RV Organization Ideas That Don’t Require a Ton of Work

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When you’re heading out, you need all the RV organization ideas you can get! Storage and organization are two of the biggest challenges RVers have to overcome, so we wanted to offer some of our own tips. Let’s look at some RV organization ideas that don’t require much work. 

In fact, most of them are cheap and require no tools. Let’s dive in!

How to Maximize Your RV Space 

Living in a small space doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. By having a place for everything, you feel like your RV is home, even if it’s just for a weekend. 

Organizing an RV is essential to enjoying a tiny space. Tall cabinets need shelves so you can use all of the space efficiently. Closets need baskets or hanging storage so you can take advantage of every nook and cranny. No matter if you’re camping in a pop-up camper or in a luxury class A motorhome, you want to have your things organized.

Organized RV kitchen and bedroom.

RV Organization Ideas That Don’t Require a Ton of Work

Let’s look at ten great ideas to help with RV organization. The best part of these suggestions is they’re inexpensive and easy. From an over-the-door trash bin that doesn’t take up floor space to a bedside organizer with a place for your cell phone and remote, this list covers your needs.

1. Kitchen Storage Bins

Kitchen storage bins are multi-purpose. They keep food organized so snacks are easy for the kids to find and ingredients are within reach when prepping dinner. They also keep the countertops uncluttered. Pantry and cabinet space in the kitchen is usually tall, so stackable bins let you take advantage of all of the storage space. 

Finally, these bins are great for travel days. They keep food from sliding in the pantry, the cabinets, and the refrigerator.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Hammock

This fruit and vegetable hammock is a great organizational solution, especially for RVers who still want to eat healthy while camping. Instead of setting a bin on the counter and taking up valuable counter space, you can easily hang this hammock underneath cabinets for ample fresh produce storage. The drawstring closure is also nice on travel days, so you don’t open the door to find your apples rolling around.

Organized spice shelf in RV kitchen

3. Adjustable Cabinet Shelves

This is a great solution for small wardrobes in travel trailer bedrooms. Take advantage of the space above the rod by adding adjustable shelves. Or these shelves are also great for bathroom organization. A couple of these shelves creates ample, organized space for sheets and towels. These are available in various sizes, so measure your space to choose the best fit.

4. Over-the-Door Trash Bin 

You can use this versatile trash bin for garbage or additional organization. If you’re only going to be camping for a weekend, then you don’t need a large trash can taking up valuable floor space. Just put in a medium-sized trash bag, and close the cabinet door. Now your trash is out of sight, and you have room to play a family game of charades. Or, if you need space for those miscellaneous kitchen items like foil, plastic wrap, or Ziploc bags, this trash bin can be an organizational basket to hold those items instead.

5. Turntable Cabinet Organizer

A Lazy Susan organizer is a great addition to your kitchen storage or bathroom storage. Smaller items like spices or toiletries fit well in these turntable organizers. And when you need to find something, you don’t have to move everything around. Just spin the turntable to find what you’re looking for. It’s also a great RV organization idea for kid snacks because it’s easy for the kids to spin, grab, and go.

Foldable dish rack

6. Roll-Up Dish Rack

Like the over-the-door trash bin, this roll-up dish rack is great for keeping necessary items like dishes out of the way. Instead of taking up counter space with a drying rack when it’s time to wash dishes, this roll-up dish rack fits perfectly across the sink. And when you’ve put things away, just roll up the rack and put it under the sink.

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7. Magnetic Knife Organizer

Sometimes there just aren’t enough drawers in the kitchen. Whether you have a 24ft travel trailer or 45ft toy hauler, sometimes you just need more room for utensils. 

This magnetic knife organizer is a great RV organization idea because it takes the knives out of the drawer and puts them on the wall. They’re easy to grab when cooking, too. And don’t worry about travel days. The magnetic strips hold tightly, so you won’t be picking up knives off of the floor when you arrive at your campsite.

8. Bedside Organizer

The kitchen is certainly the main area for organization. But don’t forget your bedroom. When it’s time to settle in for the night, you’ll want a place to put your reading glasses, remote, cell phone, book, etc. This bedside organizer fits easily under your mattress for the perfect storage location. It comes in various colors with plenty of pockets.

Towels organized on shelving unit

9. Soap and Shampoo Shower Dispenser

It’s easy to overlook the bathroom, too. But just like a Lazy Susan can help organize toiletries in the cabinet, this shower dispenser can keep your shower tidy so bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash aren’t all over the place. RV showers are already pretty small. By installing one of these dispensers, you get rid of all the bottles and have more space for bathing.

Shoes lined up on a show rack.

10. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Finally, shoe storage is one of the biggest dilemmas for RVers. There isn’t a great space built-in for most RVs. You can install this wall-mounted shoe rack in a storage bay for those muddy shoes or on the wall at the entry door. If you have a bunk room, you can get a couple of these shoe racks to keep all the shoes off the floor. 

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Keep Your RV Organized 

These ten RV organization ideas are easy ways to keep your RV neater and cleaner. Whether you’re taking a weekend trip to the mountains, a week-long trip to the beach, or a six-month trip across the country, you want your space maximized. It makes traveling more enjoyable, and it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for. No more wasting time hunting for 30 minutes for that remote in the bedroom or tripping over things as you walk through your rig. 

Which RV organization idea grabbed your attention? Do you need to make a quick trip to Walmart or start adding items to your Amazon cart?

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