Who Makes Runaway Campers?

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A runaway camper being towed by a jeep for off-roading
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Brands like Keystone, Grand Design, Forest River, and Coachmen are common names for travelers who stay at developed campgrounds and RV resorts.

But for those who prefer to stay off-grid, go off-road, and get away from the amenities of campgrounds, only a few brands deliver the type of trailer or RV capable of handling such terrain, such as Runaway Campers. 

Let’s learn about this company and why you might want to consider it for your next trailer purchase.

About Runaway Campers

With the slogan “America’s most affordable mini-camper,” Runaway Campers isn’t just about off-road traveling. The company prides itself on building a quality trailer that won’t break the bank. 

Over the years, the customers, employees, and management team have created a family. Hosting rallies and get-togethers across the country, Runaway Campers is a small but dedicated company providing the best experience for its owners.

The company manufactures four campers that range from a starting price of $5,995 to $11,945. The Venturist is the fully off-grid capable trailer, but the CoolCamp is the most popular. 

The units come in three sizes — 4 by 8 feet, 6 by 8 feet, or 6 by 7 feet. It’s an empty shell, so owners can create an interior that is all their own.

Runaway Campers also offers customization options like a front cargo rack, a roof rack, a rear door, an awning, and more. Owners can truly make this empty trailer precisely what they need for a fun camping adventure.

A runaway camper attached to a jeep
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Who Owns Runaway Campers?

Stephen Shives and his father-in-law, Robert Lane, started Runaway Campers in 2012, which is a family-run Christian business. 

This duo established a mission to “honor God by operating our business according to Christian principles, offer the best value possible to our customers, show genuine concern for our community, and encourage people to live life to the fullest.” 

Runaway Campers is also a debt-free company.

Where Are Runaway Campers Made?

Manufacturing for Runaway Campers happens off Highways 441 and 500 in Summerfield in central Florida. 

It’s a little over an hour northwest of Orlando and about an hour south of Gainesville. It’s easily accessible off SE 129 Place across the street from Masters Golf Cars.

The Runaway Campers Lineup

The four different trailers vary in size and price. But almost any vehicle can tow them. You don’t have to invest in a heavy-duty truck, or even a truck at all, to enjoy a weekend camping adventure.


Size: 4 by 8 feet

Weight: 580 pounds

Features: The most popular trailer by Runaway Campers, the CoolCamp is also the lightest at less than 600 pounds. However, depending on the add-ons, this weight may increase. 

The interior space has a rear sofa bed and a shelf above the 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit in the front. Standard features include diamond plate fenders, dual folding stabilizers, two tinted windows with screens, and more. 

It has fully welded square steel tube frame construction, solid wall construction, and a white fiberglass exterior with aluminum trim. 

If you’d like to add on to your CoolCamp, you can choose from options like extra interior shelves, a thru-the-wall TV coax connector, and an 11-pound propane tank and mount for a more comfortable camping trip.
Starting price:


Size: 6 by 8 feet

Weight: 765 pounds

Features: The RangeRunner is a wider version of the CoolCamp trailer. At 6 by 8 feet, you have more interior space for a family to climb in and enjoy a weekend camping excursion. 

Because of the blank slate interior, you can create your own sleeping arrangements. It’s wide enough for a queen mattress, a combination of a full and twin bed, or multiple twins. Like the CoolCamp, the RangeRunner has a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit in the front with a shelf above it. 

And it has an additional rear window for even more natural light. It doesn’t have a sofa bed and a second entry door on the driver’s side of the unit. The RangeRunner has the same quality as the CoolCamp and can include additional options.

Starting price:

Keep in Mind: Did you know inflatable campers are a thing? This new technology is truly an overlander’s dream come true!


Size: 4 by 8 ft and 6 by 8 ft options

Weight: 850 to 1,050 pounds

Features: The most unique trailer by Runaway Campers is the overlanding Venturist mini camper. It comes in two sizes. The 4-by-8-foot unit comes with only one side door, while the 6-by-8-foot one comes with both a left and right side door. 

These units come with a Timbren axle-less full independent suspension, electric brakes, 17-inch Alpha Wheels, 33-inch BFG all-terrain tires, and custom-made fenders. These enhancements create over 20 inches of ground clearance to enjoy off-roading to the fullest. 

The Venturist also has a black powder-coated front diamond plate and a front air conditioning unit. Like the other trailers, you can add options to customize your Venturist.

Starting price: $9,650 to $11,945


Size: 6 by 7 feet

Weight: 840 pounds

Features: Finally, the Rouser is the only stand-up trailer made by Runaway Campers. Unlike the other units, you don’t have to crawl into the Rouser. 

Like the RangeRunner, you can choose multiple sleeping arrangements because of the wider size. It has one entry door on the passenger side and two 30-by-30-inch tinted windows. 

Built with the same quality as the CoolCamp and RangeRunner models, the only difference is the interior height of the Rouser, which is 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches. The exterior height measures 7 feet 3 inches.

Starting price:

What Makes Runaway Campers Unique?

The trailers manufactured by Runaway Campers are empty shells, which makes them ideal for campers who want to fully customize the interior. 

You can add a bean bag chair, futon, or air mattress. Put up more shelves or add a small nightstand. Depending on the type of adventuring you’ll do and the number of people going with you, you can create a fully functional space for your experience. 

Plus, with additional options like a 7-gallon outdoor Road shower, Rhino Rack roof baskets, and a front cargo rack, you can also make the exterior suit your camping needs.

Pro Tip: Are you unsure about what RV size you should get? See How To Determine The Best RV Size For Your Needs

Is Runaway Campers a Good Company?

Considering that Runaway Campers is a debt-free, family-run Christian business, you can trust that decisions are carefully thought out with customers in mind. When you purchase from Runaway Campers, you become part of the family, and they treat you as such. 

So when you’re ready to purchase an empty shell that you can customize and make all your own without breaking the bank, consider Runaway Campers.

Whether you’re an overlander or just enjoy a trip to a local state park, you’ll find one of these units to suit your camping needs.

Would you consider a trailer from Runaway Campers?

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  1. I have a Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup 16BHSBL with the adventure package which has 15” wheels, extra leaf springs, knobby tires and is lifted slightly. I have been off grid many times, camping in the mountains as well as the beaches in Baja. For a 21’ trailer it kicks butt. Nobody wants to live in a tiny trailer like the ones you posted but those are good for a weekend warrior

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