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A Romotow trailer parked outside
Source: Romotow

If you walk through a large RV lot, it can feel like manufacturers have hit “copy” and “paste” on their keyboards during the manufacturing process. These cookie-cutter RVs all tend to look and feel the same. However, the Romotow breaks the mold and is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

This camper is for owners who enjoy turning heads when they pull into a campground. So is the Romotow one that you should consider for your next camper?

Today, we’re looking at the nitty-gritty of this unique trailer and the luxury features it includes. 

What Is the Romotow Trailer?

The Romotow trailer is a product of W2, a New Zealand ​​architectural and interior design firm. It features a unique design, unlike any luxury RV in the industry.

Aside from its unique shape, the main living space is on a swivel, which rotates 90 degrees at the press of a button to reveal a covered deck space.

W2 released the concept design in 2012 and announced in 2018 that they were moving forward with production. However, here we are, another half-decade later, and they’re finally taking orders.

This home on wheels offers everything you’d expect from an RV and more. The smooth and stylish camper proves that good things come to those who wait. However, you may find yourself waiting even longer unless you have a big pile of cash.

How Much Does the Romotow Cost?

As Romotow is a product of New Zealand, it’s no surprise that the price gets advertised in New Zealand Dollars. The $375,000 NZD converts to approximately $230,000 USD. However, the exchange rate is constantly changing, so you could pay more or less based on the time of your order.

In addition, you’d also have to consider the incredible expense of having such a large item shipped from New Zealand. Unfortunately, your free two-day shipping from Amazon Prime doesn’t do you any good here.

What Is the Most Expensive RV in the World?

The most expensive RV in the world is the Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo Superior, priced at over $3 million. This luxurious RV is a true engineering, design, and craftsmanship masterpiece. 

It features an aerodynamic and futuristic design, a spacious and elegantly appointed interior, and an array of high-end amenities and technologies.

The EleMMent Palazzo Superior includes features such as a full-size kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a spacious bedroom with a king-size bed, a home theater system, a roof terrace with a hot tub, and much more. 

It also features a cutting-edge LED lighting system, a top-of-the-line audio system, and other high-tech features that make it the ultimate luxury RV.

Benefits of the Romotow Trailer

As far as towable RVs, very few on the market sit in the $200,000 price range. That fact alone causes this rig to stand out from the crowd. But what are the benefits of the Romotow trailer? Let’s explore!

A Romotow trailer parked outside
Source: Romotow

Spacious Interior

The Romotow provides 290 square feet of living space and a large covered deck area with beautiful LED lighting. 

Engineers have perfectly pieced the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space that can comfortably house six people. A roof-mounted window brings in more light and helps to create a more spacious feeling inside the rig.

W2 maximizes its use of space by including a pop-up television, an outdoor pull-down projector screen, and built-in shutters, offering more privacy. They didn’t waste an inch and included bedside tables and a closet.

Easy to Tow and Park

At only 30.5 feet long and almost 11 feet tall, the Romotow isn’t a massive trailer. Its gross weight is just shy of 7,500 pounds. As a result, you won’t need a massive truck to haul this beauty.

You can easily park it in most campsites, including national and state parks. However, not all campsites are big enough for its most unique swiveling t-shaped feature. But if you do have the room, you can fully enjoy the incredible views of the landscapes around you from the deck or large wrap-around windows.

High-Quality Materials

The Romotow comes with a five-year structural warranty. It sits on top of a rigid mild steel RHS chassis and uses aluminum monocoque for the cabin structure. High-quality insulation and composite walls, floors, and roof help reduce exterior sound and climate control inside the rig.

In addition, the Tandem Cruisemaster ATX spring suspension provides an incredibly smooth ride no matter where you take it. It’s built to withstand mother nature and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Energy Efficient

The Romotow comes with 200Ah lithium batteries. This means you can power many electronics and appliances wherever you’re parked. And the LED lighting throughout the cabin and deck space makes your lithium batteries last even longer.

The 395W PV roof-mounted solar panel allows you to harness power of the sun to recharge your batteries. You can also upgrade to more batteries or solar panels to increase your ability to enjoy your Romotow just about anywhere.

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Stylish Design

If you think the Airstream has an incredible view out the front, the Romotow’s curved panoramic saloon glass windows may just beat it.

These massive wrap-around windows cover nearly half the living room wall. They provide plenty of light. You also get a roof window in the bathroom, providing natural light while you shower.

A Romotow trailer parked outside
Source: Romotow

Disadvantages of the Romotow Trailer

While it may be hard to believe, the Romotow trailer is far from perfect. In fact, there are equally as many things we like about this camper as things we don’t. Let’s consider some of the disadvantages of the Romotow.


It’s nearly impossible for us to overlook the $230,000+ price tag. This substantial amount of money makes this camper well beyond the reach for the average shopper. In addition, you’ll need to pay thousands of dollars in shipping if you live in the United States.

The Bowlus is equally impressive for those willing to spend $200,000+ on a camper in the United States. It comes with more features for less money. The Bowlus even includes one major climate-controlling device that the Romotow doesn’t include.

No Air Conditioner

You read that right; for $230,000, the Romotow doesn’t include an air conditioner. This optional upgrade is available to customers but doesn’t come as a standard feature. 

While we enjoy opening the doors and windows to get a good breeze flowing through the camper, that’s not always possible. Not coming with an air conditioner is a major strike against the Romotow for us.


Once you get the Romotow to the United States, good luck finding anyone to work on it. With its unique design and construction, finding a service department that wants to touch it will be hard. If you can, don’t expect it to come cheap.

Just like any RV, you should expect things to go wrong. However, with the Romotow being so new, it’s hard to know what to expect regarding maintenance and potential issues. 

Imagine if the hydraulic system that powers the rotation of the main living space fails, you could find yourself stuck in a frustrating situation.

A Romotow trailer parked outside
Source: Romotow

Uncertain Delivery Date

Currently, W2 is accepting pre-orders but has no confirmed shipping dates. Individuals can pay a $10,000 deposit to reserve their unit spot in the production queue. 

Thus, customers must pay a large sum without knowing how long production will take. It could be several months before they can have their Romotow loaded and shipped to them in the United States.

Incompatible With Many Campsites

While the Romotow has a unique design, it’s generally incompatible with the design of many campsites. The Romotow takes up a wider footprint than standard campers by rotating and extending over the edge.

Many campers with side decks often find that they can’t use them at some sites, which would also be true for Romotow owners. Especially if you often camp in wooded areas, you simply won’t have a wide enough space to use its most unique feature. 

Spending all that money on a camper and then struggling to find a parking space would be a shame.

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Is the Romotow Trailer Worth It?

The Romotow is a fantastic and futuristic-looking trailer. Whether or not it is worth the $200,000+ price tag remains to be seen. It looks like something we could imagine George Jetson camping in with his wife, kids, and a robot maid. 

However, we caution you to avoid holding your breath that you’ll see one at a campsite next to you soon. If they prove themselves reliable to their target markets of Australia and New Zealand, maybe we’ll see some in the United States in the next few years.

But what do you think? Do you want to see more unique travel trailers like this in the United States?

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