Poo in Privacy With These Portable Toilets for Camping

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Campers and a thing of toilet paper for their to use with their portable toilet for camping

Portable toilets for camping are a must-have item, especially if you’re camping in remote locations. Using the restroom in the wild can be awkward and uncomfortable. These toilets allow you to maintain privacy and help you avoid pulling a muscle while squatting in the woods. 

Today, we’re sharing some of the best portable toilets to help you when nature calls. Let’s get started!

What Are Portable Toilets for Camping?

A portable toilet is a convenient way to use the restroom while camping. These unique toilets have standard features like a freshwater tank, toilet seat, and a toilet bowl.

However, another feature is a waste tank that stores waste after use.

Because portable toilets don’t have a complex plumbing system, they’re practical options for those spending time off the grid or camping in remote locations.

They’re relatively common in camper vans, boats, and tents. You may never experience a better view from a toilet.

Can You Poop in a Camping Toilet?

Pooping in a portable camping toilet is possible. Going #2 in a portable toilet typically requires a disposable bag. These bags fit into the toilet and contain special powders that absorb odors.

Some portable camping toilets are capable of handling solid waste.

You’ll need to use septic-safe toilet paper that can quickly and easily dissolve. Using everyday toilet paper or too much septic-safe paper will clog the holding tank and cause a messy situation.

A portable toilet for camping inside a tent

How Do Portable Toilets Work?

Portable camping toilets have a very straightforward design. Units without a freshwater tank typically function like a port-a-potty. Liquid waste gathers in the bottom, and you’ll eventually need to empty it.

However, flushable camping toilets are more complex but still relatively simple.

A flushable portable camping toilet will have a freshwater tank and a waste holding tank. Before doing your business, you’ll use a pump to move water from the freshwater tank into the toilet bowl.

Once you finish, you’ll use a lever to move the waste from the toilet bowl to the waste tank. You’ll need to dispose of waste correctly once the waste tank is full.

The Best Portable Toilets for Camping

You don’t want to trust any portable toilet for camping; you want the best.

If you’re spending hard-earned money on camping gear and equipment, you want to know it’ll do the job. Let’s look at portable toilets for camping that we think are worth buying.

1. Thetford 92305 Porta Pottie

Thetford 92305 Porta Potti 565P Excellence Portable Toilet (Manual), 448 x 388 x 450 mm
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 448 x 388 x 450 mm
  • Capacity of flush-water tank: 15 L

The Thetford 92305 Porta Pottie is a premium portable camping toilet. This portable toilet uses a piston pump to move water from the fresh water tank to the toilet bowl.

With level indicators for the fresh water and waste tank, you’ll know when to fill or empty the toilet tanks.

The shape and design of this unit nearly replicate the experience of using a residential toilet. It’s convenient to use and includes a toilet paper holder to ensure you always have paper readily available.

Whether on the road full-time or looking for a comfortable way to use the restroom in remote locations, it doesn’t get much better than the Thetford 92305.

2. SereneLife Portable Toilet with Carry Bag

SereneLife Portable Toilet with Carry Bag – Indoor Outdoor Toilet with CHH Piston Pump & Level Indicator – 5.3 Gallon Large Waste Tank – 100-120 Flushes for RV, Camping, Hiking & Boating
  • CONVENIENT, COMPACT, AND PORTABLE – The SereneLife portable toilet is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car but...
  • LARGE CAPACITY OF UP TO 120 FLUSHES – Our extra-large tank of 5.3 gallons holds more sewage than ever before, saving...

When engineers designed this SereneLife toilet, portability was one of the essential features.

Its compact design makes it manageable to fit in a trunk or other small compartment. You don’t have to waste valuable storage space if you choose this toilet.

Despite its more diminutive stature, the waste tank can hold 5.3 gallons. SereneLife estimates you can flush this toilet up to 120 times before worrying about it filling up the waste tank.

The waste tank level indicator makes it convenient to watch your tank level, so there are no surprises. This is a budget-friendly option that delivers premium features.

Users love the leak-proof and odorless design and its easy cleaning. Do your business and stop worrying about leaks and odors from your camping toilet.

SereneLife checks all the boxes with this portable camping toilet.

3. Alpcour Portable Toilet – Compact Indoor & Outdoor Commode

Alpcour Portable Toilet – Compact Indoor & Outdoor Commode w/Travel Bag for Camping, RV, Boat – Piston Pump Flush, 5.3 Gallon Waste Tank, Built-In Pour Spout & Washing Sprayer for Easy Cleaning
  • THE ULTIMATE PORTABLE TOILET – No More Emergency Potty Runs While Camping, Boating or Traveling on the Road! Compact,...
  • AMAZING 50+ FLUSH CAPACITY – Built-In Piston Pump Flusher Provides Powerful Cleaning Action, No Plumbing or External...

The Alpcour portable toilet is a middle-of-the-pack toilet regarding pricing. However, it stands out for its ease of use. Not only is it straightforward to set up, but also to keep clean.

The rotating spout allows you to quickly dispose of the toilet’s contents without risking contamination or hygiene issues.

The Alpcour portable toilet has nearly every feature you could hope for in a travel-friendly toilet. The carrying bag makes it efficient to store and transport no matter where you use your toilet.

As it weighs less than 15 pounds, it’s so lightweight that almost anybody can carry it.

Keep in Mind: You may wonder if you really need RV toilet paper? The answer is yes and this is the Best RV Toilet Paper for Your Holding Tank (And Rear).

Up close image of a portable toilet for camping

4. Thetford Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet

Porta Potti Thetford Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet (for RV, Marine, Camping, Vans, Trucks, Healthcare) 92820, White
  • [Versatility]: award-winning, top-of-the-line portable toilet, suited for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, healthcare, camping...
  • [Design]: ergonomic handle makes it easy to maneuver. The compact toilet comes with an easy-to-use piston flush

If you’re looking for a lightweight portable toilet for your RV, boat, or other vehicles, the Thetford Porta Potti 365 is excellent.

No matter where you plan to take this toilet, you’ll love the convenience of cleaning and using it. The easy-to-use piston makes flushing and rinsing out incredibly easy.

Removing the seat and cover allows you to quickly and thoroughly clean the entire unit. The rotating pour-out spout ensures you get the inside of the toilet as clean as the outside.

You can get approximately 56 flushes out of this toilet before you need to refill the fresh water tank and empty the waste. 

5. Hike Crew Advanced Portable Outdoor Camping and Travel Toilet

Hike Crew Advanced Portable Outdoor Camping and Travel Toilet – Adult Porta Potty w/Level Indicator, Rotating Spout, Pressure Valve, 3-Way Pistol Flush – for RV, Boat or Trailer – 5.3 Gallon (20L)
  • ENJOY MODERN CAMPING – With No Power or Water Source Required, Portable Toilet Makes for Comfortable Camping, boating,...
  • STURDY, DURABLE, SEALED – High Density Polyethylene Ensures No Damage from Scrubbing or Transporting, Preventing...

If you enjoy camping without power or a water source, we think you should consider the Hike Crew Advanced portable camping toilet.

This unit weighs 12 pounds and is incredibly sturdy and durable. The polyethylene materials are resistant to cracks and scratches during your adventures. It has a maximum weight of 441 pounds.

The 5.3-gallon waste tank is enough for approximately 50 flushes on a single tank. The double-sealed valves prevent leaks and unpleasant odors from escaping the waste tank.

When you empty your tank, the toilet’s hose fits most sewer outlets to make dumping easy. The liquid level indicator can help you know when to look for a sewer connection.

6. Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet Gray, 13.5 inch x 13.0 inch x 15.3 inch
  • Compatible with Reliance's standard Double Doodle Bag
  • Weight: 3.00lbs

If you’re looking for a relatively simple and effective solution, this portable 5-gallon toilet from Reliance Products is it. Whether you’re camping, hunting, or need a backup solution when the weather doesn’t cooperate, this can be an excellent option.

This toilet seat fastens securely to the top of the five-gallon bucket. If you’re looking for a no-frills approach to answering nature’s call, this is it.

You can use the toilet seat lid with a standard five-gallon bucket. Is it fancy? No. Does it get the job done? Definitely!

Keep in Mind: While you’re out on the road, you’ll probably need to use a public shower. Don’t worry, because we know How to Find Clean and Safe Public Showers!

View of a portable toilet for camping

7. Camco 41549 Portable 5-Gallon Toilet Bucket with Seat and Lid

Camco Portable Toilet Bucket | Features 3 Bag Liners for Easy Clean Up & Attached Carry Handle | Includes Seat and Lid Attachment (41549)
  • Portable Travel Toilet: This portable camping bucket is designed for camping, RVing, boating, or any other recreational...
  • Sturdy Construction: This bucket toilet is made of durable and lightweight UV-resistant polypropylene

The Camco 41549 is a five-gallon bucket with a toilet seat and lid. The bucket’s carrying handle makes it effortless to move and carry deep into the woods on your adventures.

When you have to go, you have to go. When that time comes, you won’t care whether you have a fancy toilet or not.

The kit comes with a starter pack of three bucket liners, but you can purchase a 10-pack separately. The bags contain a special biodegradable powder that helps reduce smells and turn the waste inside of the bag into a gel-like substance.

Answer Nature’s Call With These Toilets

The children’s book “Everyone Poops” is the truth. It’s an inevitable part of life, whether camping or not. You’ll eventually need to use the restroom when you’re camping.

Having a portable toilet can make the experience much easier and more private. So grab a portable toilet for your next camping trip! Which of these portable toilets for camping will you choose?

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