Can You Carry a Golf Cart on the Back of a Camper?

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A woman driving in her golf cart that she brought to a golf course using a golf cart carrier

Have you considered an RV golf cart carrier to carry your small people mover? Having your golf cart with you on a camping trip can be a game-changer.

Whether you want to get around the campground easily, take it to a nearby beach, or use it on the golf course, a golf cart can come in handy for anyone, including those with mobility limitations. 

Keep reading to learn more about an RV golf cart carrier. We discuss the pros and cons and provide a buying guide. We also reveal the top three carriers on the market. 

Let’s tee off! 

What Is an RV Golf Cart Carrier?

An RV golf cart carrier is connected to the hitch of a motorhome. You can place a golf cart on the carrier for transportation. 

Carriers are attached to the hitch and suspended to hang from it. Or they come with two wheels on the ground, so it tows the carrier like a trailer.

How Do You Carry a Golf Cart in an RV?

The easiest way to RV with a golf cart is by utilizing a golf cart carrier. They come in various sizes. Be sure to measure and weigh your golf cart before purchasing one. 

How Heavy Is a Golf Cart?

Golf carts can weigh between 800 pounds and 1,100 pounds on average. Two-passenger golf carts are lighter than four- or six-passenger models. 

While the weight of a golf cart is important for transporting it on your RV, it’s also important to know its cargo weight. Ensure you adhere to the maximum cargo weight when carrying people or gear on your golf cart.

It’s advised not to carry cargo on the golf cart when transporting it on a carrier.

RV Golf Cart Carrier Buying Guide

Keep in mind three key components when purchasing a carrier. The following RV golf cart carrier buying guide walks through each.

Determine What Size You Need

Figure out what size your RV needs before shopping for options. First, determine if your RV can handle a hitch carrier is better. Then, look up the weight of your golf cart. And measure the length, from bumper to bumper, and the width. 

After you know the weight and size of your golf cart, you can search for a carrier that can handle it.

Know How Much Weight Your Hitch Can Handle

Knowing how much weight your RV hitch can handle is important. You need to check and double-check its towing and tongue weight capacity so that you don’t harm your hitch, RV, or golf cart carrier. 

Make sure you total the weight of the RV golf cart carrier and the golf cart. Once you have the number, you can determine which options will work for the RV’s hitch.

Construction and Durability of the Carrier

The construction and durability of an RV golf cart carrier should be a high priority. Review the materials to determine the durability of the model. We recommend carriers made of steel with a rust-proof finish. 

Pros of an RV Golf Cart Carrier

There are several benefits of an RV golf cart carrier. Let’s look at the pros. 

Traveling With Your Golf Cart

The most obvious and biggest benefit is traveling with your golf cart. Taking your golf cart on camping trips can be fun for getting around.

And if you have mobility limitations, a golf cart can be essential gear for getting around and going to places you might not be able to without it.

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Budget-Friendly Option

Transporting your golf cart with an RV golf cart carrier is a budget-friendly option. Other ways to take a golf cart along would involve a trailer or a toy hauler RV. Both options typically involve more cost than a golf cart carrier. 

Easy to Manage

An RV golf cart carrier is easy to manage. It takes little time to hook it up and typically comes with a ramp to drive your golf cart on. The carriers are also seamless when it comes to maneuvering your RV on the road and throughout campgrounds.

Cons of an RV Golf Cart Carrier

Like with most things, an RV golf cart carrier has several drawbacks. Let’s look at the cons.

Adds to the Length of Your RV

Transporting your golf cart on a carrier adds to the length of your RV. It can be a disadvantage when getting into tight campsites or only as long as your RV. It can also be hectic if you need to take it off in a difficult spot. 

Can Be Heavy

RV golf cart carriers can be heavy, and when you add the weight of your golf cart, some RV hitches may not hold the system. Before purchasing a carrier, consider your weight and RV’s capabilities.

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The Best RV Golf Cart Carriers

Our Pick: Swivelwheel-58 Dual Wheel

Size: 8 feet wide by 5 feet long

Weight Capacity: 1,200 pounds

Price: Starts at $3,995

The Swivelwheel-58 Dual Wheel’s frame is on tubular steel, and the decking material is three-quarter-inch treated, painted plywood.

The golf cart carrier has six tie-down locations, three in the front and three in the rear. You can load your golf cart with the three-piece ramp system. In addition, it has Department of Transportation (DOT) lighting.

Swivelwheel-58 Dual Wheel golf cart carrier attached to an RV
Source: Cruiser Lift

Highest Rated: Mighty Hauler 1200G Golf Cart Carrier

Size: 8 feet wide by 5 feet long

Weight Capacity: 1,200 pounds

Price: $2,895

The Mighty Hauler 1200G Golf Cart Carrier hangs suspended from an RV with two receivers that attach to the frame. Additionally, a two-inch receiver at the end of the platform allows you to flat tow an additional 5,000 pounds.

The platform comprises of steel diamond plate, which makes for slip-resistant loading and unloading. In addition, the carrier has tail lights and a wiring harness.

A Mighty Hauler Golf Cart carrier attached to an RV
Source: Mighty Hauler

Budget Friendly: Mighty Hauler 750P Cricket

Size: 35 inches wide by 60 inches long

Weight Capacity: 750 pounds

Price: $2,050

The Mighty Hauler 750P Cricket comes from one piece of steel with reinforcements under the platform. And like the Mighty Hauler 1200G, it has a receiver on the end so that you can also flat tow a vehicle behind the carrier.

The carrier has a ramp for loading and can hold a maximum of 750 pounds. In addition, it has 13 integrated tie-down points and 3-inch sides to prevent from driving off the sides when loading.

A Mighty Hauler Golf Cart carrier attached to an RV
Source: Mighty Hauler

Take Your Golf Cart With You Around the Country

An RV golf cart carrier is the perfect way to take your golf cart on your travels. Having a golf cart along can be convenient, fun, and necessary in some situations. Many RV parks allow golf carts in the park and even to area attractions. 

Let us know if you use one of the carriers on our list. We’d enjoy hearing how you like it.

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