What Is the Best RV Forum?

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An RV forum or message board is a great place on the internet to learn more about the nomad lifestyle, get help with problems or questions, find parts for sale, and much more. You get to share your exact question and instead of companies trying to sell you a solution, you get responses from other RVers directly. But with so many boards around, which ones should you choose?

Let’s take a closer look at the best RV forums.

What Is an RV Forum? 

A forum is an online meeting place, typically centered around one main topic. Forums were popular before the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit and remain popular today for many people. 

RV forums all have a central topic: RVs. From there, topics can include how-to’s, maintenance, driving, decorating, and so much more. Here are some of the best RV-related message boards on the internet today!

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5 Best RV Forums for All RVers

No matter what you’re looking for in a forum, you should be able to find it here. Check out our five favorite forums.

RV Network

RV Network is an RV forum created and run by Escapees RV Club. It has hundreds of thousands of posts and comments on topics related to every aspect of RVing. This forum is very active, with hundreds of users stopping by daily.

Popular topics on RV Network include “Beginning RVing,” “HDT (Heavy Duty Trucks),” and “General RVing Information.” You can join for free without an Escapees membership.


iRV2 is an RVing message board owned by the RV Life Network. iRV2 has more than 280,000 members and 5 million posts. This board has been around for many years, but the RV Life Network acquired it in 2020. 

Popular threads on this RV Forum include “COVID-19 Discussions,” “Class A Motorhomes,” “Camping Locations, Plans, & Trip Reports,” and more. Membership to iRV2 is free.

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RV.net is a popular RVing forum owned by the Good Sam organization. This forum has thousands of members and threads on all topics related to RVing. You can find many threads related to the Good Sam Club membership products and services on this forum, too. 

The RV.Net forum is free to register for and use. Popular topics include “Class A Motorhomes,” “RV Parks, Campgrounds, & Attractions,” and “Technology Corner.” 


RVForum.net is a free message board membership site that has been around for more than 25 years. This is one of the oldest RV forums on the internet. It has thousands of members and, as you can imagine, topics on all aspects of the RVing lifestyle. 

In addition to regular forum discussion topics, RVForum.net also has classifieds. Users can browse many items for sale, including RVs, RV accessories, campground memberships, and much more. 


RVForums.com is a newcomer, but it has a very active user base and threads on many different RVing topics. This RV forum hosts threads, classifieds, and much more. RVForums.com is one of the easiest message boards to navigate, with every topic located in drop-down menus at the top of the page. Popular threads include “General Discussions,” motorhome type/class threads, and more. 

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Facebook Groups Are Helpful, Too!

Facebook groups can be incredibly helpful, too. For those already on the platform, we recommend checking out some of these popular RVing Facebook groups. Groups aren’t as easily navigable as forums, but when you use the “search” function, you can look for any topic ever posted in the group. 

Some of the most popular RVing Facebook Groups include: 

Branded RV Forums for Owners

Just as there are hundreds of different RV brands, there are hundreds of different branded message boards. To find RV forums for your specific brand, Google your brand name and “forums,” i.e., “Airstream Forums.” You might be surprised at just how many are out there.

RV Forums Help Solve Problems and Build Community

RVing forums are great places to learn more about RVing, the best RV accessories, great places to camp, and much more. You can make some great friends, too! 

Message boards like Escapees RV Club and RVForum.net arrange events at different times of year around the country. These events are great places to learn more about RVing and meet your forum friends.

We recommend checking out multiple RVing forums to find one that fits your personality best. And, who knows, you might like being a member of several. Have you ever joined an RV forum?

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