How to Solve Your RV Shoe Storage Problem

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A woman putting shoes in her over the door shoe organizer that she uses for rv shoe storage

We all know that storage is king when RVing.

Learning how to organize clothes, books, dishes, kitchen gadgets, tools, camping gear, bathroom toiletries, and more is essential to keeping your RV tidy and finding things when you need them.

But what about the shoes?

One of the hardest problems to tackle when organizing is RV shoe storage.

People do it in many different ways, so let’s look at a few tips to help solve this problem.

Why Is Storage a Challenge When RVing?

RVs have tiny spaces. They don’t have ample room to put everything you want inside.

When people move into RVs full-time, this is one of the biggest struggles.

But even RVers who camp on the weekends can find it challenging to find a space for everything.

The bedroom may only have two small cabinets for a couple’s clothes.

The kitchen may only have three drawers and two cabinets for an entire family’s food, utensils, and dishes.

And RV shoe storage?


The outdoor storage bays can just as easily fill up.

Once you put in a few camping chairs, a couple of fishing poles, and a tub of essential tools, you won’t have room for much else.

Storage Tips to Maximize Your Space

In order to enjoy the RV lifestyle — whether full-time or on the weekends — maximize space.

Use every square inch of storage.

Divide tall cabinets, so the top isn’t wasted.

Use bins to store blankets underneath the sofa.

Here are a few storage tips to help use your RV space best.

Purchase or Create Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

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Furniture can take up the most room in an RV.

A huge sofa or kitchen dinette may provide a great living space, but it doesn’t offer much storage.

Use multifunctional furniture pieces to have fewer big, bulky items in your RV.

Find a bench to replace dinette chairs so you can use the inside to store extra blankets or homeschool books.

Find a footstool that can double as seating or a side table with extra storage inside.

Create Shelves in the Pantry and Cabinets

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RV shelves come in an array of sizes, some tall, deep, or wide. Don’t lose out on valuable storage space.

Create shelves so that you can reach items in the very back of your pantry.

Take advantage of the height and use stackable racks.

You can reach dishes, food items, and office supplies more easily and use all of the cabinet space you can.

Purchase Foldable or Collapsible Gear

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This tip is almost essential to RVing.

You may have a special chair that you sit outside in at home. If that chair doesn’t fold up, it shouldn’t go camping with you.

There isn’t enough space to store things that won’t collapse.

This is why every camping chair and every camping table sold in outdoor stores will fold.

Browse specialty stores for other products like collapsible bins, buckets, and telescopic ladders.

A person putting shoes in their rv shoe storage

Use Flexible Bins, Not Hard Plastic

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Try using flexible bins when taking advantage of the storage on shelves and inside cabinets.

These containers will bend and scrunch together so that you can get more in a small space.

If you use plastic bins and they don’t fit, you won’t have any flexibility.

Thus you’ll lose that critical storage space.

Plastic bins also risk cracking and breaking more than flexible containers.

How Do I Store Shoes in an RV?

Those are great tips about maximizing space in an RV, but what about those shoes?

The RV shoe storage problem requires different tactics, so let’s look at a few storage solutions for your family’s shoes.

Store Shoes Outside in a Plastic Bin

Many RVers won’t allow shoes inside their rigs. Not only does this rule keep their RVs cleaner, but it also eliminates the need to take up space with dirty shoes.

Get a plastic container with a tight, secure lid and leave it outside. 

When everyone returns from a hiking trail, they can take off their shoes outside, place them in the storage bin, and come inside to clean up.

Secure the lid and slide it underneath the RV.

The shoes won’t take up any additional space or track dirt through the RV.

Pro Tip: Still need more help with storage in your RV? These storage Ideas will help to organize pretty much everything you can think of

Install a Bungee Cord Between Two Eye Screws

If you have a wall near the entry door, installing two eye screws with a bungee cord can help with RV shoe storage.

You can install as many of these as you need to accommodate your family’s shoes.

When the kids enter, they take off their shoes at the door and slip them behind the bungee cord.

This gets the shoes off the floor, so no one trips over them.

And they’re near the door for easy access.

Hang a Pocket Organizer Over the Door

Amazon Basics 24 Medium Pocket Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Light Grey
  • Store 12 pairs of shoes or 24 pairs of sandals without taking up valuable floor space
  • Mesh fabric pockets allows your shoes to breathe

Over-the-door storage offers excellent solutions for all types of things when living or traveling in an RV.

You can stuff hair ties, jewelry, socks, and toys into a pocket organizer.

This is another idea for shoe storage.

If you have a bunk room with a door, hang one for the kids.

Put another organizer over the master bedroom or bathroom door as well.

These solutions usually have the perfect size pockets for most shoes.

Close up of shoes hung over the door in an rv shoe storage organizer

Install an RV Shoe Organizer Around Base of Bed

Many RVers use this shoe organizer because it easily attaches to the base of the bed and keeps shoes out of the way.

Because RV beds tend to extend over the base, the shoes can tuck underneath the bed.

That way, they remain out of sight and out of mind.

Like the pocket organizer, this RV shoe storage offers the perfect spaces for them to slide right in and stay off of the floor.

Close up of a shoe organizer attached to a bed from camping world, often used for rv shoe storage
Source: Camping World

Store Shoes Inside in an Ikea Storage Cabinet

RVers love Ikea. It’s a great store for organization ideas and storage solutions.

This cabinet from Ikea is lightweight and small enough to fit in most RVs.

You could put it at the end of a kitchen island or in a nook in the bathroom.

It might work along the wall of the bedroom or hallway.

The shelves fold out easily so kids can grab their shoes without help.

You may find this an advantage over the pocket organizer over the door.

A cabinet from Ikea often used for rv shoe storage
Source: Ikea/@tuesdayqueen

Keep in Mind: We know RV storage space is limited. To maximize space, avoid over packing your RV! Here’s what you should pack in your RV?!

Keep Your RV Tidy With Shoe Storage Solutions

When you buy an RV, you probably aren’t asking yourself, “Where are the shoes going to go?”

You’ll likely walk through making sure the floorplan meets your family’s needs or checking the bathroom size.

But once you use your RV, you’ll want to solve the shoe storage problem.

The interior of your rig won’t feel like a home if you have shoes strewn all over the floor and dirt tracked in every day.

Solve your RV shoe storage problem with one of these tips.

Different ideas work for different spaces, so choose what works best for your RV and camping lifestyle. Which suggestion will you try?

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