Quartzsite RV Show: Everything You Need to Know

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View of Quartzsite RV Show
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Many consider the Quartzsite RV Show the largest gathering of RVers in the world. Practically every major name in the industry attends. It’s a community event unlike any other.

However, if you’ve never participated in this RV show or anything similar, it can feel somewhat overwhelming and frustrating to plan.

Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to know about the Quartzsite RV Show so you can have an incredible time. Let’s get started!

About Quartzsite, Arizona

The city of Quartzsite lies in western Arizona. It’s approximately 20 minutes east of California and is one of the last exits for travelers heading west on Interstate 10 before crossing into the Golden State. It typically takes two hours for travelers to reach Quartzsite from Phoenix.

The mild winters make Quartzsite an extremely popular winter destination for RVers. Each year between November and April, RVs begin sprouting up like wildflowers. However, the weather isn’t the only reason RVers flock to this area.

One of the major reasons this area is popular is the tremendous amount of boondocking spots. The Bureau of Land Management oversees several areas of land in Quartzsite and allows 14 days of free camping.

Since there’s so much to love about this area, many guests want to stay longer than 14 days. This is where La Posa Long-Term Visitor Area comes in handy. While it’s not free, it only costs $40 for 14 days or $180 for up to seven months. 

However, La Posa offers potable water, trash collection, and a dump station. That’s about as easy on the budget as you can get!

About the Quartzsite RV Show

While Quartzsite is home to many trade shows and gatherings, the biggest event of the year has occurred in January for more than 40 years. 

The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show, also known as the Big Tent, brings together RVers and nomads from all walks of life.

The event typically hosts more than 200 vendors that offer products in just about anything related to RVs and traveling. Unlike other RV shows, the Quartzsite RV Show is free, including parking. 

Additionally, you’ll find plenty of spots to camp for free and more than 70 RV parks with some extremely budget-friendly rates.

For many RVers, the Quartzsite RV Show is a bucket-list experience. However, many others make it an annual tradition and have attended for years. It’s a great way to meet new people and see familiar faces. 

And you have a good chance of brushing elbows with some RV influencers you’ve seen on social media.

How Many People Attend the Quartzsite RV Show?

Over the week, the Quartzsite RV Show welcomes an estimated 750,000 to one million people. This is one RV show many people don’t want to miss, and many travelers plan their itinerary around it. 

Will you be one of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to this tiny desert town?

Rvs at Quartzsite RV Show

Why You Should Attend the Quartzsite RV Show

The Quartzsite RV Show offers something for everyone in the RV community. Whether you’re looking to talk to manufacturers, learn from the experts, or meet new people, you won’t have trouble doing it here. 

With hundreds of vendors, seminars, and opportunities to get to know other RVers, the Quartzsite RV Show has an almost family-reunion feel.

This is also a great opportunity to walk through some of the latest and greatest RVs in the industry. You can look and try for yourself the newest technologies in the industry. With RVs on display and for sale, you may even upgrade your rig while at the show.

Many consider the Quartzsite RV Show one experience every RVer should do at least once. However, be careful, or you might fall in love with it, like hundreds of thousands of others, and make it an annual tradition.

How to Navigate the Quartzsite RV Show

If you’ve never attended the Quartzsite RV Show, or any RV show for that matter, it can feel a bit chaotic and overwhelming. There’s so much to see and do that it’s nearly impossible to do it all.

However, there are some important things that you need to know to ensure you have the best experience. Let’s learn more.

Where and When

The 2023 Quartzsite RV Show goes from Jan. 21-29, 2023. Future dates include January 20-28, 2024, January 18-26, 2025, and January 17-25, 2026. 

While the entire area transforms into a party during the show, the main event occurs at 700 S. Central Blvd. Quartzsite, AZ 85346.

While many extracurricular activities occur in the area during the show, the official events run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Events and gatherings sponsored by vendors or other entities at the show occur throughout the area during the week.

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RVs on Display and For Sale

If you’re in the market for a new RV, you’ll find hundreds of RVs on display, some of which are for sale. RV Country is the exclusive RV dealer at the show. They bring hundreds of their best RVs to the show for attendees to experience. 

They also have trained industry professionals available to answer attendees’ questions.

Rvs for sale at Quartzsite RV Show


The Quartzsite RV Show has a seemingly never-ending list of vendors that attend the event. You may see some familiar names and some that you have yet to discover. 

However, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about how vendors serve the RV community and help RVers enjoy the lifestyle.

Many vendors send some of their highest-ranking and most experienced individuals to represent their companies. As a result, it’s an incredible opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback regarding products. 

You never know who you get to talk to at these booths; it may be the company’s president or highest-ranking employee.

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Whether new to RVing or not, you can always learn something new. Thankfully, the Quartzsite RV Show hosts educational seminars allowing attendees to learn from others. 

These 30-minute information sessions cover various topics on just about anything you can imagine about RVing.

Exhibitors, influencers, and bloggers lead these seminars. Each one is different but can be a great opportunity to learn about a specific area of interest.

View of Quartzsite RV Show
Source: Quartzsite RV Show


Any event of this magnitude wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for a long list of generous sponsors, especially considering that the event is free to attend. The largest sponsor is Progressive. 

However, other major sponsors include RVLock, Newpowa, FastNet, Dish Network, Lectric Ebikes, RV Country, and many more.

How Much Does It Cost to Camp at Quartzsite, Arizona? 

Quartzsite has more than 70 campgrounds in the area. Fees vary based on the campground but typically range from $20 to $50 per night, especially during the peak season. 

This isn’t a bad deal if you only come for the RV show or a short visit. However, if you plan to stay for the entire season, many offer monthly rates ranging from $500 to $1,000 per month.

However, thousands of boondocking campsites exist in the area if you need a more budget-friendly option.

Many sites have a 14-day stay limit, so you’ll need to consider La Posa Long-Term Visitor Area if you want to stay longer and boondock.

Remember that this is boondocking, and you’ll need to have a plan for your water, sewer, and electricity during your stay.

Plan Your Trip to the Quartzsite RV Show

The Quartzsite RV Show is a one-of-a-kind event you likely won’t want to miss. While some RV shows have a stale or corporate feel, the Quartzsite RV Show is more of a party. 

It embraces the diversity of the RV community and its ever-changing demographic to provide an opportunity to unite the community in their love for RVing. 

If you’re planning to spend a winter in the southwest, this is one event you should plan to attend!

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