Where to Find the Best RV Couch Replacements

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view of an RV living room with an RV couch replacement

When you buy an RV –new or used – the last thing you want to do is spend even more money.

But sometimes, the standard RV furniture just won’t cut it. Whether you’re looking for a pop of color, need a more comfortable option, or want a piece of furniture that doubles as a storage solution, you can find many RV couch replacement options. 

Let’s look at a few so you can make your house on wheels feel like a home!

Can You Change the Furniture in an RV?

You can absolutely change the furniture in an RV. However, you have to do so with some forethought and care. 

You can’t just put any type of furniture in a vehicle that’s going to go 60 miles per hour down the interstate. So let’s look at what you can and can’t put in an RV if you’re looking for an RV couch replacement.

Can You Put Residential Furniture in an RV?

It’s possible but often not practical to put residential furniture in an RV. The biggest concern comes down to weight. 

RV furniture tends to be lighter than residential options have different designs to fit different spaces. They have more slender arms and thinner backs, so they work better in an RV.

Plus, you have to secure furniture when in transit. You’ll have more difficulty strapping down a Lazyboy recliner in a Class A motorhome when it’s time to move.

And this can pose a huge safety concern. Should you be involved in an accident, you don’t want a piece of furniture flying through the air.

Why Replace Your RV Furniture?

Often, RVers replace older furniture that has worn out. Or they prefer a more modern look or need to replace a broken reclining sofa. 

Sometimes they need more space or a different layout based on the needs of their family. So they find a small IKEA chaise to replace a huge tri-fold sofa.

Another reason for replacing RV furniture is to find a more comfortable piece. Perhaps the sofa that came with the fifth wheel is stiff, and the owners want something more plush. RVers have many reasons to choose to find replacements for their standard RV furniture.

Old RV couches bat a dining table before being replaced

Things to Consider When Replacing RV Furniture

As mentioned earlier, weight is the biggest concern when replacing RV furniture.

If you need an RV couch replacement in the slide of a mid-bunk fifth wheel, you can’t pick any type of sofa to replace it with. It needs to have about the same weight or lighter to not overload the slide.

You also can’t put too much weight on one side of the RV. If you want to remove a dinette and sofa and replace it with a huge five-seater sofa, you must ensure that the side of the RV won’t outweigh the other. This can cause problems with sway and potential issues overloading axles and tires.

Additionally, you must take accurate measurements. This doesn’t only include taking correct measurements for when you extend the recliner or for when the slides come in on travel day. Part of the measuring also means considering how you’ll get the new furniture into the RV.

For Class A motorhomes, you often need to remove the windshield to take out and put in furniture. Or you may have a wide enough door, but you’ll have to take a weird angle. And even then the couch might fit through but won’t make the turn into the living space.

Finally, you must consider the Department of Transportation regulations for motorhomes about securing RV furniture. You have to ensure your new furniture complies with these laws. 

Even for towables, you must ensure you can securely tie down or attach the furniture when traveling. No one wants a couch crashing into the glass of an electric fireplace on a moving day.

Where to Find the Best RV Couch Replacements

If you need an RV couch replacement, we have several great options.

Some of these are RV-specific and cater to RVers, so you know you’ll find lightweight furniture that you can easily install. Other options have light residential couches that travel well in an RV.

Bradd & Hall

Bradd and Hall is a well-known supplier of quality RV seating and has all types of couches available. For 40 years, the company has provided RV furniture to manufacturers. They also offer professional installation in Elkhart, Ind., at their showroom. 

In addition, it provides a one-year manufacturer warranty and a company one-year warranty. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can ask for a refund, including shipping, if applicable.

Inside an RV with an RV couch replacement


RecPro supplies all kinds of products to RV manufacturers. The company started adding furniture to its product line over a decade ago. 

You’ll find sleeper, jackknife, tri-fold sofas, and standard sofas. Since it’s constantly shipping to manufacturers, the ordering and shipping process should be easy when dealing with RecPro. It also offers two-year, three-year, and five-year warranties on various products.


Like RecPro, Lippert is a well-known supplier in the RV industry. The Thomas Payne Collection is often installed standard on many RVs. 

If you have an older model and want a newer RV couch replacement, the high-quality, comfortable Thomas Payne Collection is a go-to for many travelers. You can find recliners, sofas, and theater seating.

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Coach Supply Direct

Another supplier located just north of Elkhart, Ind., is Coach Supply Direct. Catering to motorhomes, this company has a range of reclining sofas, J-lounges, love seats, standard sofas, and theater seats. 

Coach Supply Direct has served the RV industry for more than 20 years, so you know you’re buying from a solid company.

Discount RV Furniture

For over 50 years, Discount RV Furniture has built custom furniture from sofas to captain’s chairs to benches. You’ll get a three-year warranty for the frames and a one-year warranty on the rest. 

And because they can custom-make furniture to fit your RV, you can design practically anything that suits your travel lifestyle. This also means they can make furniture DOT-compliant if necessary.

A man sleeping on his RV couch replacement


Shop4Seats is located in California, which is ideal for travelers looking for an RV couch replacement in that part of the country.

The company offers complete packages for total remodels and sofa accessories for RVers looking to add conveniences like a powered tablet holder, a wine glass holder, a swivel tray, or extra storage.


The previous five companies specifically design furniture for RVs. IKEA offers residential furniture. However, the lightweight and multifunctional design of many products makes this company ideal for RV owners. 

If you want an RV couch replacement, you can usually find cheaper alternatives at IKEA than some of the other RV-specific brands. 

Often, these pieces offer additional storage solutions like sleeper sofas with storage underneath. You just need to know how to secure the furniture for travel. 

IKEA’s furniture also comes unassembled, so you don’t have to worry about how to get it in your entry door. However, its couches aren’t rated for RV use, so over time, they may wear down faster than RV-specific options.

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Facebook Marketplace

Finally, Facebook Marketplace can make a great option for travelers on a budget. When looking for an RV couch replacement, you can search specifically for RV couches other travelers have taken out. 

Some are practically brand new. You can also search for lightweight options not necessarily designed for RVs but won’t overload a slide or put too much weight on one side of your RV.

A grey RV couch replacement

What Do You Do With the Old RV Couch?

As mentioned above, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to try to sell your old RV couch. Someone else may look to change out their furniture as well. 

You can also turn to Craigslist and post pictures and an ad for your old RV couch.

Or you may choose to donate your used furniture to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or another local organization to support the community. Especially if you don’t need the money, these charities would love to take a couch in good condition.

Make an RV Upgrade With an RV Couch Replacement

An RV couch replacement might be a simple process or take months. Depending on what you’re looking for, how much you can spend, and whether or not you’re custom-building the furniture will determine how long it’ll take. 

Additionally, if you order from an RV supplier, you could quickly receive a couch in stock. But if you want to save money and search Facebook Marketplace, it might take longer to find the perfect piece.

But don’t be afraid to upgrade your RV furniture. You want your house on wheels to feel like home. Just take the proper precautions mentioned earlier to ensure you’ll travel safely. Are you looking for an RV couch replacement?

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  1. Some of the best RV furniture we’ve found is in Shipshewana, IN at Lambright Custom Chairs. This Amish family builds their furniture right there in their own factory. We’ve found them to be well built and long lasting. They will even help you remove the old and install the new.

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