Pop-Up Camper Toy Haulers: Compact Yet All Inclusive

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pop up camper toy hauler outside in the woods

Sometimes all you need to camp are a tent and a good sleeping bag. But there are times when having a few amenities like a comfortable bed and running water comes in handy. Those perks come in just about any RV on the market today.

But you don’t want to spend a lot, and you were hoping to find something that would have enough room to bring along your outdoor equipment. Is all of that too much to ask?

Not if you’re willing to investigate a newer hybrid vehicle that could be the answer to your search. Let’s introduce you to the pop-up camper toy hauler!

What Is a Pop-Up Camper Toy Hauler? 

If a tent camper and a long utility trailer had a child, it would be a pop-up camper toy hauler.

This new hybrid consists of a pop-up camper box attached to the bed of an extended utility trailer, with deck space left in front.

Usually, the front deck has a gate for easy loading of your toys, cargo, or equipment, and the framework is bulky to carry a heavier load.

Most toy hauler RVs have a garage in the back of a travel trailer or fifth wheel.

However, the pop-up camper toy hauler has more of a covered “carport” for large outdoor equipment.

What Type of Vehicle Do You Need to Tow a Pop-Up Camper Toy Hauler? 

Most of the pop-up camper toy haulers we’re reviewing today are fully loaded at just under 4,000 pounds, except for the Jumping Jack.

Vehicles that can tow that much weight are most likely half-ton trucks, mid and full-size sports utility vehicles, and larger trucks. 

Pros of a Pop-Up Camper Toy Hauler

There are numerous benefits to owning a pop-up camper toy hauler. These rigs are relatively inexpensive compared to hard-sided trailers, especially those with toy hauler garages.

They also weigh less than a comparable travel trailer. Still, they provide shelter and transport for all your equipment.

The utility trailer base is rugged and can access many off-road locations, and you can fit many with air conditioners, heaters, and full baths.

A pop up camper toy hauler outside

Cons of a Pop-Up Camper Toy Hauler

The toys you bring along on a pop-up camper toy hauler are stored outside during travel time instead of those kept in a garage bay on a fifth wheel or travel trailer toy hauler.

And although this tent camper has just about everything you need, it’s not a four-season trailer.

With canvas walls, the heat and cold can penetrate rather quickly and dissipate just as fast.

The Best Pop-Up Camper Toy Haulers

The design and build of tent trailers like these toy haulers vary greatly, but each accomplishes its goal of providing tent-walled shelter and transporting extra cargo and equipment.

Here are our top five different pop-up camper toy haulers.

Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 2280BHESP

MSRP: $24,491
GVWR: 3,461 pounds
Length:  Closed, it’s 19 feet 4 inches. Open, it’s 23 feet 11 inches.

With an expanded deck size of 28 inches long by 84 inches wide, this Rockwood doesn’t have the largest cargo space, but the tent interior offers a full kitchen with a three-burner stovetop, refrigerator, sink, a water heater, and a water pump.

It has a 35 amp converter and a 190W solar panel for your electrical needs, including LED lighting, television and satellite hookups, and 30 amp shore power.

Two queen-sized beds fold out at either end. There’s a 20-gallon freshwater tank.

Toy Hauler Features: The deck for toys is just over 14 square feet on the front of the trailer, and it has expanded metal decking around it to keep things in place.

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A pop up camper toy hauler by Forest River
Source: Forest River

Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility

MSRP: $12,495 with 8-foot tent
GVWR: 7,000 pounds
Length: 195 inches

This tent trailer is truly just that – a tent on a trailer. The utility trailer measures just over 16 feet long, and you can attach an 8-foot or 12-foot tent to it.

The tent rolls down for packing on the trailer. But when deployed, the 8-foot tent has two single beds and a 44-inch by 32-inch table.

You can supplement the beds with half bed extensions for more sleeping space.

The Jumping Jack is a terrific camping setup for hunting parties.

Toy Hauler Features: The trailer and tent weigh 1,950 pounds, leaving more than 5,000 pounds for cargo.

So cargo and toys can be placed on the decking in front of the tent, measuring approximately 4 feet deep and 6 feet wide.

It also includes a front gate for loading and unloading. 

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A-Liner Somerset E3 Deck

MSRP: $22,037
GVWR: 4,400 pounds
Length: Closed, it’s 21 feet 9 inches. Open, it’s 26 feet 5 inches.

This A-liner is much like the older tent campers, as it doesn’t attach to a utility trailer, but it does have a storage area on the front of the camper.

The interior pops up with a stove, sink, and two queen-sized beds. There is a dinette on a slide, offering more interior living space, and the unit comes with a 35-gallon freshwater tank.

A hidden toilet is also there, but you can upgrade to an enclosed shower with a toilet.

Toy Hauler Features: The camper doesn’t have dedicated deck space found on other toy haulers, but there’s a large compartment on the front of the box for items. You can lock it up.

The space is approximately 11 square feet.

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Viking V-Trec

MSRP: $23,999
GVWR: 3,774 pounds
Length: Closed, it’s 17 feet 2 inches. Open, it’s 20 feet 5 inches.

Another pop-up tent trailer that does not have exterior deck storage is the Viking V-Trec.

This camper is a typical box with pop-up canvas sides and a queen-sized bed at either end.

The interior includes a two-burner stovetop, refrigerator, furnace, sink, and a water heater.

A dinette table and plenty of storage cabinets round out the living space. 

Toy Hauler Features: Although it doesn’t have outdoor decking for cargo, the Viking does have several storage features.

That includes a Toylock cargo security system, a Jack-It bicycle rack, and a Store-n-More drawer under one bunk.

A pop up camper toy hauler Coachmen RV b
Source: Coachmen RV

Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 232ESP

MSRP: $26,381
GVWR: 3,791 pounds
Length: Closed, it’s 22 feet 3 inches. Open, it’s 26 feet 5 inches.

This tent trailer has a large living area, complete with a private bath and shower.

The kitchen has a sink, cabinetry, a three-burner stovetop, and a refrigerator.

It also has a dinette that’s on a slide.

You will find extra storage under the slide and extra-large beds in the camper.

A water pump and water heater come standard, with a 190W solar panel and 35 amp converter for the LED lights and television hookups.

Toy Hauler Features: With a toy hauler deck measuring 38.5 square feet, there’s plenty of room for equipment and machines.

The decking expands here to provide attachments and keep things in place.

You Don’t Need a Giant Toy Hauler to Bring Your Toys

If you’d love to take along a few toys on a camping trip but don’t want the cost associated with investing in a fifth wheel or travel trailer toy hauler, it may be time to look at pop-up camper toy haulers.

They’re designed to shelter you and could be the perfect vehicle to get you and your equipment to a campsite in style and at an economical price.

Would you consider buying a pop-up camper toy hauler?

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