rigs and stay comfortable.

Coach Supply Direct offers almost everything you need to replace your furniture or start working on that RV renovation.

They can install high-quality flooring and backsplashes to upgrade the look and feel of your RV.

They can amaze you!

An image of Coach Supply Direct RV furniture
Source: Coach Supply Direct

5. Craigslist

Like Facebook Marketplace, you never know what you’ll find on Craigslist.

The more motivated a seller is to get rid of an item, the better deal you can get.

You can find inexpensive furniture that will fit your RV and look stunning.

You’ll want to inspect the furniture and ensure it’s structurally sound, free of stains, and comes from a pet-free and smoke-free environment. 

6. Campgrounds

RVers, especially full-time RVers, often abandon furniture at campground dumpsters when making upgrades.

This means you might snag a piece of furniture for free.

You might not know the furniture’s background or have to work to remove a stain or two, but this can be a way to get an excellent deal.

Some campgrounds with long-term guests often have message boards so campers can post ads for things they’re trying to sell.

If you’re shopping for items for your RV, these ads might be worth a look.

Your campground neighbor might be looking to part with a piece of furniture that would look perfect in your rig.

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7. RV Yard

RV Yard is like a graveyard of RVs that have seen better days.

However, some of the furniture in these rigs have plenty of life left.

You can order various parts and pieces on their site.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can email them and see if they can find the part or item you’re hoping to find.

An RV bedroom and kitchen with furniture

What Do You Do With Old RV Furniture?

If you have old RV furniture in good condition, you can try to sell it or donate it.

RV furniture can function in residential settings, too.

However, some RV furniture is challenging to remove without causing damage.

If you’re planning to sell or use RV furniture again, be very careful when removing them.

If you’re trying to sell your old furniture, you can use Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist or put up an ad at your local campground.

You might make a few bucks when selling them and spend money on new furnishings.

Finding RV Furniture Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

There are many options for finding great-looking and inexpensive furniture. There’s nothing better than returning to relax in a comfortable RV after your adventures.

The decorations and furniture you choose can make it easier to relax, enjoy yourself, and create an RV that fits your personality and style.

Do you have plans to renovate your RV? 

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