How to Update Your Old RV Dinette Cushion Covers

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Close up of rv dinette cushion covers

Whether your RV is brand new or a couple of decades old, your RV dinette cushion covers may need an update.

It was one of the first things we added to our to-do list when we started our truck camper renovation project. Luckily, there are several methods for updating your RV dinette cushion covers.

Today, we’ll walk you through how you can update your old RV dinette cushion covers and give them new life. Let’s get started!

What Are RV Dinette Cushion Covers?

Many RV manufacturers install dinettes in the dining areas of their RVs. The seating areas typically utilize a set of cushions to provide a bit of comfort on the benches, typically made from wood.

Some of these dinettes use the dinette cushions to transform into additional sleeping space. As these cushions age, the fabrics can dull, padding can break down, and they fail to get the job done.

What Kind of Fabric Is Best for Camper Cushions?

Manufacturers previously installed a variety of thick and rough fabrics on cushions. While they may have been rather durable, they were less than comfortable.

Most modern manufacturers have found that marine-grade fabrics are best for camper cushions. They’re soft enough to be comfortable, tough enough to withstand abuse, and easy to clean.

If you plan to RV with kids or pets, you’ll want to look for a marine-grade fabric when updating your camper cushions. We went with the Outdoor Fabric 54″ Black from Joann and love the finished product!

It’s not only comfortable, but it’s resistant to stains, mildew, and UV rays. We can easily wipe up any messes and keep it looking like new.

How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster RV Cushions?

The cost to reupholster RV cushions will depend on how many cushions you want to update in your RV and the fabric you choose.

A typical RV dinette will use two cushions for the back and two for the seat. A typical RV cushion will require approximately four yards of material per cushion.

For the fabric we chose, this would equate to approximately $60 per cushion or $240 in total. You’ll also need to factor in the materials for securing the fabric for the cushions in your RV.

If you’re planning to go the DIY route, your costs will likely be $10 or $15. However, if you’re frequently doing DIY projects, you may already have everything you need at home.

Can You Replace the Foam in RV Dinette Cushions?

The foam inside your RV dinette cushions can break down and become less comfortable. Luckily, you can replace the foam inside of your cushions. You can use online resources like FoamOnline to find an almost identical piece of foam to replace your dinette cushion.

You can also find options at Home Depot and Amazon if you want to go the DIY route. Make sure you pay attention to the dimensions of the foam to minimize any cuts you’ll need to make.

To ensure you get a clean cut, you might consider buying a foam cutter for this project.

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Benefits of Updating RV Dinette Cushion Covers

It doesn’t matter how old your RV dinette cushion covers are; updating them has several benefits. Let’s see why you might want to consider updating the cushions in your rig.

Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive

Updating the RV dinette cushion covers in your rig is a quick, easy, and inexpensive update that you can make to your rig.

Once you select your fabric and the necessary materials, this is a project you can tackle in a few hours in most situations. You don’t have to dedicate a weekend to the project or clear too much of your schedule. 

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Adds Color to Your RV

We’re not sure why, but RV manufacturers appear to enjoy dark colors. The deep brown fabrics and wood colors inside rigs create a less-than-exciting or home-like environment.

Luckily, you can brighten up the interior of your RV by updating your dinette cushion covers. You can pick a lighter fabric to replace whatever dark color the manufacturer chose for your rig.

Gives Your RV Some Character

RV manufacturers can crank out RVs quickly because they’ve got the cookie-cutter process down to a science. As a result, many RVs out there look like yours on the inside and out.

However, updating your RV dinette cushion covers can allow you to create a unique look and feel for your rig. It can showcase your personality and give the rig some character. 

Tips to Update Your Old RV Dinette Cushion Covers

There are several ways you can update your old RV dinette cushion covers. Here are some tips you should remember when bringing your dinette cushion covers back to life.

Sew Your Own RV Dinette Cushion Covers

If you know how to use a sewing machine, you can create cushion covers yourself. This gives you the ability to make sure your cushions fit the exact dimensions of your cushions.

You can also build in zippers or velcro strips to make it easy to remove them when it’s time to wash them. If you’re good at sewing, you can create a set of cushion covers that look just as good (if not better) as the ones that came with your rig.

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An rv dinette cushion covers being sewed on

Use Fabric Glue

Sewing skills are not something that everybody has. However, we’ve all been using glue since we were little kids. Luckily, you can typically find fabric glue at just about any place you’re buying fabric.

You may not be able to install a zipper using fabric glue, but you can close the seams with fabric glue or install velcro strips to hold the fabric in place. Using glue can be difficult as it’s permanent and may not hold up well when it goes through the wash.

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Safety Pins to the Rescue

Sometimes you’ll use what you’ve got, which includes safety pins. They can do a great job holding things in place, including fabric. You can pull the fabric and keep it tight by pinning it with them.

However, remember that you’ll be sitting on these cushions, which could bend the safety pins and cause them to unfasten. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a quick fix or want to regularly update the fabrics or materials you use in your RV.  

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Close up of an rv dinette cushion covers

Staple Fabric to Plywood

If your cushions use plywood behind the padding, you can use staples to hold the fabric in place.

You’ll want to pull the fabric tight and then attach the new material with a staple gun. This is a great option as it keeps the fabric tight and is relatively easy to remove if you decide you don’t like the way it looks.

However, it won’t be easy to remove if you need to wash it. If you’re going this route, you’ll want to ensure you get a waterproof outdoor fabric so you can easily wipe it clean.

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Bassinet Sheets and Mattress Clips

Depending on the size of your cushions, you may be able to find a set of sheets that matches them. Some RVers have found bassinet sheets that almost perfectly fit the cushions on their rig.

You can use mattress clips to hold the sheet in place and avoid slipping on or off the cushion. This method is great if you can find sheets to fit your cushions and want the ability to wash and maintain the sheets.

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Tuck Extra Fabric

You don’t have to overthink it when it comes to updating your RV dinette cushion covers. Some RVers use the tuck method for the extra fabric for their cushions.

Simply tuck the fabric under the cushion and keep it tight. Ensure there’s enough extra fabric to tuck under. Not having long enough fabric could result in a frustrating battle to keep it tucked.

Stretch-to-Fit Cushion Covers

While your color and design options may be limited, you can find a variety of stretch-to-fit covers to fit your needs. These stretchy fabrics will wrap around your cushion and create a snug fit.

You can easily remove them to clean them, and you won’t have to worry about fabric bunching up. If you can find a cover that works with the dimensions of your cushion, this can be a fantastic option to consider.

Give New Life to Your RV Dinette Cushion Covers

Updating your old RV dinette cushions doesn’t have to be a stressful or time-consuming project. You can quickly transform your cushions with a fresh new look that brightens the interior of your RV and gives your RV some character.

If you’re tired of the drab old look and feel in your RV, update those old RV dinette cushion covers with a bit of style and class.

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