Can RV Slide Out Supports Really Break Your RV?

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RV slide out supports can be among the most polarizing pieces of RV equipment. Some RVers swear by them, saying they help add stability and support. Others argue they’re an accident waiting to happen and are prone to damaging your rig. So what’s the real story? We’re taking a close look at this controversial accessory and exploring the major do’s and don’ts of how to use them.

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What Are RV Slide Out Supports? 

RV slide out supports are handy pieces of equipment that help ensure your rig’s slides don’t take damage while extended. They typically look like small pedestals, wide at the top and bottom to provide stability and support and skinny in the middle. They sit underneath the extended slide, providing direct support from the ground to its base. 

Can RV Slide Out Supports Really Break Your RV?

Unfortunately, slide out supports can break your RV if you misuse them. When you use them properly, RV slide out supports work as intended. But in some instances, they can exert an upward force or pressure onto your slide, damaging it. This can happen for various reasons, like your rig settling on soft ground after you’ve set up your supports, heavy wind, or abrupt changes in weight distribution within your rig. The longer and stronger this pressure on the slide, the more significant the potential damage.

Should You Use Slide Out Supports? 

Whether or not you should use RV slide out supports is a question of personal taste and risk tolerance. Many RVs can function without them, especially if you don’t leave slide outs extended for a significant time or if they aren’t holding much weight. However, those concerned should feel free to use supports if they do so correctly.

Before setting up new RV slide out supports, check your rig’s owner’s manual to find the suitable way to use it. Supports can sometimes void your RV’s warranty if you use them or set them up incorrectly. That could result in costly bills if something goes wrong. 

The Best RV Slide Out Supports

Specific support models stand out above the rest. Here are our top choices for RV slide out supports. 

Highest Rated: EAZ LIFT Heavy Duty Slide Out Support

This top choice for RV slide out supports has everything an RVer could need. It has a universal fit top for almost any slide and can hold up to 5,000 pounds. This EAZ LIFT model also comes with a convenient, space-saving handle. It’s among the most popular choices, and at only over $100, it’s a relatively small cost compared to the potential price of fixing a broken slide.

Camco Eaz-Lift RV Slide Out Supports - Heavy-Duty Steel Support Jacks for Camper - Adjustable Height from 19" to 47" with Incremental Lock Positions - Supports Up to 5,000lbs Each - Set of 2 (48866)
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Runner Up: WEIZE Heavy Duty Slide Out Support

Alternatively, these WEIZE RV slide out supports are another excellent choice. At $80, they’re more affordable than the previous model and offer many similar benefits. It also includes a one-year warranty for defects in materials and quality, ensuring the manufacturer stands behind its product.

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A close up of a Weize RV slide out supporting an RV
Source: Amazon
WEIZE Heavy Duty Slide Out Support - Adjusts from 20" to 47", 5000lb Capacity Each, Rust Resistant Steel Quick-Lift RV Stabilizer Jacks, Set of 2
  • CAPACITY - The slide out supports with 5000lbs each and adjustable from 20" - 47" H. The 5" dia. circular bases are...
  • QUICK-LIFT DESIGN - Multiple holes slide out rails and tethered pin allow the RV slide out stabilizer to ascend or...

Budget Option: Dumble RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks

Many RVers travel on a budget, especially with the cost of gas. For those looking to save a few bucks without sacrificing quality, these Dumble RV slide out stabilizers are an excellent choice. At under $46 for the set, they’re about half the price of alternatives. While they may not have some of the bells and whistles of higher-end models, they’re durable, adjustable, and straightforward to set up. 

Dumble Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer Jacks for Travel Trailer 2pk - 16-28in Telescoping Camper Leveling RV Slide Out Supports
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Tips For Using RV Slide Out Supports

How can you ensure you’re using your RV slide out supports in the right way? Here are some crucial tips to remember when setting them up. 

Don’t Use Them on Schwintek Slide Outs 

Schwintek is one of the common types of slide outs in many more affordable models of RVs and campers. You extend them using worm gears and rails driven by a motor. Unfortunately, Schwintek systems don’t have the best reputation, as they can’t bear significant weight and can easily break. As a result, you shouldn’t use these sensitive systems with slide out supports. 

Don’t Over Crank

In an ideal situation, you’ll want your RV slide out supports to press tightly enough against your slide to take on the weight but not so tightly that they’re exerting upward pressure. Overcranking can damage your slide mechanism, leading to significant problems extending or retracting it. If you’re parking on a soft surface, it’s worth waiting for your RV to settle before setting up your supports. 

Only Use When There Will be Substantial Weight in the Slide 

Most RV slides are well-engineered and can handle small to moderate amounts of weight without concern over sagging or damage. In these cases, RV slide out supports are generally unnecessary and risk damage if you misuse them. However, they’re a vital tool when a slide holds substantial weight, especially for long periods. Save yourself the time, hassle, and possible issues by only breaking out your supports. 

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How Do You Fix a Sagging Slide Out?

The method for fixing a sagging slide out will depend on the type of slide out and the nature of the damage. This may involve readjusting slide rails or rollers, repairing seals, and more. As slides can be a fragile and occasionally complex part of your rig, it may be worth employing a professional for repairs you’re not entirely comfortable fixing. 

Do You Really Need Slide Out Supports?

Depending on who you ask, you may receive different answers to this question. Some will swear by supports, while others may travel for decades and never use them. For most RVers, RV slide out supports can be acceptable but are by no means a requirement. However, with most choices ranging from $50 to $150, they’re relatively affordable, portable, and lightweight, meaning it can’t hurt to have a pair around. Whether lots of weight in your slide is a rare occasion or a common occurrence, RV slide out supports can be a valuable item in your toolkit, but only when used with care!

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