10 Best Rear Kitchen Travel Trailers in 2023

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The rear kitchen inside a Jayco Eagle travel trailer

If you’re considering a travel trailer with a kitchen in the back, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best rear kitchen travel trailers for 2023.

Whether you are looking for something small and lightweight or a luxurious RV accommodating the whole family, we’ll cover it. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What Are Rear Kitchen Travel Trailers?

Rear kitchen travel trailers have the kitchen along the back of the trailer. There are a few configurations for rear kitchen travel trailers.

Some campers have large kitchens that span the entire back end. Others have kitchens that may only take up a corner, which often works well in smaller trailers.

Pros of Rear Kitchen Travel Trailers

There are a few things about rear kitchen travel trailers that make people love them. Chief among the top benefits are having a more definite cooking area. This is much easier on the person cooking, as people aren’t strolling through the kitchen space as much while you’re trying to cook.

A kitchen in the rear also opens up the travel trailer for living space, whether for a large television with theater seating, a fold-out sofa bed, or both.

Many travel trailers with rear kitchens also have at least one slide-out to help maximize the space in the kitchen and the living area. Some, as you’ll see on our list of the best rear kitchen travel trailers below, have multiple slide-outs to enhance the functional space of your rig significantly.

Keeping the kitchen separate from the living area also offers more opportunities to increase storage space or add other luxuries, like television or fireplace. Rear kitchens also frequently have larger or more windows, enhancing the outdoor views from inside the RV.

Cons of Rear Kitchen Travel Trailers

Though there are many benefits to a travel trailer with a rear kitchen, they don’t come without a few drawbacks. One of the most prominent complaints about rear kitchens is how often appliances and other items in the kitchen bounce and jostle while traveling. 

The excess movement in the back of the travel trailer necessitates additional securing of appliances and other items in the kitchen area. This increases the time it takes both to pack up and to set up.

Another commonly-cited drawback of rear kitchen travel trailers is that they can often be inaccessible when the slides aren’t out.

Slides are an excellent way to open up the space when you camp, but if you only want to make a sandwich during a travel day, opening the slides to get to the kitchen can be aggravating. 

The Best Rear Kitchen Travel Trailers in 2023

There are rear kitchen travel trailers in many configurations. If you want to go small with a trailer easily towable by less robust vehicles, there is an option.

If you want all the luxuries of home, there’s also an option for that. There are also endless variations in between.

1. Keystone Passport SL 229RK

MSRP: Starting at $41,788

GVWR: 7,200 lbs

Length: 27 feet, 3 inches

Sleeps: 5

The Keystone Passport SL 229RK has a split corner kitchen at the back of the rig opposite an enclosed full bathroom in the other corner.

The bedroom with a queen-sized bed is at the front end of the trailer. The living area has a tri-fold sleeper sofa that you can change to optional theater seating if you don’t need the added sleeping space.

2. Lance 2285

MSRP: Starting at $70,514

GVWR: 8,000 lbs

Length: 27 feet, 5 inches

Sleeps: 6

The Lance 2285 maximizes the space of the travel trailer. It has two entryways. One enters the semi-private bedroom and bathroom at the front, while the other opens into the kitchen and living area.

The Lance 2285 also has a single slide that moves the dinette out to open the living space while making room for a sleeper sofa for additional bedding.

3. Forest River R-Pod RP-202

MSRP: Starting at $40,926

GVWR: 6,485 lbs

Length: 25 feet

Sleeps: 3

The Forest River R-Pod RP-202 is an ultra-light travel trailer with a rear kitchen, maximizing its small footprint. It has a walk-around RV queen bed in a private bedroom.

The bedroom opens to the bathroom, a second entrance to the main living area. You’ll share the living room with the kitchen, but the dinette is on a slide-out that opens up to increase the space.

The rear kitchen inside a Forest River R-Pod RP-202 travel trailer

4. Keystone Cougar Half-Ton 22MLS

MSRP: Starting at $51,173

GVWR: 7,200 lbs

Length: 26 feet, 10 inches

Sleeps: 4

The Keystone Cougar Half-Ton 22MLS is towable by almost any half-ton pick-up, increasing your towing options. It has a smart layout with a spacious slide-out to open up the space in the interior.

It contains a king-sized bed, standard theater seating, a well-designed kitchen, and a bathroom layout at the rear of the trailer. This maximizes the living space, and the trailer comes standard with solar capabilities.

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5. East To West Alta 2350KRK

MSRP: Starting at $46,256

GVWR: 9,480 lbs

Length: 28 feet, 6 inches

Sleeps: 4

This is another dual-entry travel trailer with one entry to the bedroom while the other entry opens into the kitchen and living area. The East to West Alta has a bathroom splitting the trailer between the bedroom and living space.

It has a slide-out that moves the refrigerator, pantry, and telescoping TV/fireplace combo to enhance the kitchen and living space. 

The rear kitchen inside an East to West Alta 2350KRK travel trailer

6. Forest River Alpha Wolf 26RK-L

MSRP: Starting at $

GVWR: 7,835 lbs

Length: 32 feet, 9 inches

Sleeps: 2

The Forest River Alpha Wolf tricks out the space for two people. It comes with a queen-sized bed and roomy bathroom and is genuinely decked-out for someone who likes to cook.

The slide-out moves the dinette and television/fireplace combo out of the way, leaving room in the rear kitchen of the travel trailer for a walk-in pantry.

In addition to a dream kitchen with a residential refrigerator, the Alpha Wolf has an exterior kitchen with a cooktop, refrigerator, and ice maker. 

The rear kitchen inside a Forest River Alpha Wolf travel trailer

7. Jayco White Hawk 27RK 

MSRP: Starting at $63,368

GVWR: 8,200 lbs

Length: 32 feet, 10 inches

Sleeps: Up to 6

The Jayco White Hawk 27RK brings a bit of luxury to the travel trailer. It has a separate bedroom and bathroom areas up front. With a full kitchen in the rear, there is plenty of room for a separate living space, including a fireplace and a tri-fold sofa.

This model comes with zero-degree weather protection (including a 35,000 BTU furnace), a MAXXAIR roof vent, and JayCommand smart RV command system with a tire pressure monitor via an app on your phone.

8. Forest River Grand Surveyor 263RKSS

MSRP: Starting at $56,583

GVWR: 7,705 lbs

Length: 30 feet, 10 inches

Sleeps: 5

The Forest River Grand Surveyor travel trailer with a rear kitchen has two entry doors. One opens to a queen-size bed, while the other enters a full kitchen with a dinette and sofa bed that moves via the slide-out.

The slide-out also houses a panoramic window. It has central vacuuming and a full outside kitchen with a refrigerator. 

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9. Jayco Eagle 332CBOK

MSRP: Starting at $95,311

GVWR: 12,250 lbs

Length: 40 feet, 1 inch

Sleeps: 4

If you want a travel trailer with a full kitchen but maximum space to move around, this is it.

The Jayco Eagle 332CBOK has multiple slide-outs to move the dinette, theater seating, most of the kitchen, and the bedroom. It is so roomy that it has an island bar in the middle of the kitchen. It even has a washer and dryer. 

The rear kitchen inside a Jayco Eagle travel trailer

10. Coachmen Freedom Express 246RKS

MSRP: Starting at $46,835

GVWR: 7,400 lbs

Length: 28 feet, 2 inches

Sleeps: 4

The Coachmen Freedom Express is another ultra-light trailer, but it is decked-out with a full kitchen, a dinette, a sofa on a slide-out, and a queen bed with vaulted underbed storage.

They pack a lot into a small space, but it keeps the trailer on the lighter end, maximizing your towing options.

Travel in Style with Rear Kitchen Travel Trailers 

Now that you know all about rear kitchen travel trailers and what to look for when choosing one, it’s time to start shopping for your perfect model. There’s no better place to start than our list of the ten best rear kitchen travel trailers for 2023.

With models ranging from small, ultra-lightweight trailers to spacious, luxurious models big enough for the whole family, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs.

Start browsing and get ready to hit the open road in style with a rear kitchen travel trailer. Which model best fits your needs?

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