Enjoy a Private Hot Tub at Your Campsite in Benton Hot Springs

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view of Benton Hot Springs

Benton Hot Springs is one place to consider if you want a quiet and relaxing spot to soak in a hot spring.

This tranquil and peaceful location is a fantastic option for anyone looking to escape the chaos of life. Whether you come to soak in the tub or enjoy the silence, there’s a good chance you’ll leave Benton Hot Springs feeling restored and balanced.

Today, we’re sharing this magnificent location that we think is worth adding to your future travel plans. Let’s take a look!

About Benton Hot Springs

Benton Hot Springs is in Benton, California. The town is in west central California, approximately 100 miles northeast of Fresno and only 50 miles from Yosemite National Park. The remote location of these geothermal pools makes for an incredible spot to relax and get away from people.

The Paiute people, who enjoyed soaking in the springs, first inhabited this land. However, when colonists discovered silver nearby in 1864, the area exploded with activity. The location thrived from silver mining for over 50 years before losing momentum.

You’ll need to stay at the campground or the Inn to dip in Benton Hot Springs. However, guests find the charm of the 1,255-acre ranch a memorable experience.

Joshua said, “Wonderful place to find absolute peace and relief! I can’t express how delighted we both felt after spending a few nights. We booked our next stay while we were still there.” 

What Is Benton Hot Springs Known for?

People most know Benton Hot Springs for its delightful and relaxing hot springs for guests. The most popular option is to stay at one of the 12 campsites providing a private natural hot tub for soaking.

Not only do you have the tub all to yourself, but the foliage and trees offer increased privacy and allow the tubs to be clothing optional.

In addition to the hot tub campsites, guests can stay in the Inn. This is a 1940s building, and management has kept it up to have the same look and feel as it did during the 1940s. Guests share one of three community tubs. 

Are the Hot Springs Natural?

The hot springs at Benton Hot Springs are all natural. While the water comes out of the springs at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the owners pipe the water to each of the tubs and cool it to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

The owners have done a tremendous job of creating a very natural environment that makes it easy to relax.

About the Hot Tub Sites

There are 12 hot tub sites that guests can reserve in advance for tent or RV camping. There is no day or hourly use available, so ensure you have a reservation. If not, you could be wasting your time.

Vegetation around each site includes cottonwood trees and other dense foliage to create privacy between sites. To protect the natural atmosphere, they do not permit music or other loud noises throughout the park.

While there are no hookups, each site has a private hot tub, picnic table, fire grill, and fire pit. The Inn doesn’t sell firewood, and they do not permit collecting wood from the area. Come prepared with plenty of firewood if you’d like to enjoy a campfire during your stay.

What Is There To Do in Benton Hot Springs? 

Here are some excellent suggestions if you’re looking for a few things to do when you’re not soaking in a hot spring. You can easily spend a few days exploring and relaxing in this beautiful area. 

Visit Hot Creek Geological Site

Location: Hot Creek Hatchery Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Hot Creek Geological Site once was a popular site for soaking like Benton Hot Springs. However, that’s no longer the case. Rising water temperatures have caused local officials to prohibit entering the water.

Guests have received severe burns and health conditions resulting from excessive water temperatures. Save yourself the pain and legal troubles and stay out of the water.

However, you can still enjoy the views of the geysers, heated pools, and the instability of the ground and creeks. The turquoise heated pools are beautiful, making for fantastic photography.

Hike to Rainbow Falls

Location: Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Hiking to Rainbow Falls requires a 1.3-mile hike. However, every step is worth it when you set your eyes on all 101 feet of Rainbow Falls. The water roars down the side of the rocks so fast that the mist creates a beautiful rainbow during sunrise and sunset.

The falls sit within Inyo National Forest and along the San Joaquin River. The entire area is incredible and worth exploring.

Guests who want to spend several days exploring Inyo National Forest can stay at one of the nearby campgrounds. In addition to hiking, you can undertake swimming, diving, kayaking, white water rafting, and other adventurous opportunities.

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view of rainbow falls near Benton Hot Springs

Check Out Travertine Hot Springs

Location: Bridgeport, CA 93517

Travertine Hot Springs is another fantastic option for those who haven’t had enough time to soak in the hot springs. These springs sit on California State Parks land and include three rock-bottom pools and a cement pool.

People have used the springs for thousands of years. Paleo-Indians initially used them.

Due to their mineral-rich waters, some tribes believe the warm water from the springs provides healing and cleaning powers. Local shepherds used the springs during the 1800s and 1900s to assist in cleaning infections and bacteria from their sheep.

However, bathers should proceed cautiously because unlike Benton Hot Springs, the temperatures can range between 115 and 156 degrees Fahrenheit. These steamy pools can become severely dangerous as temperatures can climb quickly.

view of travertine hot springs near Benton Hot Springs

Hike Mammoth Rock Trail

Location: Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Mammoth Rock Trail is a 5.1-mile out-and-back trail with a moderate rating. With only 774 feet of elevation gain, it’s not overly challenging, but Mammoth Lakes, CA, sits at 7,500+ and can increase the difficulty of this hike.

This is one of the most popular hikes in the area and provides incredible views of alpine forests and mountain landscapes. However, it’s popular with mountain bikers, so stay alert and give them space when they need to pass.

Mammoth rock trail in Benton Hot Springs

Hike Hot Creek Interpretive Trail

Location: Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Hot Creek Interpretive Trail is a 1.6-mile out-and-back trail with only 144 feet of elevation gain and is relatively easy. Most hikers complete this trail in less than 40 minutes, and it’s popular for cross-country skiers, fishermen, and hikers.

The views remind some visitors of Iceland, and the sight of the surrounding Eastern Sierras is hard to beat. Some areas have water access along the trail, but the water temperatures are typically too hot for humans.

Keep in Mind: This hike is illegal (But most People hike It Anyway)

Spend a Relaxing Weekend at Benton Hot Springs

Benton Hot Springs is the perfect spot to escape for a relaxing weekend. Whether you want to spend the weekend soaking in your private hot tub or return to relax after adventuring and exploring the area, Benton Hot Springs is a fantastic option.

The site is ripe with adventure and offers something for almost everyone. If you’re passing through this area, build some time into your schedule to relax for a day or two at Benton Hot Springs.

Will you book a campsite with private hot springs on your next adventure?

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