Your Buying Guide to Ram Truck Bed Covers

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A Ram truck bed cover protects the bed from debris and theives.

Ram Trucks work great for hauling and have tons of storage. However, you may need to store some items in the bed of your truck. You don’t want these things to get wet, damaged, or stolen.

A truck bed cover can save the day. Today we’re talking about why you should have a Ram truck bed cover on your vehicle. Let’s get started.

What Are Ram Truck Bed Covers or ‘Tonneau’ Covers?

Ram truck bed covers are also known as tonneau covers and are an after-market accessory many add to their truck. These covers can improve the look of your vehicle and offer security and protection. 

For many, a Ram truck bed cover specifically fits this brand, and many consider it a must-have accessory on any truck they own.

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What Are the Benefits of Ram Truck Bed Covers?

Ram truck bed covers help protect your truck and anything you store in the bed. You can save your things from a violent wind storm as you head down the road at highway speeds. 

Without a bed cover, items can even fly out onto the highway as you drive. Tonneau covers can help ensure you don’t lose your stuff along your route.

It also provides security as an anti-theft device. You may find yourself with tools and other important items in your truck bed. Thieves often look for the easiest targets. 

An open bed loaded with tools and other valuable items makes for an incredibly easy target. A cover keeps your stuff out of sight and makes you a less obvious target for thieves.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Depending on the type of bed cover you select, it can reduce the full-functionality of your bed. Hardcovers and fold-up covers will take away from some of the vertical clearance. You must evaluate how you plan to use your truck when selecting which bed cover works best for you.

You should also remember that a quality truck bed cover isn’t cheap. They typically range from $150 to over $500. Make sure you invest in a quality cover; otherwise, you could waste your money.

Types of Ram Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

You can consider many options when shopping for a Ram truck bed cover. Let’s look at the various styles and help you find the best one.

Retractable Covers

Retractable bed covers look sleek and stylish. These unique covers will roll up into a small storage compartment.

This enables them to maximize the usable space in the bed without removing the cover. They typically cost more with less maintenance and higher strength.

Folding Covers

You can also get folding ones. You may hear these referred to as “tri-fold” covers. They typically have three equally-sized panels that fold up to give you access to your bed.

However, while the design is useful, you can’t access a third of the bed unless you remove the cover.

Roll-Up Covers

A roll-up cover is a relatively inexpensive option for a Ram bed cover. The soft canvas typically attaches using Velcro. The Velcro attaches on the bottom of the lid and on the top of the bed rails. 

This can provide a snug fit when securely fastened and provide full access to the bed of your truck. You can easily install and remove this lightweight option. 

Snap Covers

Snap covers typically use vinyl that snaps to a frame that attaches to the rails of your truck. This is an ideal option for anyone who often needs full access to the bed. 

You can easily unsnap whichever corner or section you need access to in your truck bed. However, the canvas material will shrink in the cold and can become difficult to close.

Tool Box Covers

Do you carry a toolbox but want to cover the rest of your truck? If so, you can get a toolbox cover to help.

They protect the remainder of the truck bed apart from the toolbox. This allows you to have easier access to your tools and still guard the rest of your gear. 

Electric Covers

While it may take only seconds to open your truck bed cover, you can also consider an electric option. Why do the work yourself when you can just press a button? 

This is one of the more expensive ones on our list, but you get what you pay for. They’re one of the highest-quality bed covers you can get. However, the more high-tech an item, the higher risk of something breaking or malfunctioning.

High-Impact Plastic Lids

A high-impact plastic lid is a hardcover made of lightweight material. These covers keep your items as safe as possible.

Additionally, you can often lock them, which means the tailgate won’t open. Some models even have quick releases that make it easy to remove should you need to haul something taller.

Painted Fiberglass Lids

Having your bed cover match the color of your truck creates an outstanding look. Manufacturers can match the paint color, so the cover looks like it’s always been there.

You get all the benefits of the lightweight fiberglass and ease of removing it when needed, but with a classy look.

Hard vs. Soft Ram Truck Bed Covers: Which Is Best?

Hardcovers typically provide the most protection and can provide a sleek look. However, they can cost the most. Depending on how you plan to use your truck bed, it might not be worth the investment for everyone. 

A softcover can typically range from $150 to $800, depending on the size of the bed and the material.

Are Tonneau Covers Lockable?

Some Tonneau covers can lock, but not all. Some tonneau covers will come with a key of their own. Others will require you to unlock your tailgate to undo latches to open the bed cover. So you’ll need a key to get in.

Restricting access to your vehicle can secure your stuff. You don’t want any of your valuables to get stolen or fall out down the road. 

How Much Do Ram Truck Bed Covers Cost?

Many factors go into how much a Ram truck bed cover costs. The biggest factor in price is the materials used during construction. Hard-shelled truck covers cost more, and having them painted to match your vehicle will increase the cost. A hard-shelled truck bed cover can cost $500 to $2500.

A canvas bed cover will work best if you want a more budget-friendly option. These can typically range from $150 to $800, but the price also depends on the size of your vehicle. Long beds will typically cost more than a short or standard one.

Are Ram Truck Bed Covers Worth It?

A Ram truck bed cover protects anything you plan to store. You don’t want to risk something getting stolen while you quickly run into the store or grab a bite to eat. You also don’t want lightweight items flying out when you drive. This can cause a severe accident, and you can’t always retrieve lost items.

You get what you pay for when it comes to truck bed covers. Make sure you confirm the cover fits your Ram model before purchasing one. Do you have a Ram truck bed cover?

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  1. I have a retractable cover from TruckCoversUSA. They are made in San Diego, and are not inexpensive, but it is a great cover. Just note this if you have a fifth wheel, the rail for the cover encroaches into the bed and narrows the bed width, so your king pin may hit the track on tight turns.

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