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An RV driving in Alaska.

Traveling to Alaska is on many RVers’ bucket lists. The towering mountain peaks, glacier-fed lakes, and native history and culture provide unique vacation opportunities found nowhere else in America. But what if you don’t own an RV? If you’d like to take a road trip around Alaska, book an RV rental! 

You’ll find numerous companies that cater to tourists and can even help you plan your trip. Let’s look at seven of your best options for RV rentals in Alaska!

Alaska is a popular RV destination because of its stunning landscape. But it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people.

RVers feel like they’ve accomplished a remarkable feat when traveling from the contiguous United States through Canada and into Alaska. The journey itself is part of the adventure.

But even for tourists arriving via airplane or cruise ship, many like to rent an RV to explore even more of the Last Frontier. Once you arrive at the airport or cruise terminal, you can spend a week or more RVing through the wilderness, taking in Alaska’s beauty, wildlife, and culture.

Wildlife in a national park in Alaska.

Can You Book an RV Rental in Alaska?

Some RVers who own rigs don’t want to make the long, arduous journey. The poor road conditions, unpredictable weather, and mileage cause some travelers to fly and book an RV rental.

Alaska is thousands of miles from the Pacific Northwest. From Seattle to Anchorage is over 2,200 miles. Traveling via RV from the contiguous United States to Alaska is just too time-consuming and difficult for some RVers.

They’d rather not put their own rigs through those arduous conditions. So, booking an RV rental in Alaska upon arrival is a better fit.

Things to Consider When Choosing an RV Rental in Alaska

Before you book an RV rental, it’s important to consider a few things. First, always read the fine print and know where you can and can’t take the RV and how far you can travel before paying additional fees.

For example, some companies won’t let you take their RVs on certain roads, like the Top of the World Highway, because of poor road conditions.

Second, read reviews from past customers. When reading these reviews, compare what you want to do in Alaska and what kind of RV you want to rent with what others have written.

Some people’s experiences may be horrible, but it’s because they rented a campervan and had no room for a family of four, not because the Alaska rental company provided inadequate service.

Finally, if you have an idea of what you want to see and where you want to go, some RV rental companies can give recommendations to make your trip even more enjoyable. They may suggest hidden gems or provide warnings of roads to avoid. So, have an itinerary in mind that you can share.

Are There Nationwide RV Rental Companies in Alaska?

If you’d prefer to take an RV from the contiguous United States to Alaska, you can rent from nationwide companies like Cruise America, Outdoorsy, or Indie Campers.

Remember, this will be expensive as you’ll need several travel days to get from the Lower 48 to Alaska. But it may be cheaper than flying.

Top 7 RV Rentals in Alaska

If you plan on flying into Anchorage or taking a cruise to Ketchikan, you can pick up your RV rental upon arrival. Alaska is huge, with almost 572,000 square miles of land to explore. We have seven reputable RV rental companies that will help you make your trip a trip of a lifetime!

An RV in Alaska parked outside of a park.

1. Alaska Family Motorhomes

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, Alaska Family Motorhomes is one of Alaska’s best RV rental companies. They provide Class C motorhomes and camper vans out of Anchorage and include free generator use, free kitchenware, and free unlimited miles with the rental fee. You can rent a 16-foot Subaru Forester with tent top-up to a 30-foot Coachmen Freelander.

One happy customer shared, “We booked a Campervan with this rental company, and everything worked perfectly. The booking was quite easy, and we had some questions concerning the car and our routing, and everything was answered fast and with a very friendly attitude …The car went over 2,000 miles with us … could not have been better!”

2. ABC Motorhome Rentals

Rated 4 out of 5 stars, ABC Motorhome Rentals offers newer units than most rental companies. All units are 2020 or newer with unlimited generator use, unlimited mileage, kitchen cookware, linens and towels, and more. There’s also no additional cleaning fee or dumping fee when you return. The Class C rentals are 22 feet, 26 feet, and 32 feet long. The 32-footer includes bunk beds and sleeps up to eight people.

A past customer wrote, “I love the family business atmosphere. Very nice people. They didn’t nickel and dime for every extra. The service allowed us to have a wonderful experience exploring Alaska.” 

Another traveler said, “Very accommodating! Very friendly and amazing prices! Landed in Anchorage at midnight, and they had my RV prepped for me to sleep in with full power until they opened for business. Would recommend it!”

3. GoNorth Alaska

GoNorth Alaska offers a better variety of RV rentals than some companies on this list. You can rent a truck camper, a motorhome, an SUV, a truck, or a passenger van.

If you’re flying in with a family of six, GoNorth Alaska may fit your needs as you explore the Last Frontier. You can rent a large SUV and a motorhome, for example. GoNorth Alaska also allows customers to travel all public roads, whether paved or gravel.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, GoNorth Alaska offers excellent customer service. One happy traveler shared, “I rented a Ford Expedition from GoNorth on a recent vacation with my family of five.  The vehicle was clean and ran great. Getting the reservation setup was easy. I chose GoNorth because they allow you to drive on the many gravel/dirt roads in Alaska. I will return to them because of the excellent experience I had.”

Another RVer reviewed, “We had a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska, made possible by GoNorth. Our truck + camper was perfectly stocked, and the staff at GoNorth were incredibly kind and helpful during pickup & drop off. Traveling via camper maximizes what you can see in Alaska — highly recommend!”

4. Explore Alaska

Explore Alaska is rated 5 out of 5 stars, but there are only a few reviews. We still included it in our list because the reviews on Yelp and Facebook were also superb. This company makes it easy to decide what RV to rent: there’s only one size! Explore Alaska rents 25-foot Class C motorhomes, all with the same layout.

The rental fee includes unlimited generator use, unlimited mileage, and a free housewares package. They do require a seven-night minimum reservation.

One Alaskan tourist said, “Simply put, Explore Alaska RV made my family’s vacation to Alaska amazing. This small family owned business handled every part of the rental process from pricing/contracting to pickup/return with the highest level of ethics and professionalism. I had shopped several other rental agencies prior to deciding on Explore Alaska RV. I am so glad I found them.”

5. Brown Bear RV Rentals

Another Anchorage, Alaska, RV rental company is Brown Bear RV Rentals. The owner was born and raised in Alaska and can offer excellent assistance when planning your family vacation. There’s a minimum six-day rental required, no extra cleaning fee, courtesy airport transportation, three hours of generator usage free per day, and 200 free miles per day.

Rather than being priced by the year of the model, the RVs at Brown Bear RV Rentals are priced according to size.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, most customers have been happy with their experience. One traveler shared, “We rented an RV for 5 days from Kate, and it was great! The RV was stocked with everything we would need on our trip: tea, coffee, firewood, chairs, dinnerware, towels, etc. The RV itself was clean and comfortable, and Kate told us everything we needed to know about operating the RV and about Alaska. Definitely would rent again from her.”

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A chateau RV with Brown Bear RV Rentals in Alaska.

6. Great Alaskan Holidays

One of the largest Alaska RV rental companies on our list is Great Alaskan Holidays. With over 700 Google reviews, this rental agency maintains a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Since 1985, Great Alaskan Holidays has provided tourists with RVs to explore the state in comfort and style. For the 2023 rental season, the RV floorplans are all 2022 or newer model years.

They offer a variety of options, from the Winnebago Solis to the Winnebago Minnie Winnie to the Forest River Forester. There are even bunk models to accommodate larger families.

A happy camper shared, “The online booking process was easy. The customer service was superb from the moment I booked. Each person we interacted with with questions during our trip planning, arrival, during our rental and return of the RV were friendly and very helpful.

Our RV was clean and everything was in great working order. Returning the RV was easy and quick, and there were no hidden/additional charges at return. Thank you Great Alaskan Holidays!”

7. Alaska Vans

We included one camper van-only rental company in our list. Alaska Vans in Anchorage is rated 5 out of 5 stars. They were mentioned on Outside Magazine’s list of “Favorite Adventuremobile Rental Companies.”

Their camper vans include swiveling front seats, a table for two, a fully equipped camp kitchen, a full-length bed with an amazing rear view, rooftop solar panels, two Yeti coolers, and more. Rates vary based on the season.

A past customer wrote, “We had an amazing time in Alaska in a van from Alaska Vans. The van was perfect! Everything we needed was in the van, and the bed was super comfortable. Matt was so nice to work with and he took the time to tell us about Alaska and where we might want to travel to. Highly recommend this company!”

What Are the Advantages of Touring Alaska in an RV?

If you fly to Alaska or take a cruise, you’re limited in what you can see and do. When you rent an RV, the wilderness of the Last Frontier is at your fingertips.

Campgrounds will be cheaper than staying in a hotel, and by cooking your own meals, you’ll also save money. But the freedom to travel where you want makes many tourists choose an RV.

What Are the Disadvantages of Touring Alaska in an RV?

But even with this freedom, touring Alaska in an RV has disadvantages. Fuel can be expensive, and this will be an added cost even if the rental company allows unlimited mileage.

A trip from Anchorage to Homer on the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula or north to Denali National Park is over 200 miles either way.

And for people who have never traveled in an RV, the space could be too restricting. Even for a week, it might be too cramped to enjoy the adventure of Alaska when a family of four is eating, sleeping, and sharing less than 300 square feet of space.

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Enjoy the Last Frontier With These RV Rentals in Alaska

If you want to visit Alaska, there are multiple ways to do it. Our favorite is by RV. The freedom to go wherever you want makes the journey part of the experience. With these seven companies, it’s easy to start planning your Alaskan adventure.

So don’t just think about fights and hotels. Consider an RV rental. Alaska is waiting!

Would you consider renting an RV to explore the Last Frontier?

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