10 Best Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheels in 2024

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A The rear kitchen fifth wheel

Rear kitchen fifth wheel layouts have caught the attention of many RVers. If you’re considering one for your travels, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best rear kitchen fifth wheels for 2024.

We’re breaking down the top models to reduce your search time and pointing out some key features you should consider before making such a sizable purchase. Let’s hit the road!

What Is a Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheel?

A rear kitchen fifth wheel is a fifth wheel trailer with a kitchen in the back of the trailer, while the bedroom is usually at the front. This allows for a living space in between.

A fifth wheel is an RV with a hitch (considered the fifth wheel) that attaches it to the back of a powerful truck.

Outside shot of an Alliance Avenue fifth wheel with open storage bays.

Pros of a Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheel

There are many benefits to a rear kitchen fifth wheel. One of the most common benefits is having the kitchen in the back allows it to have a more defined space.

This lets you prepare meals without people walking back and forth through the kitchen area, as they would if the kitchen were in the middle of the rig.

In addition to having a more convenient kitchen, this also creates additional living space in the center of the trailer. The door is usually in the center of the forward area, improving traffic flow in and out of the RV.

Rear kitchens can open up the area to more or bigger windows. A rear kitchen trailer often gains a broad window, making for better views of your surroundings.

Cons of a Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheel

The most significant drawback cited by owners of a rear kitchen fifth wheel is how much the kitchen bounces around while traveling.

Fifth wheels tend to be rather long, which makes for a rough ride in the back end. All the jostling shakes things loose, from appliances to utensils and food items.

All the movement in the back end of a fifth wheel means you’ll need to spend more time securing items in the kitchen area. It may take longer to set up and pack. 

Many rear kitchen fifth wheels have slides that open up to create more functional space. This is a tremendous benefit when camping, but it can also make many areas of the rig, including the kitchen, inaccessible when the slides are in.

That can mean no access to a quick lunch or snack on travel days.

The Best Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheels in 2024

Thankfully, rear kitchen fifth wheels are making a come back in 2024. Many will be on the larger end of the spectrum, but there are smaller, easier-to-tow options to meet your needs.

We’d be surprised if one of these models doesn’t perfectly match your style. Let’s dive in!

1. 2024 New Horizons Majestic M40RKS

MSRP: Starting at $276,062
GVWR: 26,500 lbs
Length: 40 feet
Sleeps: 2

The New Horizons Majestic is one of the most luxurious rear kitchen fifth wheels on the market. The kitchen has plenty of counter space and an 18-cubic-foot residential refrigerator. Four slides open the interior to an incredible amount of roominess.

It has a custom-built chassis, hydraulic leveling system, all-wood cabinetry, massive storage tanks, and hydraulic slides. With its two-year hitch and bumper warranty, if it’s within your budget, the Majestic can be as luxurious as any sticks and bricks home.

The rear kitchen in a New Horizons Majestic M40RKS fifth wheel

2. 2024 Forest River Riverstone 39RKFB

MSRP: Starting at $184,962
GVWR: 19,084 lbs
Length: 42 feet 7 inches
Sleeps: 4

The Riverstone 39RKFB has a rear kitchen with an 18-cubic-foot refrigerator with French doors. It has a large microwave, stove, and dishwasher.

There is a convenient half bath off the main living area with a stackable washer and dryer. In addition, a king-sized bed is in the bedroom with a large private bathroom.

Personally, we love this floorplan, and if we ever went back into full-time RV life, this would be the rig we did it with. You can watch our tour of this model below.

3. Keystone Alpine 3910RK

MSRP: Starting at $119,121
GVWR: 16,500 lbs
Length: 42 feet 11 inches
Sleeps: 6

The Alpine series is Keystone’s line of luxury fifth wheel campers with a rear kitchen. The 3910RK’s kitchen has everything you need, including a separate entrance. This makes bring meals outside a breeze from the main entryway into the living area.

The kitchen has a four-burner stove, double-sided sink, tons of storage, and a residential refrigerator with an ice maker.

It touts features like on-demand hot water, smart RV controls, high ceilings, and almost 7-foot tall slideouts. There are two bathrooms, including a full on-suite bathroom with dual sinks.

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4. Dutchmen Yukon 399ML

MSRP: Starting at $132,427
GVWR: 16,800 lbs
Length: 42 feet 5 inches
Sleeps: 4

The Yukon 399ML is another incredible luxury option that touts truly residential-like 8-foot high interior ceilings and 7-foot tall slideout ceilings. The kitchen has a spacious 18-cubic-foot refrigerator, a pantry, ample counter space, and cabinetry.

There is a slideout off the living area with a large television and fireplace. The bedroom has a king-sized bed, a slideout, and an entertainment system.

The bathroom is a pass-through from the living space to the bedroom but has an enclosed toilet, so you don’t block off the walkway when using it.

A screenshot of the floorplan layout of the Yukon 300ML, which shows it is a rear kitchen fifth wheel

5. 2024 Forest River Arctic Wolf 23MLE

MSRP: Starting at $44,900
GVWR: 9,900 lbs
Length: 29′ 4″
Sleeps: 2

The Arctic Wolf 23MLE is a brand new floorplan for 2024 models, so we’re excited to see how it does. It may be at the smaller, more affordable end of the rear kitchen fifth wheel options, but it packs a punch for its size.

From its full kitchen with a large pantry and dinette to the main living space with theater seating, television, and an electric fireplace, it has a convenient layout. It also has a full bath separating the living room from the queen-sized bed and bedroom.

We love a small fifth wheel, and if you’re looking for tiny but mighty one, this floorplan has you covered.

6. 2024 Forest River Cardinal 23RK 

MSRP: Starting at $65,461
GVWR: 9,275 lbs
Length: 29 feet 4 inches
Sleeps: 2

The Cardinal Luxury 23RK kitchen has a 17-cubic-foot refrigerator accompanied by nearly all residential-grade construction and appliances. It has multiple slides opening to a massive living area.

The rig has two tri-fold sofas with theater seating, a half-bath with a washer/dryer, a king-sized bed in the slide-out bedroom, and a full en-suite bathroom with a residential shower and dual-sink vanity.

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7. 2024 Jayco North Point 380RKGS

MSRP: Starting at $145,718
GVWR: 16,955 lbs
Length: 42 feet 3 inches
Sleeps: Up to 8

Jayco truly maximizes the space in its North Point 380RKGS fifth wheel with an incredible number of slides to open up the rear kitchen, living area, and bedroom.

The rear kitchen has an 18-cubic-foot residential refrigerator, range, pantry, and all the other niceties you’d want. The bedroom is king-sized, from the bed to a walk-in closet.

However, what sets the North Point 380RKGS apart is the little things. It has thoughtful touches like a wooden pull-out spice rack and a 24 by 24-inch butcher block in the kitchen, doubling as a countertop extension. It also has 4K Smart TVs and a pop-up charger with a built-in wireless charger in the dining area.

8. 2024 DRV Mobile Suites 41RKDB

MSRP: Starting at $198,494
GVWR: 22,000 lbs
Length: 43 feet 1 inch
Sleeps: 5

DRV’s price tag is at the upper end of our list, but there are reasons for that. DRV promises the luxuries of a residential home in the Mobile Suites 41RKDB.

The rear kitchen sports a refrigerator with French doors, a residential dishwasher, a lighted pantry, and many highly polished countertops.

There are also dual residential recliners, two sofas, and a fireplace in the living area. The living room has a half bath. Your bedroom slides out to reveal a king-sized bed, a full bath with dual sinks, and a walk-in closet.

9. 2024 Alliance Paradigm 382RK

MSRP: Starting at $129,914
GVWR: 16,800 lbs
Length: 41 feet 6 inches
Sleeps: 6

Alliance does a great job of balancing price point and luxury with their Paradigm 382RK rear kitchen fifth wheel. Three slides open up the interior space to allow for a full kitchen that includes a 19-cubic-foot refrigerator, pantry, and floating dinette table.

The living space has two sleeper sofas, a love seat, a fireplace, a half bath, and a coat closet. The bedroom features a king-sized bed, flip-top dresser, full bath, and walk-in closet.

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10. 2024 Alliance Avenue 33RKS

MSRP: Starting at $88,122
GVWR: 13,995 lbs
Length: 34 feet 5 inches
Sleeps: 4

The Alliance Paradigm’s counterpart, Alliance Avenue, is a little lighter on the budget but fits a tremendous amount of luxury into a smaller footprint.

The rear kitchen in the Avenue 33RKS is smaller but includes a 16-cubic-foot refrigerator, a three-burner cooktop, and a floating dinette table.

The living area has dual theater seats and a tri-fold sofa bed and shares a full bath via the walkway to the bedroom. The bedroom houses a queen-sized bed with a spacious closet. 

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The kitchen in the Alliance Avenue 33RKS fifth wheel
Source: Alliance RV

Bonus: Previous Model for Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheels

The two options below are still great rear kitchen floorplans but are no longer being built for 2024. While they might be somewhat harder to find, you should be able to get a better deal on them.

Because they are dealer stock only, that means the dealers want them off their lots and are most likely willing to go down on the price significantly!

11. 2023 Forest River Arctic Wolf 261RK

MSRP: Starting at $57,766
GVWR: 11,525 lbs
Length: 30 feet 7 inches
Sleeps: 2

The Arctic Wolf 261RK may be at the smaller, more affordable end of the rear kitchen fifth wheel options, but it packs a punch for its size.

12. 2023 Forest River Cardinal Luxury 390FBX 

MSRP: Starting at $143,117
GVWR: 15,500 lbs
Length: 43 feet, 3 inches
Sleeps: Up to 6

It appears Forest River no longer makes the Cardinal Luxury line at all, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good RV. They most likely weren’t selling enough units, or they were too expensive to make; therefore, they removed the line from production completely.

The Cardinal Luxury 390FBX kitchen has a 17-cubic-foot refrigerator accompanied by nearly all residential-grade construction and appliances. It has multiple slides opening to a massive living area.

The rig has two tri-fold sofas with theater seating, a half-bath with a washer/dryer, a king-sized bed in the slide-out bedroom, and a full en-suite bathroom with a residential shower and dual-sink vanity.

You can already find this model on RV Trader for around $30,000 less than MSPR. The 2022 and 2021 models are even going for less than $90,000.

Travel in Style with Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheels 

Want to hit the road without leaving the luxuries of home behind? With the options in today’s rear kitchen fifth wheels, there is no need.

As you can see from our list featuring the wide variety of rear kitchen fifth wheels, anyone should find one that fits their lifestyle. All models have functioning kitchens, many with full residential features. However, that’s only the beginning.

Most have multiple slides opening up the kitchen, living space, and bedroom areas. Many have numerous baths, appliances like dishwashers and washer/dryer combos, and walk-in closets.

Why skimp on luxury when you can travel in style with a rear kitchen fifth wheel?

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