Why You Should Upgrade Your RV AC Filter

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Your RV AC filter serves the important purpose of protecting the inner workings of your rooftop air-conditioner. That’s why an AC filter upgrade is one of the most important RV improvements you can make. It’ll lead to a longer life for that particular appliance, healthier air, and greater peace of mind. Let’s dig in to see more about these filters and which ones are best as upgrades.

Do RV Air Conditioners Have Filters?

Yes! RV air conditioners have come with filters since the dawn of ACs in RVs. The RVing lifestyle often involves exploring the outdoors where dust, pollen, and more are prevalent in the air. Your filters prevent this stuff from getting into your cooled air. 

Where Is My RV Air Filter?

Your RV air filter generally sits under the AC vent cover on the inside of your RV. To access the filter(s), simply unscrew your entire AC vent cover and drop it down. The filter(s) should be visible right away.

Many RV air conditioners feature two filters, one on either side of the vent cover. You can also consult your RV owner’s manual for the exact location and specs for your model of AC. 

How Often Should You Change Your RV AC Filter? 

You should change your AC filter after 150-400 hours of use. That’s a wide time range, however. Where you fall will depend on the areas you camp in. For example, if you tend to camp in areas with wetter climates and less dust, you can push more toward 400 hours of use before replacing your AC filter. If you love desert camping, you should cheat toward replacing your filter(s) after just 150 hours of use because of the dust floating around those parts. You should also clean your air filter every 30 days to maximize its lifespan. 

Benefits of Upgrading Your RV AC Filter

Factory filters keep debris out of your AC but not necessarily out of your RV’s interior. Upgrading to a more advanced filter will offer you several benefits. 

First, you can buy filters that will last longer than your stock variety. Second, you can upgrade to a filter that will remove odors, allergens, and more from your air. And finally, you can upgrade to filters that lengthen the life of your AC. 

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What to Look for When Upgrading Your RV AC Filter

Upgrading your filter is an affordable choice that offers a number of benefits. There are many varieties of filters out there, so it’s important to know what you should look for when shopping for upgraded filtration. 


AC filters usually aren’t one-size-fits-all. While you can cut some to size, others are specifically shaped for certain brands. Ideally, you’ll want to look for a pre-cut filter for your specific air conditioner. 

Length of Use 

One of the best reasons for upgrading your RV AC filter is to increase its lifespan. Upgraded filters will usually offer more longevity than the factory variety, but it’s important to confirm this for any upgraded filter you’re looking at. 

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Filtering Capabilities 

Will your new filter remove allergens? Odors? Pollutants? Many upgraded filters do just that. This RV modification is an opportunity to create better air quality for you and your family. 

Filters are rated based on Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERVs) that report a filter’s ability to capture particles. MERV ratings range from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter will be at capturing particles in the air. 

The Best RV AC Filters 

We took the top features to look for -— size, length of use, and filtering capabilities — and searched for our list of the best air-conditioner filters. You can check it out below to find the best filter for you. 

1. FilterTime Allergen RV Air Filter, 6” x 16” 

This filter is a plug-and-play replacement for the filters in one of the most common RV ACs on the market, the Coleman Mach 2 AC. It’ll filter out allergens like pet dander, pollen, and dust. FilterTime was co-founded by NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Blake Koch. 

2. RV Air AC 135G Air Filter, 16″ x 4″ 

RV Air prides itself on providing simple solutions to help you breathe easier in your RV. This filter will fit many standard RV ACs and provides upgraded allergen protection within your rig. It’s specifically designed to fit many Coleman model RV air conditioners.

3. RV Air AC Filter Replacement, 14″ x 7.5″ 

This is another version of an RV Air brand filter that fits many units on the market today. It will filter out pollen, pet dander, and more. This works great for RV air conditioners that feature a wider filtration system. 

Man changing his RV AC filter inside his RV.

4. Mission Automotive RV AC Filter, 14” x 7.5” 

The Dometic Duo-Therm air conditioner is a common AC in RVs. This filter is a drop-in replacement for Dometic’s factory filters that’ll reduce allergens in your camper.

Pro Tip: Make your AC filter last by cleaning it correctly. Here’s how to clean your RV air conditioner filter

Mission Automotive 2-Pack MERV 6 Rated RV AC Filter replacement for Dometic Duo Therm Air Conditioner-Filters 3313107.103/3105012.003 - Made in USA - Camper AC Filter for Cleaner Air
  • Exact Fit For Your Dometic AC -- Skip the frustration of generic options. Mission Automotive's compatible Dometic AC...
  • Fresh Air For Your RV -- During your trip, dirt, pet dander, and other particles build up in your living space. This...

5. RV Air Conditioner Filter Replacement, Cut to Size 

Sometimes you’ll find that you have a filter that doesn’t fit the standard mold in terms of size. Cut-to-size filters like this one are perfect in that situation. This particular filter provides great allergen-reducing upgrades. You can cut it to fit even the most unique AC design. 

RV A/C Air Condition Filters Replacement/Air Conditioner Filters Replace, Can Cut to Fit Air Conditioner Filters, 16" x 39.3"x 1/4"
  • AC Air filter pad, sized 16 x 39.3 x 1/4 inch, designed for RV A/C units.
  • This filter can be custom-cut to ensure compatibility with models such as Coleman 6798A3761, Winnebago 108892-01-703,...

Breathe Easy With a New RV AC Filter

Upgrading your AC filter is one of the most affordable and easy upgrades you can make to your camping lifestyle. You can dramatically improve the air you breathe, lengthen the lifespan of your air conditioner, and do less maintenance on your rig. That’s why we think every RVer should breathe more easily with this quick fix. 

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