Your Guide to RV Bed Lift Systems

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Storage space in an RV doesn’t come in abundance. When you pack for a weekend camping trip, you might wonder where everything will go. So to maximize interior storage space, many RV brands install bed lift systems.

But even if your particular RV doesn’t have one, this is a system you can install aftermarket to gain more precious storage space. Let’s learn more about a bed lift system and how it can benefit your camping experience!

What Are RV Bed Lift Systems?

RV bed lift systems increase storage space, which is important considering an RV’s small interior square footage. 

It can look like a box frame underneath the bed for storage or a system that lifts the entire bed into the air. The latter option can create a play area for the kids or a workspace for the parents. 

Either way, the additional space is essential to enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Does Every RV Have a Bed Lift System?

Not every RV has a bed lift. For example, a travel trailer with a Murphy bed won’t have a lift system because the Murphy bed completely folds up to reveal a sofa or a dinette. It doesn’t have extra storage space underneath it.

Class Bs often don’t have any type of bed lift system either. Due to their smaller size, there’s no room to install such a system. And often, smaller rigs have convertible spaces instead of a separate sleeping area.

But many RVs do have some type of bed lift system. Whether it’s a Class A motorhome or a fifth wheel, you’ll find that most larger rigs have additional storage due to these systems.

What Are the Advantages of Having an RV Bed Lift System?

The biggest advantage of having a bed lift system is the extra storage space. Storage solutions are critical to enjoying the RV lifestyle. So additional space is a great perk for RVers.

If you have an electronic lift system in the rear of a toy hauler, you have multi-functional space. You can have an office or craft room underneath the bed. 

At night, you lower the bed to sleep, and in the morning, you raise the bed and have a whole other multi-purpose room.

What Are the Disadvantages of Having an RV Bed Lift System?

Any time you have another RV system, it’s something else that could break. This disadvantage is usually something RVers don’t mind to have extra storage. But it’s still something to keep in mind. 

An electronic bed lift system has motors and wires that could go bad. A second disadvantage is the difficulty in getting to the storage spaces. 

Raising the bed to get out a Camelback hiking bag isn’t as convenient as grabbing the bag out of a drawer or closet. RV beds can also be cumbersome to lift up.

In addition, if you need to work and your spouse is ready for bed, the electronic bed lift system won’t do you much good. Once the bed is down, the space underneath isn’t functional until you raise it again.

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Two Types of RV Bed Lift Systems

As already mentioned, there are two bed-lift systems. The bed frame attachment is the most common. You’ll find this in all types of RVs. The electronic system is usually found in toy haulers and sometimes in Class Bs.

Attaches to Bed Frame to Lift the Mattress

You could install a simple RV bed lift system aftermarket if your RV didn’t initially come with one. A mechanism fastens onto the bed frame, which then lifts the mattress to expose storage space below.

If you want a bed in a permanent location and don’t mind lifting it up to reach the storage underneath, this is a great option.

Electronically Lifts to Suspend Off the Floor

You can also install an electronic bed lift system aftermarket. If yours fails or you want to upgrade to a different system, you can find several brands offering this type. 

A motorized or pulley system lifts the entire bed off the floor, suspending it in the air close to the ceiling. This provides access to the space below it. When it’s time to go to bed, the system lowers the bed back down.

Which RV Bed Lift System Is Better?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for bed lift systems. First, some RVs have no capabilities for an electronic system. Your rig has to be set up a certain way to really take advantage of this type of system.

Other RVers aren’t physically able to lift their RV mattress, so a bed frame attachment won’t help. If you can’t get to the storage space created, then it’s useless. So you have to choose the lift system that suits your needs and abilities and fits your RV type.

Can You Install an Aftermarket RV Bed Lift System?

As mentioned above, you can install either RV bed lift system aftermarket. You might want to replace the original with an upgraded one. Lippert Components, HappiJac, Hatch Lift, and Camping World sell these kits. You can also buy a hatch lift kit on Amazon for $70. 

Hatchlift Products RV Bedlift Kit - Queen – Standard Mattress
  • Bed lift Kits are NOT REPLACEMENT SPRINGS. For new installation - Recreational Vehicles Only. No Foam Mattresses
  • Order the correct kit for your CURRENT RV BED. Do not order for a "future" mattress upgrade or adding a pillow topper...

However, this isn’t an install you’ll want to complete yourself. Have an extra set of hands to help with the installation process. 

Additionally, installing a motorized system may require you to take the RV to a shop because of the electrical work. It can also be difficult to securely mount the lift without proper tools and help.

How Much Do RV Bed Lift Systems Cost?

Obviously, a bed frame attachment will cost much less than a motorized system. The bed lift kit mentioned above from Amazon costs $70. 

But just a HappiJac motor for a motorized RV bed lift system costs over $500 from Lippert. This complete kit from Pleasure Land Surplus Store costs $2,000.

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f Pleasure Land Surplus Store RV bed lift
Source: Pleasure Land Surplus Store

Increase Your Storage or Living Space With an RV Bed Lift System

Depending on your needs and space, installing an upgraded bed lift system or installing one for the first time is a great way to increase storage and living space. 

Once you raise your bed in the morning, imagine the extra room you have to eat, work, and play. Or when you want to pack a few items you don’t regularly need, like ski gear or hiking poles, you can put them underneath the bed to get them out of the way.

Do you have an RV bed lift system? What advantages do you enjoy because of it?

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