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If you’ve done any searching for motorized RVs, you probably noticed a big difference between 19-foot Class B campervans and 40-foot Class A motorhomes. Even Class Cs can be 30 feet or longer, and that length can be daunting for new RVers.

Meet the Phoenix Cruiser, a crossover between a Class B and a Class C that offers everything you need in a space that’s just the right size for many travelers who want that medium-sized motorhome.

Let’s take a closer look at the Phoenix Cruiser lineup so you can decide if this Class B+ motorhome is right for you! Let’s dive in!

What Is Phoenix USA RV?

Phoenix USA RV began production in 1996 in Elkhart, Indiana. The company wanted to fill the gap between Class B campervans and Class C motorhomes. So they produced the Phoenix Cruiser Class B+ motorhome in 1997.

Owners still have the luxury of a larger RV with all the necessities to make travel enjoyable. But they can still get into campsites all over the country with lengths starting at 24 feet 1 inch.

In 2019, the Phoenix TRX debuted. It was designed as a crossover between SUVs and RVs with superior driveability and a smaller footprint. This smaller unit is built on a Ford Transit chassis and ranges from 23’1” to 25’3” in length.

What Are the Two Phoenix USA RV Motorhomes?

As mentioned, two Phoenix USA RV motorhomes are currently in production—the Phoenix Cruiser, the original line, and the Phoenix TRX, the smaller line.

Phoenix Cruiser

The Phoenix Cruiser has eight floorplans. The Cruisers have an interior height of 6 feet 4 inches and vary in length from 21’7” to 30’10”. There are four different series among the eight floorplans.

The rear kitchen series has two floorplans with a rear kitchen and a full bathroom. The twin bed series also has two floorplans. These have a full bathroom and two twin beds in the rear.

One model in the corner bed series has a 51” x 74” corner bed in the rear. Finally, the queen bed series has three floorplans featuring a rear queen bed in a slide-out with wardrobe storage and a full bathroom.

Phoenix TRX

The Phoenix TRX has four floor plans. They all have a GVWR of 11,000 pounds, a fuel tank capacity of 26 gallons, a fresh tank capacity of 31 gallons, a black tank capacity of 19 gallons, and a gray tank capacity of 25 gallons. They also have a 2800 Onan gas generator and a 3,000-pound hitch rating.

All four floorplans feature a rear dry bath and kitchen. The center of the units is designed for lounging and entertaining with opposing sofas in three models. The 1781 is different, with a single sofa and workspace.

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The Phoenix Cruiser Lineup

All models are built on an E-450 chassis and are powered by a 7.3L V8 engine with a 4.56 axle ratio. The GVWR of each unit is 14,500 pounds. If you choose to tow a vehicle, the GCWR of each unit is 22,000 pounds. They all come with LT225/75R16E tires, a 55-gallon fuel tank, and 4-wheel ABS disk brakes.

Phoenix Cruiser Rear Kitchen Series

The first of the rear kitchen series models is the Phoenix Cruiser 2100. It has a sofa and opposing booth dinette in the unit’s center with the rear kitchen and bathroom. It’s 21 feet 7 inches long and has a 31-gallon freshwater tank, a 25.5-gallon black tank, and a 35-gallon gray tank.

The Phoenix Cruiser 2400 is 24 feet 1 inch but also features a rear kitchen and bathroom. The center is designed differently than the 2100 model as the sofa is replaced with a booth dinette and the dinette is replaced with two reclining, swivel chairs, and a table pedestal.

The 2400 model has the same size freshwater and gray tank capacities but a smaller black tank at 19 gallons.

Phoenix Cruiser Twin Bed Series

The first of the twin bed series models is the Phoenix Cruiser 2552. It has a large rear bathroom, two twin beds, and plenty of overhead storage. In the center is the kitchen, a sofa, and a reclining chair. It measures 27 feet 10 inches long and has a 46-gallon freshwater tan, a 35-gallon black tank, and a 19-gallon gray tank.

The 3100 model is quite a bit longer at 30 feet 10 inches. With the added length, this model has a booth dinette, a sofa in the center space, and kitchen.

The same configuration with the rear bathroom and twin beds is the same as the Phoenix Cruiser 2552. The tank sizes are also the same.

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Phoenix Cruiser Corner Bed Series

There’s only one floorplan in the corner bed series, the Phoenix Cruiser 2351. It features a rear corner bed that measures 51” x 74” and a rear bathroom. In the center is the kitchen, a sofa, and a reclining chair.

This space is similar to the Phoenix Cruiser 2552 model. The 2351 is 24 feet 11 inches long and has a 46-gallon freshwater tank, a 19-gallon black tank, and a 35-gallon gray tank.

Phoenix Cruiser Slideout Queen Series

This queen series has three different floorplans. Each features a 60” X 74” queen bed in the rear with a full bathroom. There’s also ample wardrobe storage in these models.

The center of the 2351D is very similar to the Phoenix Cruiser 2351, with the kitchen, sofa, and reclining chair. The 2910D model features an L-shaped kitchen in the center with a couch and a set of reclining, swivel chairs. The 2910T model has almost the same floorplan as the 2910D, except the reclining chairs have been replaced with a booth dinette.

The 2351D unit is 25 feet 11 inches long, the 2910D unit is a bit longer at 30 feet 10 inches, and the 2910T unit is also 30 feet 10 inches. The tank capacities are about the same in all three models. 

Who Is the Phoenix Cruiser Motorhome Good For?

The Phoenix Cruiser line suits travelers who want a drivable RV but don’t want a giant motorhome. With several options under 30 feet in length, these Class B+ units are easier to drive and maneuver, especially by new owners who might have never driven anything larger than a minivan before.

The interior space is larger than the typical Class B campervans, so owners can enjoy amenities like a full bathroom, a full kitchen, a designated sleeping space, and an entertaining or lounge space. They don’t have to configure anything every night to have a place to sleep like many owners do in a smaller campervan.

Where Can I Buy A Phoenix Cruiser?

Phoenix Cruisers are available all over the country. Dealer locations are in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Michigan, and Texas. You can click on the location finder to locate your nearest dealer.

Enjoy Adventuring In the Phoenix Cruiser Motorhome

Phoenix USA RV is a smaller brand than other big-name companies like Winnebago or Forest River. You won’t find Phoenix Cruisers or Phoenix TRX motorhomes at every campground. But the Phoenix Cruiser may be a great option if you’re looking for a drivable RV larger than a campervan but smaller than a Class A or Class C.

These models have everything you need for an enjoyable camping trip without all the bells and whistles you don’t need. And with various floorplans and lengths, you’re bound to find a model that suits your needs.

Is a Phoenix Cruiser right for you?

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